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What we do

Cancer services cover Bradford Teaching Hospitals which include Bradford Royal Infirmary and St Luke's Hospital.

We provide rapid access to specialists for patients with a suspected cancer, to provide quick and early diagnosis. Each type of cancer has its own specialist multi-disciplinary team (MDT) following best practice with patients fully involved in decision making. You can be reassured that you will be treated by dedicated cancer specialists with strong links to other cancer centres in the region.

We are here to provide and maintain high standards across all cancer services.

Multi-disciplinary Teams

Any patient with a cancer diagnosis will be discussed at a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meeting. This is where a group of doctors and other health professionals will discuss and together decide the best treatment options. An MDT ensures you receive accurate diagnostic test planning, are offered a choice of treatments, have continuity of care and are treated in line with agreed guidelines.

We have full administrative and clerical cancer services support with patient pathway facilitators and MDT coordinators. This ensures we can effectively manage accurate and timely data to enable clinical decision-making at MDT meetings.

Clinical Nurse Specialist / Keyworker

When diagnosed with cancer, patients are offered support from a clinical nurse specialist, often referred to as a key worker, and a dedicated medical team. You will be offered a plan of care which will be planned in partnership with you and your family. You are invited to bring a friend or relative to your appointments. Many teams offer the opportunity to meet with patients with a similar diagnosis to you such as attending a support group or meeting with a ˜buddy'.


All patients with a cancer diagnosis are offered written information relating to your diagnosis, treatment and possible side effects. If you have any questions, discuss this with your nurse specialist or consultant. If your treatment requires hospital admission, the medical team are there to talk with you about why you need to be admitted and explain what will happen. This same team will be involved in your inpatient stay. During your stay, please ask a member of the nursing team if you would like your family to discuss your care with the doctor looking after you. Ward staff will discuss with you what additional information/support you may need after your discharge. It is important that you let the team looking after know any aftercare you may require in order for us to plan this effectively.


We have links to a strong research team and you will be offered the opportunity to participate in clinical trials should you choose or be eligible to do so. You are invited to ask about the availability of a clinical trial if this has not been mentioned to you.

Partnership Charities

We have close links with both local and national charities to ensure you feel completely supported throughout your treatment, recovery and beyond.

Financial help

Bradford and Airedale Cancer support, situated on Smith Lane at the Bradford Royal Infirmary site, offer a wide range of services including welfare rights advice to help understand the financial benefits available and help with costs, employment and debt.

Please see the useful links below.

Useful links

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Gynaecology Cancer

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Upper Gastro-Intestinal Cancer

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Lung Cancer

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Head and Neck Cancer

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Colorectal Cancer

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Other Links

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The team

The department is staffed by various members of staff including consultants, doctors, nurses, an executive lead for cancer, the trust lead cancer clinician, trust lead cancer manager, trust lead cancer nurse, cancer support services manager and other staff.

Feedback, complaints and compliments

The Trust welcomes feedback from both patients and carers. You may be asked to participate in surveys or focus groups. The Trust participates in national survey collation including the National Cancer Patient Experience survey produced by Quality Health. Please see the useful links above for survey results.

What can you do?

  • Please let us know when we get it right and wrong.
  • Please do tell us if you have any concerns.
  • If we haven't asked what you prefer to be called, please tell us.
  • If we haven't asked the right questions, please tell us.

Contact us

Contact us via Bradford Royal Infirmary Switchboard: 01274 542200.


Free prescriptions

Prescription charges for cancer patients were abolished on April 1 2009.

Exemption certificates will be issued to those applicants who, in their doctor's judgment, are receiving treatment for:

  • cancer;
  • the effects of cancer; or
  • the effects of current or previous cancer treatment.

Ask your GP, consultant, pharmacist or specialist nurse for more information.