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Vision, Aims and Values

Mission Vision, Strategic Objectives and Values

At Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, we have refreshed our mission and vision statements and developed new strategic objectives.

Our refreshed mission statement

A mission statement should be enduring - it defines the fundamental purpose of an organisation; in our case, it is the reason why the Foundation Trust exists.

In order to improve clarity, we have refreshed our Mission statement and simplified it so that our mission is: To provide the highest quality healthcare at all times.

This will be reflected in all that we do, wherever we work for the Trust, regardless of our role.

Vision Statement

A vision statement should describe a desired future state. In other words, it’s where we want to be, as a Trust, in five years’ time. The purpose of a vision statement is to give a clear sense of direction and mobilise everyone behind a common cause.

Our refreshed vision statement is: To be an outstanding provider of healthcare, research and education, and a great place to work.

The first part of this statement “To be an outstanding provider of healthcare, research and education,” is a commitment to our patients and the public. The second part of our vision “[to be] a great place to work,” is a commitment to all our staff.

Strategic Objectives

Strategic objectives are the things we “must do” to make progress on our mission and vision.

Our new strategic objectives are:

  • To provide outstanding care for patients
  • To deliver our financial plan and key performance targets
  • To be in the top 20% of NHS employers
  • To be a continually learning organisation
  • To collaborate effectively with local and regional partners.

Everyone who works in our organisation should be able to show how their own personal objectives or job plan will help to achieve one or more of these five strategic objectives.

These five strategic objectives replace a variety of statements that were previously used to identify organisational priorities.

Strategic objectives are more short term than the mission or vision statement; the timescale ranges from one to three years depending on the objective.

We will set specific targets for each of these objectives, and a trajectory for getting there, and we will publicise our progress.


If our mission, vision and objectives describe 'what we do', then our values describe 'how we do things around here' and 'what we stand for'.

Values have to be articulated and put in place by the people who embody them – in the case of the Foundation Trust, this means the people who provide services to patients and their families, or who make that possible through different roles.

The Foundation Trust already has a set of values that were built up through discussions with staff. Over the summer and autumn, our Head of Organisational Development, with a team of volunteer staff members, is working to test and refresh these values, to make sure they remain relevant and meaningful and to make any necessary changes: These values are:

  • We care
  • We value people
  • We strive for excellence
  • We make every penny count.