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Our council of governors

The council of governors consists of elected members and appointed individuals who represent members and other stakeholder organisations. The 2006 and 2012 HSC Acts set out governors' various statutory responsibilities.

Governors statutory duties and responsibilities

  • Appoint and/or remove the chairman and non-executive directors
  • Set the terms and conditions of remuneration of the chairman and non-executive directors
  • Approve the appointment of the chief executive
  • Appoint the external auditor
  • Receive the annual accounts, auditor's report and annual report
  • Convene the annual members' meeting
  • Be consulted on the forward plans (annual plan) of the organisation
  • Approve any proposed increases in private patient income of 5 per cent or more in any financial year
  • May require one or more of the directors to attend a council of governors' meeting to obtain information about the foundation trust's performance of its functions or the directors' performance of their duties (and for deciding whether to propose a vote on the foundation trust's or directors' performance)
  • Approve 'significant transactions' (as defined in the foundation trust's constitution)
  • Approve an application by the foundation trust to enter into a merger, acquisition, separation or dissolution
  • Approve amendments to the foundation trust's constitution
  • Represent the interests of the members of the foundation trust as a whole and the interests of the public

Governors are unpaid and contribute part-time on behalf of the Foundation Trust that they represent.
The chairperson of the board of directors is also the chairperson of the council of governors. This is a legal requirement.
The voluntary role of the governor is entirely different to that of a director. The governor’s role includes specific statutory duties, but the board of directors remains ultimately responsible for the Trust’s operations and performance.

The overriding role of the council of governors is to hold the non-executive directors, individually and collectively, to account for the performance of the board of directors and to represent the interests of foundation trust members and of the public.
The board is therefore responsible for the direction and performance of the Trust, while the council of governors is responsible primarily for assuring the performance of the board.
There are different categories of governors, which vary by the types of foundation trust members that they represent.
Here at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, we have four different types of governors:
  • Public governors
  • Staff governors
  • Partner governors
  • Patient (out of Bradford) governors
We have a maximum of 19 governor seats.

The members of the council of governors, other than the appointed governors, must be elected. The rules and regulations that set out how elections for membership of the council of governors are conducted must be adhered to and these form part of the Foundation Trust’s constitution.

Our public and patient governors

Ms Stella Hall
Bradford East

Ms Marian Olonade-Taiwo

Ms Jenny Scott
Bradford West

Mr David Walker

Ms Wendy McQuillan

Ms Hillary Meeghan
Bradford South

Mr Alan English
Bradford South

Mr Michael Parry
Bradford East

Mr David Wilmshurst

Ms Hardev Sohal

Our staff governors

Ms Pauline Garnett
Nursing and Midwifery

Ms Ruth Wood
All other staff groups

Katherine Wright
Allied Health Professionals

Dr Sulleman Moreea
Medical and Dental

Our appointed governors

Dr Andy Clegg
University of Leeds

Professor Marina Bloj
University of Bradford
Marina is also lead governor

Coun Tariq Hussain
Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Meetings of the council of governors
Council of governors meetings are held in public. You are very welcome to attend.
Next meeting

Thursday, 18 January 2018, 3.30 to 5.30pm

Lecture Theatre, Listening for Life Centre, Bradford Royal Infirmary, Duckworth Lane, Bradford, BD9 6RJ



Contacting the governors

If you would like to get in touch with our governors please email: governors@bthft.nhs.uk

Elections to the council of governors

Elections are currently underway in our public membership constituencies of being held in Bradford West and Bradford South. The elections close on Thursday 21 December. Information about our elections.

Interested in standing as a governor?

If you are interested in standing as a governor in the future, please take a look at the latest edition of our governor information booklet.

Please register your interest so we can contact you directly with the nomination forms when a vacancy arises. If you would like to find out more, please contact Jacqui Maurice, Head of Corporate Governance, on 01274 382685 or email jacqui.maurice@bthft.nhs.uk