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Patient Feedback

Mrs C of Baildon

Dear Sir, I would like to thank your A and E Department for the attention I received two weeks ago after falling and hurting my wrist. Their attention, from receptionist to doctor, was excellent. Please pass on my thanks.

Mr D of Boynton

I write regarding my stay at the Bradford Royal Infirmary. I had a Hip Resurfacing operation by Richard Grogan and stayed on the York Suite from Tuesday 10th October for 4 days. You should be aware that every single aspect of my procedure and care was I believe world class. As a former non-exec and Chair of a major acute hospital trust and main board director in a number of large businesses as well as a national children's charity, I do not say that lightly. The culture and attitude of staff was as good as I have seen in any organisation I have worked in. Right from the start, positively overcoming challenges thrown up by the new computer system, getting a bed freed up etc - I was made to feel completely involved. Richard even brought his theatre team into the pre-op area and involved me in his team briefing - which I found wonderful, inventive and highly reassuring. The staff on the ward couldn't have done more for me or looked after me better than they did. What stood out was the care and enthusiasm of everyone I came across - whether it was the cheery porter shipping me down to x-ray who had 23 years of service or new starter Chelsea on ward 22 (where I "camped" for a few hours) who first day it was. The communication about what they were doing and why was brilliant. I think my experience can be summed up by my interaction with a young and slight Asian girl whose name I'm embarrassed to have forgotten. When I arrived for the pre op assessment the previous week she saw me hobbling near main reception and came and asked if I was ok and knew where I was going. She accompanied me to the lift and took me right onto the ward. The following week she saw me on the ward and bothered to come and ask if everything went well and we had a short conversation. So a relatively minor interaction but I think a good example of how your people are genuinely going the extra mile and really putting the patient first. The physio team were all efficient, pragmatic, fun as well as directive. The hostess Louise went out of her way to make sure I was fed with a lovely insistent manner - and the other staff on the ward May, Maria, Louise amongst others are true stars. Everyone seemed so engaged and proud of what they were doing. I'm well aware of the various challenges you no doubt will be facing especially as the winter pressures kick in, and wish you all good luch. Please feel free to share this feedback with whomever you so wish.

Mrs C of Bradford

I would like to introduce myself to you. I am forty-five years old and was diagnosed with indeterminate Ucerated Colitis/Chron's back in 2007. I, like a lot of other people, had never heard of the disease until it affected me. Like so many others with this awful disease I have suffered agonising pain at times which has then led to hospital admissions, encountered embarrassing situations and felt real lows through the years. That been said, my letter to you today is to say a heartfelt Thank you! Thank you to your amazing team at the BRI-Gastro Unit. You have a team that you should be extremely proud of! My Consultant is Dr Kenneth. Wonderful! just about sums her up. Not only does Dr Kenneth have a warm and friendly manner but she always shows a genuine interest and knowledge about me as an individual. In February 2016 I was put on a fairly new drug called Vedolizumab. I have tried so many different drugs in the past without much success. However, I am pleased to say this drug is having an amazing effect so far. I can't stress to you just how vital it is for all the people with this disease for you and your hospital to continue with investing in the Gastro Unit and the great staff working so effortlessly in it. I know the NHS is under a great strain and juggling the finances must be a real nightmare. I have been very lucky in the fact that I have been given the opportunity to try different drugs and medications. I can only hope that more importantly the new drugs for this disease are ongoing and readily available; for the people like me these drugs are nothing less than LIFE CHANGING! Thank you again. Yours gratefully.

Ms D of Bradford

I am writing to express my thanks and appreciation for the excellent care I experienced as a patient on Ward 28 BRI on the 20 May 2017. The staff and I include all staff, medical, nursing, auxiliary, porters gave a high standard of care. It was apparent they enjoyed their work at all times, considering the needs of their patients was foremost. The standard of cleaning was also excellent, not something as an ex Senior Nursing Officer I would normally say. In today’s climate with much criticism of the NHS it is a pleasure to express a different picture.

Miss C of Bradford

After working for the NHS for over 38 years I understand how good it feels to receive a thank you so I am writing to you to make you aware of the excellent care and attention given to our 85 year old Aunt by Dr Ansari and his team. Unfortunately our Aunt was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer a few weeks ago and told she would need a stent to help with eating. As you can probably imagine she was very upset and nervous when she went to see the doctor but Dr Ansari made her feel at ease straightaway as he and his team went to great lengths to explain things to her in terms that she could understand. We attended the Gastro Unit on two separate occasions where she had to have 2 endoscopies as the first one was unsuccessful due to the first tube causing too much pain. Dr Ansari took the time to explain every step to her ensuring she understood what was happening. The staff on the Gastro Unit were fantastic. We met the Matron on one of the visits and I was very impressed with how she greeted and treated her team as she walked on to the unit. It was quite obvious to me how happy they all were working for her. It reminded me of how our team used to be on Ward 19 Plastics, where I worked for 38 years until retiring last year. Our Aunt then had to visit Ward 5 Day Care Unit for a stent fitting and once again all the staff were excellent, allowing me to stay with her until she went down for X-ray for it doing. Dr Ansari even rang me that afternoon to enquire how our Aunt was feeling. We saw him again in Outpatients before she was transferred over to Leeds for Radiotherapy and he told us if we have any questions or concerns not to hesitate to ring him. Please pass on our thanks to Dr Ansari and everyone concerned for the excellent care our Aunt received. If all doctors were as caring and dedicated as him the NHS would be seen in a lot better light!

Mrs L of Baildon

I have recently had to have two operations in the Eye Day Care Unit. I cannot speak too highly of it. The efficiency, care and cleanliness was just wonderful. Even the toilets were spotless which is more than can be said of the ones downstairs! From Mr Brogden down it was first class treatment.

Ms K of Baildon

Dear Sir,

Last Friday, 30 June I attended the Endoscopy Unit at 2pm for a colonoscopy. From the initial appointment, the pre-assessment with the nurses to the procedure itself, I received the best possible care. The staff were caring, friendly, reassuring and professional – those I came into contact with were:- Ghazala, Rose, Celia and Cath. The nurse who looked after me in recovery was – I think – Terry – but I may be wrong. Too often these days, people are too ready to complain. I want you as the Chief Executive to know about the wonderful care the team on the Endoscopy Unit give; they work together so well and are a happy unit. Thank you.

Miss Z of Bradford

Dear Mr Kaye, Thank you for taking the time to read my email. I can only identify myself as the lady who, a number of weeks ago congratulated you on the opening of the new concourse at the BRI whilst we were shopping in Marks and Spencer. As a recently retired Theatre Sister with Bradford Teaching Hospitals I am aware that the normal procedure is to contact Service Managers or Matrons to relay comments about the services which are delivered by the staff across your organisation. However on this occasion please would you kindly consider delivering our comments in person as I believe that your status within the organisation will truly emphasise their meaningfulness. Recently my mother was a patient on Ward 29. During her hospital stay she unfortunately suffered a catastrophic stroke from which she did not recover. As a healthcare professional I am sure that you will appreciate that the time closely before and soon after a death of a close relative is the most challenging emotionally. As a family we are saddened beyond words. The journey we took with my mother during her last days has been extremely difficult as it would be for anyone who is facing the loss of someone close. However the help we were given along the way by the staff on Ward 29 has been immeasurable. The compassion and care they gave was spread across all disciplines which included the domestic services. My family and I are truly overwhelmed by their warmth, respect and standards in care and their knowledge of caring for the elderly and the dying. It is sad that NHS staff can sometimes be criticised for the services they provide and the praise is left behind. On this occasion I would like to emphasise my immense pride at once being part of an organisation which holds standards such as those held by the staff on Ward 29. My mother was the most precious part of our lives and we entrusted the staff with the last days of her life. Not once did they falter in safeguarding the reputation of BRI for being a caring organisation. For this we will be eternally grateful. My family and I only wish that we could acknowledge this in some way which will demonstrate our sincere gratification. To this end I would like to thank you once again in anticipation and hope that you are in a position to deliver on our wishes. Best wishes.

Miss I of Chiswick

Dear Sir,
I recently travelled up to Bradford intending to spend the Christmas holiday with relatives there. Unfortunately on the journey I suffered severe stomach pains and vomiting which got progressively worse, so that in the end my niece sent for an ambulance and I was taken to A&E at the Infirmary from where I was moved into a ward where I spent the next week undergoing tests.I feel that in view of the many attacks on the NHS at the moment I should tell you that I found everyone at BRI, ambulance drivers, nurses and doctors, unfailingly kind and patient. Their unflappability under stress was outstanding, and I am very grateful for their kindness and care. They even managed to present everyone on the ward I was in with a small Christmas gift.While waiting in A&E we had to put up with a drunk in the next cubicle, shouting and swearing. I believe that at one time such characters were put into a police cell to sober up, but because the police now have a “duty of care” they are brought to A&E.Perhaps this policy should be reconsidered. There is really no need for hospital staff to be subject to their shouting and abuse and as there is nothing they can do for them a police cell is the most sensible place to put them.I am forwarding this letter to the local and national press as I believe that the BRI deserves some acknowledgement of their very high standard of care.

Many thanks to you all.

Mrs F of Altrincham

Dear Professor Kay, I write to you regarding the care of my late Mother who attended the Bradford Royal Infirmary several times from 2012 - 2016 to Accident and Emergency due to respiratory failure. She was very unwell, frail and I had found her collapsed in her home. Staff in Accident and Emergency did all that they could to treat my Mother, they were obviously under tremendous pressure that evening with several acutely ill patients but treated us with care, compassion and dignity. The nurses and doctors were so professional, kind and understanding. I would like to convey my thanks to them, I truly am grateful for everything that they did at a very traumatic time.

During the time in Accident and Emergency we met the on call Medical Registrar, he discussed the treatment options for my Mother. I then met him on Ward 4 later that evening. My Mother was approaching the end of her life and discussions occurred about how far treatment would go. Although this doctor had never met my Mother before, he took into account the information he had from past admissions and listened to my concerns. It was decided that treatment would not be forced upon my Mother that she had previously refused (Non invasive ventilation). This doctor was so kind and knowledgeable and sensitive to my Mother, I would have liked to thank him but I do not remember his name. I will never forget that he allowed my Mother to live her last few hours with dignity and in peace.

My Mother remained on Ward 4 until she died less than 48 hours following her admission, the nurses were amazing. She was so well looked after, comfortable, pain free, clean, settled and dignified. An agency nurse, Lindsey, a nurse who had been brought from ITU on the Friday evening, Dorcas from Ward 23 - each one brought my and my Mum comfort and care at a very difficult time.

My Mother had been a patient on Ward 1, 4 and 23 many times before. Always she was treated so well, she developed a bond with some of the nurses on these wards. Heidi on Ward 23 was a favorite of my Mum and I will never forget Dorcas staying even though her shift had finished to be with us when my Mum too her last breath.

In summary I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, to lose my Mother is such a painful experience by your staff, from porters, nurses, doctors have given me such comfort

Mr S of Skipton

Dear Sir, Early this year I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and Atrial Fibrillation and as a consequence have met with several consultants and staff at the Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The consultants are: Mr S K Addla, Dr L C Cowen, Dr Smith and Mr R Singh who operated to remove my prostate on 14th February. In addition I have been attended to and cared for by many others on Ward 14 and Ward 5 and members of both the Urology and the Cardiology Departments. The NHS receive a great deal of adverse publicity and I am sure that much is justified with stories of patients receiving horrendous treatment. It should not surprise you to hear, therefore, that I was more than a little apprehensive about embarking on this my first major treatment within the NHS. It is a relief that I can say ‘I need not have been at all concerned’. My treatment has not been a pleasant experience but I can say that everyone I have met has been extremely pleasant, informative, caring and understanding. My opinion is that I could not have placed my trust in more capable people and I firmly believe that as they monitor my progress over what will probably be a number of years, I will be in the care of those who are amongst the very best within their professions. I wish you to know that I am extremely grateful to them all and to the hospital.

Mrs K of Bradford
Dear Clive Kay, I was a patient on Ward 12 during 5th November 2015 to 8th November 2015, during this time my experience as a patient varied fom indifferent to excellent. Staff Nurse Reina Karamihan was the nurse that made all the difference to my stay in hospital. She was the one nurse who went the extra mile to CARE for me during a time when I was frightened and unfamiliar with what was happening to me. She took the time to introduce herself, took time to explain things so that I understood, took the time to communicate with my family when they visited and took the time to treat me with dignity and respect which made me feel at ease. Reina Karamihan embodies what I believe the nursing profession should be and she is a valuable role model for other nurses within the Trust. I know that nursing staff are extremely busy but taking the time to see the person in front of them is critical in terms of the patient experience and recovery. I am extremely grateful that Staff Nurse Reina Karamihan was my nurse and other patients felt the same as I did as she was attentive and responsibe to all the patients in her care. Reina is an excellent nurse who needs to be acknowledged for her caring and professional approach which has a postive and enduring impact on thoses patients in receipt of her personal touch.
Mr A of Bradford
Dear Sirs, I would like you to convey my sincere gratitude to your whole team in the coronary unit. Nurses Linda and Joy were very informative during, what for me, was a very bewildering time, as I had not even noticed anything wrong and in particular I would like to praise Nurse Lois, who was very gentle and caring, and the Polish nurse, Lucy, who also took time out to look after my wife, who had been a little shocked by the speed of events. Although the whole team were impressive, these nurses were "stand out" for me. May I apologise for not knowing their surnames, but at the time it seemed to be unimportant. Once again sincere thanks.
Mr C of Shipley
Dear Sir, Through you I would like to thank all those nursing staff on Ward 14 who looked after me during my short stay at the BRI last week. They were pleasant and helpful and made an elderly gentleman feel at ease in a strange environment. I would especially like to thank Staff Nurse Helen, I think the surname is Baker; who went out of her way to be helpful, informative and just as one may expect, from a very conscientious nurse, but does not always receive. I am happy to be able to bring my experiences to your attention, and wish that if I ever need the services of the BRI in the future I will be in the hands of such a pleasant team.
Mr H of Eccleshill

Dear Sir, I have recently completed over 6 weeks of treatment in the Dermatology Department at St Luke's and I would like to put on record that I have been treated extremely well by everyone who dealt with me. I am 67 years old, was born with cerebral palsy and have had many bad experiences with the NHS and hospitals throughout my life. Fortunately I have also had some good and this was one of them. Over the course of my treatment I was dealt with by what seemed to be almost every member of the nursing staff on Dermatology and I was treated outstandingly well, with a very high level of care by all of them. Everyone was extremely caring, helpful and considerate in dealing with my physical mobility problems and generally responded favourably to my sense of humour. Shaz Kausar and her team actually made me feel as if I was among friends and, besides getting rid of my fungal infection, have made a big improvement to the condition of my leg ulcers, general well-being and made me more optimistic that further improvement can still be made. It is so easy to take treatment on the NHS for granted but I feel outstanding service like I have just received should at the very least be recognised with a note of appreciation.

Mr G of Idle
Dear Sir/Madam, I had to write to make you aware of the excellent service my dear wife received on the above date around 5am in the morning. My wife who has a disability and a number of other complications has at present got breathing problems. These complications got worse and after phoning the NHS helpline they sent for the paramedics. They arrived in a short time, and were so kind and understanding and having carried out a number of checks and tests decided to transport my wife to the Infirmary for further tests to be carried out to be on the safe side. Having arrived at the A & E department the staff from the porters, admin staff, doctors, nurses could not have been better in care, kindness, and sheer first class service were received, nothing seemed too much trouble. Even the cleaners had a smile on their faces and said hello. We did not have to wait that long for tests and x-rays, were kept up to date with information and procedures at every level and the on-call doctors were world class. I just cannot thank everyone enough in that department and beyond for all their help, this also helped reassure my wife and myself as to her current position and 'state of play' with regards to her health. This goes to prove that this hospital and the NHS (in general) are still the best in the world in care at the point of need, and thus why we support the NHS and the position of the junior doctors. Keep it free of being privatised and not for profit! So thanks again to all, they all should be very proud on such a busy night shift.

Mrs H of Skipton
Dear Chief Executive Officer, I write in connection with my recent stay on Ward 21, the Surgical Ward, from 2nd March to date. The care I have received has been excellent but I must strenuously recommend a Health Care Assistant, Julie Smith for promotion to Staff Nurse. She is capable of undertaking every task and is given every task on the ward with the exception of distribution of medicines. Her dedication and professionalism are second to none. She is obviously very flexible and gives 100%. She tackles every role without complaint and is very adaptable. She is a great member of your team and of the hospital and definitely deserves a promotion.

Mr Wyatt of Bradford
I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the staff in A & E, in particular Dr Ming Lai and Danielle Fletcher Staff Nurse who cared for my wife in A & E on 16 March 2016. My wife sadly passed away in A & E at 2.15am. I can't praise Dr Ming Lai and Danielle enough for their care and compassion. They are fantastic people and I want to thank them for putting so much effort and fight into trying to save my wife's life. I would also like to say that when I was in A & E, Resus and Ward 22 in 2014 the staff were absolutely marvellous and I wouldn't be here now if it weren't for them. I get so tired of hearing complaints and bad publicity about the NHS and the BRI, so would just like to tell you of my experiences and that the staff are wonderful and do a fantastic job.

Ms S
Dear Professor Kay, I know in our current climate and times, people are always very quick to complain. In fact I found it easier to find the details to register a complaint with yourself than I did to find your email to write to thank your hospital and staff. Sadly, my father passed away on 22nd February, whilst on Ward 30. He was on the ward for a couple of weeks under the care of Dr Brierley and Dr Teale, and his named nurse was Staff Nurse Lewis. Not only did these people look after dad so very well, so did every other member of the NHS who came into contact with him. This care and compassion equally extended to the family and we were made to feel very welcome on the ward. Nothing was too much trouble and everything was done with the utmost care and consideration. I know from personal experience what strain the NHS is currently working under and how difficult working conditions are. Yet not once did this show, from the people who poured the tea, to the consultants heading their dedicated teams. Every member of staff was a credit to the hospital. I would be most grateful if you could extend my sincere thanks to the ward, they truly helped my family at a terribly difficult time and for that, we are very grateful.

Mrs B of Rawdon
Dear Professor Kay, I am writing to express my thanks for the recent care I have received from the fracture clinic at the BRI. In these times when the general perception is of a failing NHS I thought you would like to hear of my very positive experience. I was referred directly to the BRI trauma clinic for follow up of my fractured wrist after being treated over Christmas at Stevenage hospital. I attended Mr Wright's fracture clinic on Dec 30th 2015 and February 3rd 2016. From being greeted by the voluntary hospital guide through to the receptionists, nurses, radiographers, Mr Wright and Mr Tebby I was treated with courtesy and respect throughout. There was very little delay but when the clinic was running slightly behind a clear apology and explanation was given by the clinic nurse. Whilst I hope you can let the whole team know how good their care was, I would particularly like to mention the enthusiasm and positive attitude of the plaster technician "Nicola" who I saw on both occasions. She clearly took pride in and enjoyed her job, she provided a fine example of being an effective team member and credit to the hospital.

Mr R and Mrs A of Bradford

Dear Sir, I would like to take the opportunity to provide you with important feedback in relation to the service received during my wife's recent hospitalisation for her heart and gallstone treatment. She was under the responsibility of Consultant, Dr J C May and his team. I was incredibly impressed from the time we first engaged with this gentleman until the time my wife was transferred to Leeds for a bypass operation which was successful. Throughout this process, Dr May has dealt with us with a level of professionalism and dignity that we have never experienced in the NHS. He went well beyond the call of duty and took great initiative in not only advising us of all the options and risks, but then project managing and chasing up proactively other departments to ensure my wife's case was properly escalated and monitored all the way through. Dr May's personable and down-to-earth approach really put us at ease at one of the most stressful periods of our lives. Hence we thought it was only correct to acknowledge our debt of gratitude to him and the team for the clinical excellence and patient care they have demonstrated.

Mr W of Skipton

Dear Messrs. Kay and Barnes: I write to formally record my appreciation and thanks for the staff of BRI and Ambulance Trusts during my wife's recent illness. Please ensure that all staff concerned are made aware of this letter and subject to anonymity make best use of it as you fit. My wife was taken ill on 8th October at 5.30 in the morning. My initial contact with NHS Advice line quickly led to be linked with the Ambulance Service. Within minutes the ambulance arrived and the crew wasted no time in deciding that an admission to BRI was appropriate in the event that my wife had suffered a stroke. Their calm and professional manner assisted greatly in reassuring me that my wife was in safe hands. She was subsequently admitted as an emergency to BRI and when I arrived she was in the resuscitation unit in A&E. Speedy investigations established that a stroke was not the cause of her condition. Further diagnosis by medical staff established that she was probably suffering from bacterial meningitis and I was advised of the serious nature of this infection. I called my daughter in London to ensure that she could be with my wife and myself. I was allowed to remain at my wife's bedside throughout and was kept well informed at all stages. The nursing staff on A&E were particularly attentive and throughout were professional yet engaging. A bed on ICU was not available when my wife was ready to be transferred to a ward so a recovery unit in the theatres was used where my wife was given one to one nursing care throughout the afternoon and evening. Again the medical and nursing staff kept my daughter and myself informed and we felt supported through what was a very difficult few hours of uncertainty and anxiety. When a bed became available in the middle of the night my wife was moved to ICU where she remained until 12th October. My daughter and I thought the staff on ICU were of the highest calibre. Particular mention must be made of staff nurses Lisa and Sian along with student nurses Heather and Debra. Mr Atkinson and the medical team were also very effective both in treating my wife and ensuring that we had a comprehensive understanding of procedures, diagnosis and plans. On 14th October my wife was transferred to Ward 24 where she stayed until being discharged on 29th October. We were very impressed with the standard of care, medical expertise and accommodation on this ward. The nursing staff on both day and night shifts were ably led by sisters Leah and Caroline. My wife felt safe, respected and involved in her care. The junior doctors, Joe Quinn and Rabeia Javed are worthy of particular mention for their efforts and bedside manner. We wish them well in their future careers. We have no doubt that the excellent response, care and expertise of all NHS staff involved, saved my wife's life. We wish to record this at a time when there is so much negative, ideological attention heaped on this valued public service.

Mrs C of Hebden Bridge

Dear Sir, First, may I apologise for the delay in writing. In March my husband was treated for prostrate cancer in the York Suite at Bradford Royal. The operation was successful and he is doing well now. I would like to thank all the staff involved who were friendly, kind and in particular, skilful experts. I would like to also thank the Business Support Manager, Veda Vayisoglu who swiftly ironed out any little problems.

Ms T of Bradford

I would like to start by saying a massive thank you for saving my life. In December 2008 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, stage four. It was a truly massive shock and one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with in my entire life, but with the truly magnificent, dedicated, inspirational doctors, nurses and all the medical staff, my faith, family and friends, I am now over six years in remission. All those special people have contributed towards a successful recovery, even down to the tea lady! Due to the fact I had many other medical complications I am aware that it was very difficult to diagnose and treat. I have also been tested for the Braca One Gene and thankfully the results were negative. As my mother died of breast cancer at 46 when my brother and I were still young, it was important for me to have the test, for myself and my twin sons. Growing up without a mother had a massive impact upon our lives and the Braca test gave us huge reassurance and helped remove the fear I had of my sons growing up without a mum. This means I have been granted the joy of seeing my twin sons grow up from boys into remarkable young men and for that I will be eternally grateful, which is something every mother wants to see. This would all not have been possible without the skills and dedication of Mr Hutson, Dr Cheeseman Dr Crawford and Beverly Hurst and team at St James's who I cannot thank enough. I want to reiterate how proud I am of the people who have supported me and without them and their professional dedication, kindness, compassion and expertise, I would not be here today. I felt blessed to have had the special staff on Ward 15 and on the pre-pregnancy ward when I was first admitted, who were so attentive and caring in difficult, fearful and uncertain times before they had even made a diagnosis, including a special nurse who prayed with me which brought me massive peace, comfort and calmness. Even though they were so incredibly busy they still made time to sit with me and give me the emotional support and special care I needed. The shock of having to face that life threatening time has made me re-evaluate my life and see things differently, I now appreciate the things I have in my life every day and have a good life balance and live more in the moment. I currently work for Head Strong, Breast Cancer Care as a volunteer showing clients different types of headwear, how to care for their scalp and their general wellbeing. I work with ladies who are experiencing hair loss through Chemotherapy and support their emotional needs, because I found that such a traumatic issue myself. In this way I can give something back. I work at the Cancer Support Centre in Bradford and find this really rewarding and this is my way of giving something back to the community. I would be grateful if you would share this letter with all those involved in my care including Miles Scott who was Chief Executive at the time. Finally, if there is any way I can give a few hours by helping others in some way please feel free to contact me.

Mr & Mrs H of Ilkley

Dear Sir, we wanted to through you thank Mr Kevin Molloy and his surgical team plus the staff on Ward 26 and the Diabetic Outpatients staff for their hard work and kindness shown to my husband when he was admitted for his great toe removal at the end of September, 2014. Mr Molloy was very caring and approachable as his consultant and it was a privilege to have him look after my husband. Also the staff on Ward 26 were always helpful and courteous and looked after my husband with professionalism and kindness during a difficult period of his life. During his stay he unfortunately contracted pneumonia and had to spend a couple of extra weeks in hospital, being moved to Ward 4 and then to Ward 6 respectively; again the staff were very caring and dealt with him with great kindness. Mr Molloy passed my husband's care over to Airedale Hospital, but we felt it was necessary to recognise his input in the pre and post operative care received, and to say a big thank you from all our family. My husband continues to improve and is being fitted with new shoes which are being made for him and his wound has healed well. He has now been discharged from the care of Dr Petit and his team at Airedale and hopefully will not need any other care for the foreseeable future. With best wishes and kind regards.

Mrs G of Thackley

Dear Sir, I wish to advise you that my husband and I had the best experience ever, under the N.H.S. regime on Thursday 18th June 2015. My husband was scheduled for a procedure on 18th June 2015, to be carried out on the Day Care Ward attached to Ward 22 at the BRI. On our arrival for the appointment, we were immediately greeted in a very courteous manner by the Ward Sister, Claire. Throughout the several hours we spent on the Day Care Ward, we were treated in a friendly and businesslike manner by all staff. Any questions we had were answered in an open and honest way, neither of us felt belittled or intimidated by their approach. I felt compelled to write this letter because of our positive experience and to balance the negative press comments.

Mrs H of Huddersfield

To Dr Gemma Smith, Director of Breast Screening Services, SLH: I have received a letter from Dr Anne-Marie Wason informing that my recent breast biopsy showed no signs of anything serious. I am of course delighted with this result but want to say that whatever the outcome had been from that test, I would still have written to you as follows. Following a routine breast screening on the 20th of April in my local community, I was invited to attend the Pennine Suite for further investigations, which I did on Wednesday 29th. During my visit, which involved a repeat mammogram, an interview with Dr Wason who explained the results, a biopsy and interview with a follow-up nurse and involved many members of staff, I was treated in a superb manner. Everything was carefully explained to me and before I was moved on to the next professional I was given that person's name and told what to expect during the next stage. All the staff were extremely professional but also warm and friendly. Within 13 working days of my initial screening in the community I was informed of the results of the biopsy over the telephone and this was later confirmed in writing. I do not believe that I could have received a better service anywhere in the world and not even in the private sector. This is the NHS at its best and I consider myself very fortunate to be a recipient of such excellent care. Please convey my thanks to everyone concerned.

Mr O of Bradford

As I came into hospital an array of thoughts go through one's mind, deity, terse, entropy, punitive and humble. I could go on, as you are a Teaching Hospital in which you do a brilliant job. Anyway to cut a long story short, how we can get some things wrong, when you think negative, when you're in hospital and you have certain illnesses which involve a catheter for a long period for prostrate problems, not to mention cancer, things go through one's mind, i.e., what will the outcome be, you go into the deep recesses of your mind and feel sorry for yourself. Whilst I was in hospital, I met many infectious personalities and quality people. Can I think Mr Singh and his entourage and all staff of Ward 14 and the NHS on the whole for doing a brilliant job. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a worldwide NHS. For me every living soul on this planet has something to offer in life. Once again thank you.

Ms D and Ms C of Bingley

Dear Clive, Further to our conversation last week regarding my father, I attach two letters which my sister and I are sending to wards 9 and 7 with respect to the excellent care given to him in the last few days of his life. I feel it is important to let you know as well how thankful we are and how wonderful the staff were in all aspects of his care. Dr Ramadan, Dr Busby (who has looked after my father with his Parkinson's for the past 8 years) and all the nursing staff, auxillary staff, ward hostesses, cleaners - absolutely anyone we came into contact with - were all amazing and do a fantastic job. My father came to Bradford in 1958 and started working at BRI and gave 40 years of his life working there, eventually being the Occupational Health Consultant until his retirement just over 10 years ago. In fact he recently wrote an article entitled 40 years in the NHS and I will print off a copy and drop it in for you because it certainly gives some insight into how BRI has evolved over the last 40 to 50 years. Thank you again Clive to you and all your staff.

Mrs O of Wrose

Dear Sir, I am writing on behalf of my aunt who passed away some time ago. She drafted a letter which she was unable to send and therefore I am following her wishes to send you her thoughts regarding the treatment she received at the Outpatients Clinic at St Lukes. My aunt saw Dr Akbani on several occasions and could not praise him enough. She said he was a proper gentleman, thoughtful and was willing to listen to her about anything that was bothering her. She wanted you to know how good he was and felt he would go far in his profession. She wished him all the best for the future. I accompanied my aunt to her appointments and can confirm everything she said. Dr Akbani impressed me very much and I feel it is important that his managers know what a good doctor he is and how highly thought of he is, as should Dr Akbani himself know how appreciative were his patients of his treatment of them and that they could not praise him enough. I hope you will pass on my aunt's comments to Dr Akbani and to his manager. Thank you.

Mr J of Ilkley

Dear Professor Kay, In September last year I was referred to the BRI following a burst blood vessel in an eye. Thereafter I have had a number of consultations and treatments, either at BRI or St Lukes and that is likely to continue for some time. This experience has not been without its complications, confusions and misunderstandings, but throughout, two of your staff have given me every assistance and assurance. These two ladies are: Kelly Coubrough in the Complaints Office at BRI; Cara Mitchell at the Pain Management Centre at St Lukes. I hope that this message of appreciation might be passed to these two ladies and I should be obliged if you would ensure that an entry is made on their personal records and that the contents of this letter are brought to their attention. Perhaps when this has taken place you might give me a confirmatory email, please.

Mr T of Bradford

I first wrote to you on the 23 January 2013 to inform you of the excellent care and positive experience I had during my 15 day stay in your hospital. I had to have an emergency colostomy due to a perforated bowel. Since then I have been referred to another consultant - Mr Robinson - who took the time to discuss in detail the advantages and possible disadvantages of colostomy reversal and answer my concerns. After some 'thinking time' I was admitted to Bradford Royal on the 23 October 2013, where Mr Robinson and his team did a great job of reversing my colostomy. Once things settled down I was very pleased with the result. I was given great care in Ward 21 by nurses Naomi, Rosemary, Vince and Alan or was it David? to name a few. Unfortunately a number of months after surgery I developed incisional hernias. At clinic Mr Robinson fully explained my options and what a repair would entail. After trying various support garments we decided that an open hernia repair with mesh was necessary. On the 6th January 2015 I was readmitted to Bradford Royal, I was seen by Dr Hughes an anaesthetist who explained the procedure and we discussed the types of post op pain relief available. Mr Robinson also came to see me to answer any concerns I might have had. After my operation I was transferred to Ward 8. Mr Robinson and one of his registrars Dr Jess Philips - who I believe assisted him during my operation - visited me to explain how things had gone which obviously put me at ease. I was seen on daily ward rounds by Dr Philips who was happy to discuss my progress. I received excellent care in Ward 8 with nurses Connie, Zyda and student nurse Nicola together with other nurses and health care staff whose names elude me. It was good to hear Paul's cheerful chat on his breakfast and tea/coffee rounds, and as usual the domestic staff worked hard to ensure the ward was kept very clean. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff I met at Bradford Royal for the excellent professional care I received during my third stay in your hospital. Kind regards.

Mrs L of Bradford

To Prof Clive Kay. Dear Sir, I would like you to know that the treatment I received in A & E on Sunday 18th January was excellent. I had an Angina attack late Sunday evening which didn't seem to be going, even after my spray medication, so I pressed my emergency button and soon the Paramedics arrived. After an ECG and other checks they suggested I should go to A & E for further checks. By 12.15am I was in A & E, BRI. The staff there couldnt have been better, efficient, cheerful and helpful. I was further examined by a Doctor and pronounced ok and at 2.15am I was on my way home. Thank your Paramedics and A & E staff for their excellent care.

Mr S

Dear Sirs and Madams, Subject: FANTASTIC SERVICE!! I am writing to report a phenomenally positive experience that I had at you're A & E department last week and I am a bit dismayed that your email address starts with "complaints". I am an American who has lived in Scotland for nearly 18 years and "down South" for a year previous to that. I had been suffering severe back pains for a couple of weeks, so bad in fact that I had been bed-ridden for about 4 days. I have been working for about two years on a very large project with West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and it was time for a critical meeting that I simply couldn't avoid attending. My local GP Surgery in Broxburn, West Lothian had supported me quite well, but I needed to travel to the meeting and I reckoned that if I were making the journey, I'd see a couple of other customers in the region. After two pain-ridden, sleepless nights, I decided I had to attend A & E and your BRI was the local hospital. As a British Resident American, I get quite fed up with all of the media, political and general attacks on the NHS which are only getting more vociferous with the upcoming elections. Every experience I've had with the NHS has been caring, expeditious and free at the point of care. As a generally large earner, I pay my share, but I know from experience that if you don't have the correct insurance in the States, you don't get treated at A & E there without first getting your credit card out. I was seen at your BRI within 15 minutes from walking in the door, a nurse was still taking my details when the doctor intervened, finished the consultation and provided me with some more medication in order for me to get home and see my GP, which I did. Response times not on target? My backside! I've spent 4 hours in A & E in Scotland with kids in the past, I had no expectations when I walked in the door, but your team were very friendly, very quick and very supportive. Well done! I don't remember any of the names involved as it all happened so quickly but the A & E doctor was a White Jamaican close to retirement (you can't have TOO many of those). He and the entire staff were fantastic and I actually waited longer in the commercial pharmacy attached to the hospital than I did for my clinical care in A & E. Thank you and if this note makes anyone feel better about what they do, please share it accordingly. Best Regards.

Dr D of Rawdon

Dear Professor Kay, I am writing to commend the staff who looked after my close friend on Ward 14 in May 2013. My friend was sadly diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma in 2013 and was cared for on Ward 14 following his nephrectomy. As expected, this was an incredibly difficult time for him and his family, but I know that the care and support he received from the staff on Ward 14 was invaluable. However, as an NHS worker myself, I know that the wards where the initial care and support is given, through the early stages of diagnosis and treatment, can sometimes be forgotten. It is incredibly important that this doesn't happen. Myself and some friends raised some funds for the staff on Ward 14 earlier this year and today I have visited the ward to hand over some gifts and some monies to fund an evening out for the staff. I have also written to the ward manager, Christine Moore, to extend my personal appreciation to all of her staff. Secondly, I wanted to let you know of my other experiences of the outstanding care given by various teams at Bradford Teaching Hospitals. I have been a patient myself in A&E, in Orthopaedics and in the St Luke's Physiotherapy department. I am a close relative to a patient who has received outstanding care on the surgical wards and the York Suite during a difficult relapse of ulcerative colitis. I am the daughter of a nursing Sister who worked for many years in your A&E department. I have also been proud to work as a paediatric trainee in your Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for a year. I am now lucky enough to have just been appointed as a Neonatal Leadership Fellow and so will be returning to the Neonatal Unit at BRI for another year from February. Bradford Teaching Hospitals has a reputation amongst trainees in many specialities across the region as being a friendly, supportive Trust where patient care and training of its junior staff are of paramount importance. I am exceptionally proud to have worked here and am delighted to be returning. People are often quick to criticise and so few will formally thank those providing care to their loved ones. As the NHS goes through a difficult period of changes, the majority of the public seem to forget to extend respect and gratitude to those who work so hard each day to provide these services. Please extend my gratitude on behalf of myself, my family and those who were close to my friend to all of your staff who sacrifice so much of themselves to care for others. Please also accept my thanks on behalf of my fellow trainees, for maintaining such a supportive training environment for those who wish to be part of the caring professions. Your Trust has a lot to be proud of.

Mr R of Bradford

Dear Sir, I am writing to commend and thank your A & E staff for their professionalism, efficiency and kindness - quite beyond the call of duty - during my recent visit to the A & E Department on Saturday, 22nd November. I am of mature years (86) and had experienced a minor stroke at 4am. Communications were difficult on that morning, since the 111 service had a "malfunction" and gave two phone numbers as an alternative: both of which were of little help. Later, we were able to contact them and they were thorough and helpful, recommending the A & E Department urgently. My wife drove me down right away to be met by nothing but kind and helpful staff. Three days later (25 Nov( I was seen by Dr McGuire and staff - also most helpful. Would you be so kind as to inform the two departments of our gratitude.

Mrs H of Huddersfield

Dear Mr Kay, Following a life changing event, I feel impelled to write and express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all the staff working on the Pennine and Dale's suite, also the pre-operative assessment unit at St Lukes hospital. Also, all staff on Ward 12 at Bradford Royal Infirmary, the operating theatres and staff in the Radio-Isotope department. I was diagnosed with breast cancer which left me with feelings of immense fear, anxiety and vulnerability, with a loss of control. Throughout my journey so far, I have been treated with genuine care, kindness, concern and exceptional professionalism. I have been treated as an individual with the utmost respect and dignity. I feel proud and very fortunate to be part of such a caring and professional team and I am optimistic I will be able to return to my role as a Breast Care Nurse Specialist, in the near future, using my experience to support and help other women and their families. I would be very grateful if you could pass my thanks and feelings on to everyone involved with my management and treatment. Thank you.

Mr D of Bradford

Dear Mr Kay, a short note to let you know that I was very impressed with the way I was treated by every one of your staff on my visit to BRI on Tuesday this week. I am a very acute needle phobic and dread any necessary blood test. One of your Phlebotemy team (Benny Molete) was very kind and considerate eventually achieving the near impossible task of completing a successful test. Please thank him in particular for his help.

Mr W

Dear Sir Madam I was admitted today under the care of Mr Mann for an operation on my left foot. I felt the need to write and express my thanks and gratitude for what was a faultless experience. The staff on Ward 5 were extremely professional, caring and on top of what was a hectic and busy ward. I would like to thank Regina who was wonderfully caring and attentive to all patients' needs. I know this may sound trite but she remembered every patient's first names and that made me feel that she cared. I heard a number of work ups on other patients in the ward area by different members of staff and I was just so impressed with the professionalism. I was escorted to theatre (which was a long walk away for someone with foot problems) by a nurse called Sue Tinnion. She was an absolute star, I felt a real sense of confidence in the care I received because of her positive attitude and supportive approach. Sue is an absolute asset to the NHS and what I would describe as a proper nurse. The theatre staff were wonderful, calm and confident in their abilities which put me at ease. I have had a few operations and Mr Mann, his registrar and the Anaesthetist were by far the most professional and confidence inspiring I have experienced. Mr Mann is a real character who obviously cares about his patients and I feel extremely safe and valued in his care. Kind regards and many thanks.

Mr A of Bradford

Sirs, This is not a complaint, just the opposite. On Friday 29th August my wife who suffers Alzheimer's was transferred from A&E to Ward 4 then subsequently to Ward 9 when there was concern as to her possibly suffering a stroke. In the event, after 3 weeks of numerous tests and the return of her mobility and no evidence of stroke or seizure, she has remained in Ward 9 taking up a bed in the Acute Stroke Unit. She is presently awaiting an ultimate placement at The Glen Nursing Home (our priority home) which may involve her moving short term to their associate home - Kingston at Roundhay, Leeds. We are only too appreciate of BRI's need for Dorothy to vacate her place in Ward 9 and tonight I learnt of her pending, immediate transfer to Eccleshill Community Hospital (near to where we live). I send this e-mail to congratulate BRI on their magnificent attention to Dorothy. The doctors, nurses and all staff in A&E, Ward 4 and particularly Ward 9 have conducted their medical attention and care in the most exemplary of concerns. I have witnessed their industry during my daily visits to see Dorothy, when I frequently gave help in administering her medication and aiding her toilet needs. Some nurses who administered Dorothy showed fantastic dementia experience. On a closing note, anticipating the increased demands from dementia patients yet ignoring the costs involved and the existing massive size of BRI, may I suggest BRI incorporates a dementia ward (similar I believe to that at Airedale). Very best regards and thanking all concerned.

Mr W of Bradford

Dear Sir, I have recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and have surgery at St James's Leeds. I wonder if you can find time in your busy schedule to acknowledge the excellent service and support I have recently received from Tracey Hiley, Katie Henderrson and Helen Spencer. They have dealt with my many questions in a factual manner offering reassurance and advice sometimes phoning me "out of hours" ensuring I understood the procedures and their implications. Since returning home they have been in contact with me enquiring how I was getting on. Such service was I think beyond what could be reasonably expected and should be noted.

Mr K of Bradford

Dear Sir or Madam, On my arrival at the Bradford Royal Infirmary I was worried not knowing what to expect with so many adverse reports on the NHS and seeing on strike, red flag waving, hospital staff outside did not help. I arrived at Ward 19 reception at 11.00a.m. on Monday 13th October 2014 for an 11.30 appointment and I remember thinking how fortunate I was in November 1996 that the firm that I worked for paid for my 4-graft bypass operation in the private Roundhay BUPA Hospital, Leeds. This time I was retired and was at the BRI for a coronary angiogram examination and was greeted by a receptionist with such a wonderful smile, a perfect manner and straightaway I was booked in and directed to the Nurses of Ward 19. A Registered Nurse Helen Hewson then took me onto the ward and introduced me to the other nurses. I was then examined and paperwork was completed. A doctor explained the procedure and pointed out the possible problems that could occur and we completed the disclaimer paperwork. All the time I was there I was made to feel important and I quickly realised that I was being treated by well-trained, top class, professional people, who knew exactly what they were doing. This was all carried out in a light-hearted way making us the patients feel at ease. I have Parkinson's disease and Nurse Hewson even recognised that my medication regime was strictly governed by time and provided a glass of water at the exact times it was required. At my allotted time I was taken in a wheelchair to what I could call "A caravan of technology" and again to my surprise all the staff were as great as the staff of Ward 19. After my angiogram I was taken back on to the ward by a Ward 19 Nurse and a Porter. The rest of my day passed in the same way and I feel if a film had been made of the day it would have been a perfect NHS training film. Please thank your wonderful staff. Even on hearing that I have a blocked artery I have no problem returning to the BRI for my Coronary treatment, most likely a stent I guess.

Mr S of Bradford

I thought you would like a copy of the letter I am sending to CQC in Newcastle in praise of Bradford Royal Infirmary. Keep up the good work. Bradford Royal Infirmary ENT. I wish to tell you about my experience over the years at the ENT department. For over twenty years I have had trouble with both ears and I have worn a hearing aid in each ear. Because I have a perforation in each ear, the ears sometimes discharge without warning which necessitates a visit to BRI ENT. I am fortunate to have as my consultant Mr C H Raine, who suctions them for me. Professor Raine has brought distinction to Bradford with his Learning for Life, where he implants a bionic ear for the totally deaf. I should mention that I am 85 years old. Sometimes my ears need a suction 6 or more times a year but they always see to me. I must mention Sister A O'Connor and her team at the ENT who make sure that things run smoothly and Sister O'Connor helps Mr C Raine. The ENT is always busy. Over the years, waiting to be attended to, I have had plenty of time to observe how the ENT copes with things. They are magnificent. Thank goodness I chose to go there. Bradford is a multi-cultural city and often I have heard Sister O'Connor ask an Asian mother and young child if she would like her to get an interpreter for them. I am now down to real hearing in both ears of 10%. I get my hearing aids at BRI. They give me hearing tests and hearing aids. They, too, are professional in all they do. I am full of praise for Bradford Royal Infirmary.

Mrs L of Sheffield

I am writing to express my gratitude and thanks for the way in which I was looked after in Bradford Royal Infirmary. On 17th September I travelled from my home in Sheffield to visit the Cathedral but fell in the street. I sustained a fracture neck of femur and had a total hip replacement. Special thanks must go to ALL the staff of Ward 30 at whatever level for their professionalism, kindness and friendliness. Please pass on my gratitude to them for looking after this "refugee" from Sheffield.

Mr L of Giggleswick

Dear Sir/Madam, My wife has recently spent 74 days as a patient on Ward 7 at Bradford Royal Infirmary. I write to tell you what a magnificent team of people you have working on that ward. Dr Newton (my wife's consultant), the other doctors, nursing staff and ancillary workers all contributed to making a stressful time bearable for my wife, myself and our two children. I cannot praise highly enough the care she received throughout her stay. This would include the I.C.U. Outreach doctors and nurses, dietician and aromatherapy lady.

Mr & Mrs W of Bradford

I would like to thank A & E Resus and Ward 22 without whom I feel I would not have my husband today. My husband and I would also like to thank the Cath Lab who were brilliant.

Mrs P of Bradford

Dear Sir, from the 17th to the 19th June 2014 I was a patient on Ward 12 Breast Care Unit, where I had surgery. The staff, lead by Sister Sarah, were exceptional both professional and caring. My stay was made a pleasant experience by the lovely way they went about their duties rather than a frightening one. The domestic came in frequently and she cleaned the ward and bathrooms (which were spotless) several times a day The hygiene was first class! All the staff had time for the patients, including the consultants and doctors. Nothing and no one was any trouble and they are a credit to the NHS, especially Bradford Teaching Hospital. Thank you.

Mr D of Ilkley

Dear Sir, I feel I should write and thank the staff concerned in A & E and the Eye Department who attended to me when I initially visited A & E during the late evening of Wednesday, May 7 for attention to an eye injury I had suffered. After, thankfully, a relative short wait, I was attended to by Mohammed who was reassuringly caring and efficient. Subsequent to this, I was booked for two visits to the Eye Dept where I couldn't have wished for better treatment from Dr. Kolb and his staff. Please pass on my thanks to all concerned.

Mr C of Huddersfield

Dear Sir or Madam, I would like it put on record of the excellent treatment I received at the BRI on Monday June 2nd. I was sent from Huddersfield Infirmary as they were unable to change my dressing following plastic surgery under my eye. I was dealt with by Nurse Sylvia Coleman on Ward 19 Dressing Clinic in a very friendly and efficient way without any bother at all. I believe in giving praise where praise is due - and Nurse Sylvia Coleman is a great credit to your hospital. Yours appreciatively.

Ms H of Bradford

Dear Sirs, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for your service. A great friend of ours died in Ward 29 on March 16th. He received every care and attention we could hope for. Also one of his daughters from Somerset was with him. Everybody looked after her, including the man with the tea trolley who just put a cup into her hand everytime he passed by! Thank you.

Mr F of Bradford

Dear Sir/Madam I am writing with regards to a recent stay in hospital at the BRI. After a GP referral to A&E on the 3rd of March I was admitted firstly to Ward 4 and later transferred to Ward 24. The treatment and care I received were second to none and I feel I must commend all hospital staff from catering to consultant level on the first class service during my stay. People are so quick to complain about what is wrong with the NHS. However, on this occasion it was 100% there for me and I am immensely grateful. Thank you to staff on Wards 4 and 24 for their care and kindness.

Ms F of Bridlington

Dear Mr Bryan Millar, I am writing re my pre-operative assessment which I had on Friday 14 Feb 14. Can I say how wonderful all your staff were and how helpful and well informed they are. So I look forward to being in safe hands under Mr Ausobsky having my large hernia repaired. Sister Gray and all of her team on Horton wing are second to none.

Ms S of Baildon

Dear Sir, On Saturday 8th March whilst waiting to get home from Shipley, I think I fainted in the bus shelter. Rapid Response driver arrived and gave me very good care and reassurance. When the ambulance arrived they continued to give me the same care. Arriving at BRI the care I received was second to none and after various tests I was discharged. I must express my gratitude and thanks to everyone concerned. I cannot fault the care I received from every department and service. If possible will you convey my thanks and gratitude to all. Yours truly.

Mr S

Dear Sir/Madam, I have been looking through your site for any contact details in respect of raising positive feedback or praise but can only find complaints. Could the below be forwarded to the appropriate person please: I was admitted to Accident and Emergency around 7pm on Thursday 20 February 2014 via Ambulance. From beginning to end my experience was extremely positive with each member of staff whatever their role being polite and helpful; this was despite working in such a challenging environment. All patients were dealt with in the same manner and just how your staff manage to stay calm in a situation where I suspect such a high proportion of patients were not hospital cases is beyond me. It is no wonder A & E departments are so busy. I was then admitted to Ward 4 and again the standard of care and attitude of your staff was exemplary. Fortunately I have not been admitted to your hospital in many years and therefore my experience is limited but I was genuinely impressed - even the food was good! It is a pity such valuable members of staff have to waste so much time dealing with what appeared to me such difficult and ungrateful members of the public who often discharge themselves without receiving treatment. So my experience of A & E staff, Ward 4 staff, auxiliary and porters - you all deserve a pay rise and a medal! Kind regards.

Mr C of Harrogate

Dear Mr Steward, Procedure 7/11/13. my letter may be tardy but I feel compelled to write to you - to say thank you to you and your team in respect of the above. In the first instance, I had the good fortune to be recommended by the Colorectal Clinicians at Harrogate NHS Foundation Trust and accepted into your care as THE expert in the TEMS procedure. The Harrogate MDT had obviously done their homework. I had considerable trepidation, but after our first consultation, and your empathetic view of my proposed visit to family in Australia, I was absolutely confident that all would be well. The journeys to and from Bradford, together with odd appointment times caused me considerable inconvenience and nuisance, however, this aspect was offset by the kindness of your colleagues and the professional manner in which I was conducted through the various processes pre-op. Even though I am an officionale of NHS and would repel any unjustified negative comments from patients or staff, my experience at BRI and St Luke's has been remarkably positive and epitomised NHS Best Practice. I am particularly grateful to your TEMS team - especially Sam Barker and your secretary Shelley, who assuaged my fears and were always available to answer my queries. As for Mr Steward! - all I can say is that Bradford has a real gem of a consultant surgeon and I trust that the Chief Executive at Bradford acknowledges your skills and attitude as an irreplaceable resource. Currently I am in good health with all the bowel functioning in seemingly good order, therefore I assume that the TEMS procedure has been successful. During the early part of my recovery, I had problems with haemorrhoids, but with self medication and ointments most of the problem has diminished. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Happy and Healthy 2014 to all of you.

Mr H of Bingley

Dear Bryan, Having just got back from some R & R. In this age of blame and shame culture I would like to tell you of my experience of my recent visit to Ward 14 in Bradford Royal Infirmary for a prostrate operation. The staff and ancillary were 100 & 10 per cent. Kelly, Joanne, Helen, Sandra, Karen, Rachel and the rest of the team were the best. Please pass on my thanks. Give them a big pat on the backs, they have a lot to put up with. I hope I don't see them again in a professional capacity. Outside I would be more than happy to buy them a drink. A very grateful patient.

Mrs d V of Baildon

Dear Mr Millar, I have recently had a letter published in the Bradford T & a which stated: "In the current climate of concern about NHS, services in Bradford can still deliver five-star treatment. From my local GP's surgery, Consultant and his team, nurses and all staff on BRI Ward 5 on 10th Jan, and Ward 20 on 11th Jan, everyone was thoroughly caring and professional. At each stage of the process I was listened to and given the information I needed, and so could approach my operation and aftercare with trust and confidence. Thank you to all who deliver such a great health service in Bradford." I was very pleased to be able to give such a positive report and hope it will be a source of encouragement to the caring staff of Bradford NHS.

Mr G of Bradford

Dear Sir, I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Dr Cudrnak Stacey Doherty (Staff Nurse), Yvonne Mooto (Senior Sister) (ENT Day Case Unit) and Theatre staff who assisted Dr T Cudrnak in my procedure for keeping me informed and relaxed throughout my stay in hospital on Friday the 17.01.2014. They are a credit to yourself and the Trust.

Mr C of Halifax

Dear Sir, I am writing to record my appreciation for the care and attention my wife and I have received at the hands of your staff at BRI, St Luke's and Westwood Park. My wife has been having physiotherapy under the care of Ruth Jubb, and she feels that she had the benefit of a very caring professional. I am undergoing investigation relating to a U.T.I.. I have had a C.T.C. M.R.I. scan at BRI, a consultation with Dr Khan in the Urology clinic and now am about to make a second visit to Westwood Park. As a member of the public, I would just like to describe my visit to the Urology clinic as typical. It was late in the afternoon, the receptionist greeted me with a warm smile, the 2 nurses on duty made me feel comfortable, then the male (I should assume the Senior) nurse, took over. He put me through the preparation with a breezy and confident manner which relaxed me. When it was my turn, Dr Khan came to the door of his room and greeted me warmly. During his investigation he was most friendly, once more ensuring that I made the most of the experience. Throughout my visits, everyone has made me feel like a V.I.P and this, to me, clearly reflects the influence of your management. As I am 80 years old, I remember life before the NHS and appreciate what was achieved with its inception. Clearly, there are elements that seem to wish to break-up one of the greatest achievements that the NHS has brought to us. Long may you set and maintain such a wonderful standard of care for us all.

Mr & Mrs N of Huddersfield

I am writing on behalf of my husband who has been in Bradford Royal Infirmary for the last 5 weeks. We would like to give special thanks to Mr Halstead, the Registrar and all those involved in the surgery. We feel that BRI is a very good hospital. My husband has been in ICU, HDU, Ward 21 and Ward 8 and all have been excellent. He was in Ward 21 for 4 weeks and has very much appreciated the outstanding care he has received from everyone on this ward. Would you please pass on our appreciation and thanks to all the staff.

Mr D of Bradford

Dear Mr Miller, Since October 2013 I have been a patient at BRI receiving outpatient care for a respiratory infection. This had occurred over a long time prior to being referred to hospital and had caused me considerable distress. I was referred to the Respiratory Infection Unit and since then have had 2 CT scans, numerous blood tests, 2 bronchoscopies and related care. Yesterday I went for my final visit feeling exceptionally well due to the professionalism and courtesy I received during my visits. A possible vaccination is likely with a further CT scan booked for January 2015. Clearly a number of your staff, nurses, phlebotomists, etc, all played an important part in my recovery, but I must make special mention of Dr Peter Smith, Consultant Chest Physician, and Karen Boden, from the Physiotherapy unit who I met face to face and helped me so much. I hear and read of much criticism of the NHS but I can refute this and tell as many people as possible of the wonderful care I had. I would be grateful if you could pass on my personal thanks to all concerned. Many thanks.

Mr D of Huddersfield

Dear Mr Millar, our daughter had a major operation for throat cancer on Monday 9th December; the removal of her voice-box and the reconstruction of a new throat; an operation lasting some 8 or 9 hours. Four years ago she was treated in St James' Hospital, Leeds for 46 days for throat cancer, unfortunately the cancer returned. She made two visits to Bradford R.I. before the operation and on these visits the care and concern for her was excellent. She saw a variety of medical staff; especially Mr Sood, Mr Dan Saleh, other medical staff involved in the operation Mr O'Neil and Mr Watt. Indeed the whole medical team in the theatre were excellent, as well as their post-operation visits. During her stay in Ward 18 for nearly a month, we must praise all the nurses for their care, support and their love for our daughter was excellent. Their professional dedication was instrumental in her steady recovery. She is now at home with us. On Tuesday she had a follow up x-ray, again the staff were excellent. We understand more follow up visits will be planned. As Chief Executive we would like you to know what a wonderful staff you have - congratulations.

Mr & Mrs R of Wilsden

To the Matron in Charge at BRI. I am writing this letter on behalf of my wife to compliment your staff and ambulance crews for treatment on two recent occasions. 25th to 26 Dec. On the first occasion she was admitted to A & E and consequently to Ward 9 (Stroke Ward) and we were most impressed by the patience and skill of all who attended to my wife. On the second occasion we pressed our Careline buzzer for assistance after a second fall. (Saturday 4th January), spoke to the people at 111, who suggested my wife go to BRI. We were next attended to by the Transport (Patient) crew who then took us to BRI A & E who again did an excellent job. In view of recent adverse comments in the press regarding a recent inspection of BRI, we felt that we must write this letter to compliment you all for the excellent service we received (and have always) received. Yours sincerely,

Miss H of Yarm

Dear Sirs, Ref care of my father. I see from your website that this is the address to send a concern/complaint, but on this occasion, and on behalf of my mother and all the family, I want to send a letter of thanks and gratitude for the care shown to my father during his recent stay in both the Bradford Royal Infirmary (Ward 3 23-25 October), and in particular Westbourne Green Community Hospital prior to his peaceful passing on 11th November 2013. I am aware that the NHS receives some very bad press these days about the care of the elderly, but we have to say that was certainly not our experience. The care and compassion showed to my father during the near three weeks he was in Westbourne Green was excellent, from the doctors, all the nursing and physio/occupational therapy staff, right through to the auxilliary staff. My mother said that if we had paid £1000 a week he could not have had better care. Obviously we were devastated at his loss, but the way the staff dealt with us on the day helped to make this so much easier. We did take a 'Thank You' card into the hospital the following day, but now the dust has settled a bit I want to formally write and pass on our thanks, as I believe you should get to hear from satisfied people as well as those with complaints. If it is appropriate, please pass this letter on to the Matron at Westbourne Green, with our grateful thanks.

Mrs O C of Bradford

Dear Matron Beaumont, my father was an emergency admission through A&E to Ward 29 in the early hours of Thursday 7th November 2013. It was my dad's 1st experience as an inpatient after he collapsed in the night at home. I would like to pay tribute to the people who cared for us as a family during this time. From the ambulance service to A&E to Ward 29, we could not find fault. In A&E I was kept updated and offered refreshments frequently. On Ward 29 we were met with a smiley HCA and much appreciated cup of tea. I would like to give a special mention to Staff Nurse Dil (from Ward 22), his knowledge, efficiency and professionalism instilled confidence in both myself and my dad. As a Nursing sister myself I am aware of all the negative press we have endured in the recent times however, I have to say the whole team was exemplary. I was pround that the care my father received exceeded all expectations. With Many Thanks.

The O family of Bradford

Dear Mr Millar, We wish to convey our heartfelt thanks to the professional and caring staff of Ward 9. Our mum/grandma came on to the ward on 24th October having suffered a severe stroke which sadly she was unable to recover from. For 2 weeks our mum/grandma was cared for by some amazing and compassionate people. The care and support given to her and our family by the team on Ward 9 will never be forgotten. You have a very highly specialist team showing exemplary care and nursing to a high standard for which you should be proud. Thank you all.

Mrs G of Bradford

Dear Chief Executive, I just had to write and inform you of the excellemtn experience two members of my family have had in Bradford Royal Infirmary's A & E department, especially in these days when the NHS gets such bad press. My older sister was visiting from Suffolk in August and woke up one morning with acute pain. After consulting 111, we were advised to take her to A & E. She needed a high dose of morphine to cope with the pain. She was attended by a lovely young doctor, ELIZABETH STOPFORD, who was really excellent. My elderly mother, almost 103 years old, had a stroke last Friday and admitted to A & E. Dr Stopford was on duty again. She remembered my sister, enquired about her health and treatment, then immediately looked after my mother with the utmost sensitivity, kindness and dignity. She was so calm and efficient. I would like to request that she is congratulated for her lovely manner and good work. She truly restores faith in young people. There was also a very good nurse working on A & E with Dr Stopford but sadly I didnt get her name. She was slim with dark hair and wore glasses. She also moved very fast! However, Dr Stopford stood out because she managed to smile in amongst her business.

Mr W of Silsden

Dear Sir, I would like to express my thanks to the staff of vascular level 26, the theatre staff, ICU, HDU. Everybody was very pleasant and caring and I am very grateful to all of them.

Mrs G of Bradford

Dear Sir/Madam I hear all sorts of complaints about hospitals. I went for bowel screening. Scared to death. I had a big operation for ovarian cancer 10 years ago. I'm 70 years old. Could not have been looked after better if I'd gone private. From the lower staff to the doctor, from going in to coming out they were angels. Dr Smith was so caring; all the staff were. Sometimes you go to hospital, see the doctor but not many words passed, but Dr Smith was like a daughter. God bless them all. Anyone calling hospitals have me to deal with. I had to write this letter because I've never found such kindness. They even make a nice cup of coffee. I will never forget their kindness. Lots of love. Best wishes to all.

I don't mind if you use my name on website. It's about time we stood up for our medical team whom I class as life savers. I had an incident the other day. I went to the doctors and found a purse in the surgery. No one was around; I could have kept it but the joy of handing that purse back was real delight to me. There was £400 in in it and also all the person's personal cards. Yours sincerely. P.S. Keep the good work up.

Dr S of Wilsden

Dear Sir/Madam, I have recently had cataract removal operations on both eyes and on Friday last was discharged from the Ophthalmology Dept (?Specifically Eye Day Clinic Dept). These days it is almost impossible to open a newspaper or hear/watch a newscast, without some scandal or serious problem with the NHS being in the headlines. I therefore take pleasure in commending to your attention, the excellent service provided by the above, particularly the team of Mrs A Reynolds. All staff were helpful, courteous and professional in the extreme. Both my wife and I were impressed at the number of checks made before the operations. I must have been asked at least six times what I was there for. If all departments in all hospitals carry out such checks we simply cannot understand why "never events" as I believe they are called, happen at all. As regards the procedure itself, speaking as someone whose education has been solely in the humanities, I cannot make up my mind whether it is black magic or medicine at the Star Treck level. One can only admire the research and development in several disciplines which must lie behind the procedure, and the skill of the surgeons and other staff involved. I hope and assume your administrative procedures are such that this letter will be brought to the attention of the staff at the Day Clinic. Yours very sincerely and gratefully.

Mr C of Bradford

Dear Sir, I write with our family's sincere gratitude for all the treatment, care and support your hospital provided over the last year when my mother had several admissions via A & E department to BRI and St Lukes. I attended with her on most occasions to A & E and was impressed by the compassionate, competent and professional treatment and care she received in the department and on the wards. (Ward 3, F3 and F5 at St Lukes and the hospital at home team). Please express our sincere thanks to your staff and especially to Dr Skenton and Dr Bradley and the nursing staff in the A & E department.

Mr P of Thornton

Dear Mr Millar, So often the positive excellent work of the BRI is not featured in the media only some negative aspects. I have recently been referred to the hospital for a heart condition and from initial consultation in the Chest Pain Clinic to my actual angioplasty treatment in Ward 22 under Dr Lindsay, I have received nothing but first class treatment and care. The nursing staff under Sister Claire, were professional and knowledgeable. They sensed my "fear" and concerns and were able to reassure me at every stage of my treatment. In this connection I have attached a copy of my "thank you letter" to Sister Claire and her team. I wanted to express my thanks and appreciation. I have also acknowledged the skills of Dr Lindsay my consultant cardiologist. Maybe you have a hospital face book or website where such "vote of thanks" are displayed? If you don't it maybe a good idea for staff moral - just a thought! In this "negative society" we live in its always nice to have positive feedback and I do hope you will value this opportunity to recognise the work and dedication of Ward 22.

Miss M of Wilsden

Dear Sir/Madam, please find enclosed a letter I have recently submitted to the Telegraph & Argus following the fantastic experience I had giving birth at the Bradford Royal Infirmary. Both my partner and I were highly impressed by the exceptional standard of care and support we received from the numerous members of staff encountered throughout my labour and subsequent stay. This was both reassuring and encouraging during an understandably difficult experience. Coupled with the excellent facilities and quality of cleanliness in both the delivery suites and ward, I feel compelled to extend my gratitude in writing to all involved in the successful and healthy delivery of my baby son.

Mr N of Bradford

Dear Mr Millar, I write with reference to the period from March 2012, when my wife presented with acute myeloid leukaemia, to her death in the late evening of the 20th of October this year. My wife was hospitalised on Ward 7, for six weeks or so initially and for two or three periods after that. In between she was attending the Day Unit on Ward 7. I want to express to you the thanks of my wife and myself for, not only the professional expertise of her treatment, but also, and perhaps more importantly, for the unstinting love, care and support given by the whole team, from cleaners to consultants, both to my wife and to myself through the hopes and despairs of the last 18 months. Their care and support enabled us to have some fun times amid the gruelling bits. I hope the size of the donations given at my wife's funeral reflect the praise I gave to them all. They have our utmost gratitude and I would be very much obliged if you would convey this to them. Yours with thanks.

Mr A of Wilsden

Dear Mr Millar, Over the last few years I have heard nothing but complaints against the National Health. Whilst on some occasions I can agree with the complaints I feel that the government is at fault in the vast majority of occasions. However on this occasion I am writing to pay a compliment to all the staff at the foot clinic at the Duke of York. The service from all members of your staff has been nothing but first class - this from the secretarial, reception and treatment personnel. I would like you to pass on my particular thanks to Isabelle, Ann and Christine as well as all other members of staff.

Mrs B of Bradford

Dear Sir, I would like to pass on to you my gratitude for the excellent care which my husband received on admission to Bradford Royal Infirmary. He was admitted on 15.07.2013 in great pain and was subsequently treated in Resuscitation, Ward 21, Ward 8 and Ward 23. He was finally discharged on 09.08.2013. His care was exceptional and I think in these times of bad press aimed at our NHS, nursing staff should be praised for their dedication. I have witnessed at first hand the good care which he received and would be grateful if you could pass on our gratitude.

Messrs C of Bradford

Dear Mr Millar, Yesterday I was discharged from Ward 6 Bradford Royal Infirmary where I have been treated for a burst gastric ulcer by Dr Somerton and his team. I do not normally write to organisations regarding their products or individual staff but feel bound in conscience to tell you of my experience at the B.R.I. Bradford had a noble history of pioneering social advancement in many fields but as you know has had a poor image since the collapse of the woollen industry. The NHS too has come in for much adverse publicity due to some extent to rogue or inadequate individuals. It sometimes seems that society is disintegrating through selfishness, violence and a general lack of respect for other people, etc., etc. Over the last few days I have been given the advantage of seeing that in Bradford at least we have a beacon of hope for the future manifest in your Hospital Trust employees. Last Wednesday I suddenly collapsed vomiting blood. My distraught wife telephoned for an ambulance which soon arrived preceded by a paramedic who set about emergency treatment. They were great adepts at cheerful reassurance to both me and my wife. We were quickly taken to B.R.I. A & E where we were received by a most professional young doctor who set about treatment with introvenous infusions and physical and verbal examination. He quickly arranged for my admission and emergency endoscopy. All his actions were accompanied by commentary on what he was doing and why together with more reassurance and described various treatment options. At endoscopy I was met by a cheerful devoted team of nurses and Dr Beckett sealed the ulcer during the endoscopy and after more reassurance from him I was admitted to Ward 6 where the nursing staff were eager to make me comfortable. Throughout all the procedures I had had my wife had been kept informed and treated with understanding and kindness. The following day I was visited by Dr Somerton and his team, who outlined his treatment plan visiting me daily to check on my progress in spite of an unusual extra workload as he performed his on call duties. Over my stay on the ward I had the advantage of being able to observe all the staff at work. How moving it was to see how hard working professional and skilled people at all levels go cheerfully about their duties. The staff from many cultures and nationalities seem to get on happily together in the pursuit of patient welfare. It was marvellous to see that the staff at all levels in spite of their workload managed to develop a personalised relationship with each patient. On another issue which often seems to be the butt of media sarcasm is hospital catering. I do not think you can have many worries here (it keeps within budget!) The choice on offer, variety of dishes, the high quality of the cooking particularly for such large numbers is very good indeed. Altogether, you are fortunate sir, and it is to your credit. You have on your hands a highly committed professional cheerful hard working apparently happy staff working as a dedicated unit, to enhance the reputation of the B.R.I. I shall sing their praises to anyone. My experience on Ward 6 shows me that they admit patients who are discharged as friends.

Mrs B of Bradford

Dear Sir, I am writing to express my gratitude at the treatment I have received at your hospital this year. I was admitted to Ward 11 in February this year having been diagnosed with colon cancer, under the care of Mr M A Steward, to whom I have written seperately. I was operated upon and moved to Ward 20/21 and in August this year I returned to Ward 11 for surgery to reverse the ileostomy and again was moved to Ward 20. On both occasions the wards were kept spotless with a veritable army of cleaners. From the cleaners, people who brought the drinks trolley round and all the medical staff, nothing was too much trouble and I was treated with the utmost courtesy and respect throughout my stay. Please pass on my sincere thanks to all staff involved, not forgetting the catering staff, whose cottage pie was delicious.

Mrs R of Baildon

Let's give praise where praise is due. Thank you to the BRI for fantastic service over the last 10 years. The departments I have had dealings with are:- Gastroenterology, Dr Moreea and all his staff including his secretary, ENT, Mr Smith, who I was fast tracked to. I had all the tests and results within 14 days. I must not forget all the supporting staff in the other areas; X-ray, Ultrasound and Blood Tests to mention just a few. A BIG THANK YOU AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Mrs O of Wilsden

Dear Mr Millar, I feel I have to write to you as Chief Executive of Bradford Hospitals since I have recently been treated in the A and E department at BRI and to say I am impressed is an absolute under statement! Following a fall I had a nasty injury to my face; I was seen very promptly and treated with the utmost respect by all staff at the hospital. I was examined by Mr Bradley in the Minor Injuries Unit and subsequently had a brain scan; my investigations and treatment were discussed with me throughout the time I was in the dept and I felt very reassured, I might add the dept was busy at this time but staff still found time to offer drinks to people who were having a long wait, for further procedures, they had time for us all and were so kind. The communication between staff and patients at the hospital was excellent and I could not fault the level of care I received. I was on my way home within 3 hours. I might add, my experience was exactly the same when my 90 year old father was admitted through A and E last year and was an in-patient for a few days. At a time when the NHS is experiencing negative publicity I believe it is only right to praise the positives. First class BRI - you should be proud of yourselves!

Mrs J of Bradford

Dear Mr Millar, My father was recently a patient on Ward 7 at BRI, he sadly died on 22nd August but I would like to highlight the excellent care he was given during his five week stay on the ward. In a world where the media seem to only highlight the negative aspects of life I would like to offer sincere thanks on behalf of myself and my sister. The care and compassion shown to both ourselves and our father was quite extraordinary, the whole Ward 7 staff team went out of their way to make us welcome during the long hours we spent on the ward, as did the Day Unit staff when my father was being treated as an outpatient. We could not have asked for anything more. Each and every member of the Ward 7 Team is a credit to your hospital. Best wishes.

Mrs S of Bradford

Dear Sirs, This is a note to bring to your attention the excellent care I have received from Tom a member of your Physiotherapy team. I had a referral from my doctor to see Tom when my doctor didn't have a clue what was causing me to become immobile and in real discomfort that every aspect of my life was affected. Tom carried out an assessment and listened very carefully to everything I had to say. He then said he thought I had Polymyalgia Rheumatica and wrote me a note to take back to my doctor requesting a blood test. He also put his direct phone number down so they could discuss it with him. The blood test was then carried out which confirmed his assessment and I was given the correct treatment which has now given me back my life. Also he had carried out two more follow up visits to work out an exercise programme to now enable me to regain my mobility. I cannot thank him enough for his professional knowledge and caring treatment of me. I am sure that without this I would not be as well and active and happy as I am today and I hope he is regarded as a valued member of your staff.

Mrs B of Settle

Dear Sir/Madam, I just wanted to write and thank all the staff for the excellent care that I received at the hospital recently under the department of Plastic Surgery. I had a minor operation for a B.C.C. on my arm under the consultancy of Mr Foo which involved several visits. All the consultants, nursing staff, receptionists were so kind, reassuring, informative and efficient. Please make sure that the relevant people are thanked and know how much their care was appreciated. A credit to the NHS. A big thank you and all good wishes.

Mrs T of Bradford

For the attention of Bryan Miller, Chief Executive Dear Sir, during the last 12 months I have spent a lot of time backwards and forwards to the B.R.I. I am writing to say that all my care, treatment and kindness shown has been excellent. I started in July 2012 with breast cancer, was in Ward 15 for an operation after seeing Mr Case. There was no time wasted at all getting me in to hospital. The aftercare was excellent, chemotherapy till December 23rd, and was delayed only twice as they were extremely busy and running late. All follow up appointments with other doctors were on time (within 10 mins anyway). A few weeks later I started Radiotherapy at St. James, Leeds. I have now hopefully recovered and don't go back to the B.R.I. for six months. Since that I have had a fall 4 weeks ago, went to A & E and they were quick to sort me out, having to have a skin graft on my leg and stitches in my arm. Once again I could not fault the care. I have been back for dressings since and never had to wait above 5 minutes. My last one was yesterday so I thought I would drop you a line to compliment all the staff on the service I have received.

Mr P of Addingham

Dear Sir, Re: Vascular Surgery I am writing to commend Mr Malloy, his colleagues and the teams at both Airedale and Bradford Royal Infirmary who have recently been treating me. The care they have provided has been delivered in a highly professional manner, the joint working between the two hospitals has been a model of good inter-agency practice and all my appointments have been well handled. I have been treated courteously and with respect by everyone involved. The operation itself was successful and undoubtedly took great skill. I would be grateful if you could ensure that the staff at BRI and the Richardson Clinic are made aware of my feelings (which I am certain are not held by me alone) and are thus encouraged to maintain their high standards knowing their work is very much appreciated by their patients and those closest to them. I know that patients, like me, are often so obsessed with their own symptoms that they forget to thank those who work so hard to put things right again. My quality of life has been enhanced, against all the odds, by the consultants and staff at BRI and Airedale and they are worthy of far more than simple gratitude. However, I am very grateful.

Mrs I of Bradford

Dear Sir, I am writing to you to express my praise of Mr Bem and his team, the haematology doctors and nurses and last but not least the nurses and doctors on Ward 7 Day Care for the wonderful care and support given to me. I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma towards the end of last year just after having suffered the sudden loss of my husband. The care and support - especially the staff and doctors on Ward 7 and Sally helped me enormously through my chemotherapy treatment. I could ring them at any time and was given advice on anything which worried me. I cannot praise them enough and feel I need to write to you. I also spoke to other patients on Ward 7 who were having treatment and I speak for them all - some wished to write but were not sure to whom the letter should be sent so I do also include their praise in this letter.

Mr E of Baildon

Dear Sir, I suspect that like a sizeable proportion of the public I am rather quicker to complain when things go wrong than congratulating when things go right. Also like a sizeable part, if not all, of the public I have been shocked and distressed at the stories in the media recently. I am undergoing minor heart treatment and I feel it only fair in spite of all adverse publicity I must write to record my experience on Ward 22. I am not qualified to comment on medical matters but have firsthand experience of Claire (Sister Rochford) and her team. I don't believe any patient can leave Ward 22 without feeling a deep sense of confidence in their care and attention. I shall be grateful if you will pass on my appreciation to Clare and her colleagues.

Mr V of Bradford

Dear Sir, I write in relation to my visits to the A & e dept at Bradford Royal Infirmary on 17th and 19th April 2013. At this time I was suffering from a septic left thumb. On the occasion of my first visit, I arrived at 9.50am and was leaving at 11.10am. I was most pleasantly surprised at this turn of events. The staff on duty were kind, polite, helpful, understanding and most capable. On my next visit, my appointment was for 8.30am and I was leaving the building at 9.00am. Once again the service provided was excellent and I hope this is brought to the notice of the staff on duty at the relevant times. I have written in the past expressing some disapproval, so I am pleased to "balance the books". Many thanks to all concerned.

Mr E of Bradford

Dear Sir, I write to you with regard to the treatment that I received when admitted to Bradford Royal Infirmary, May 16th fo May 23rd 2013, with a fractured left tibia and fibula. What a wonderful team of people you have working in this hospital, from the A & E personnel to the x-ray staff, to the medical staff and everyone associated with Ward 27. All people feel that nursing staff should receive the highest praise and in this instance so do I. All of the staff that I met on Ward 27, from the nurses to the tea lady, from the Ward Sister to the meal providers, should receive the highest praise. Nothing was too much trouble and every task was performed with as much skill, courtesy and pleasantry as was possible. Lovely, lovely people. The same must also be said about all hospital personnel that I encountered from theatre personnel to the MRI team, the Physio personnel to the porters. The latter are wonderful gentlemen who I believe can walk up to 40 miles per day whilst providing courtesy, humour and good general conversation whilst performing their professional duties - my hat goes off to them. The best, however, I reserve until last. I was admitted under the care of Mr Mann, Orthopaedic Consultant, and his team. Never before have I met such dedicated, professional, courteous and knowledgeable people, especially Mr Mann and his Senior Registrar Mr Jain. In my own professional career in teaching I tried to achieve these qualities but these gentlemen have it all off to a tee. Mr Mann ensured that I received the very best of attention, as I assume he does with all of his patients. He is a gentleman of great integrity with rare traits in modern society, in that he is honest, straightforward, true to his word and always fulfills his promises. To complete the set he also listens carefully to his patient's concerns, then uses his own communication skills in exemplary fashion. Mr Mann also found that I had other problems apart from the broken leg and has ensured that I receive the correct treatment for these other ailments. I first met Mr Jain in the plaster room in A & E where he took charge in helping set my leg in its cast. He visited me regularly, with and without Mr Mann to check on my welfare and progress, eventually being a member of the surgical team which operated on my fractured leg, with marvellous results I must add. All praise must be given to Mr Mann and his team and I commend that the marvellous work and effort that they perform at BRI should be brought to your attention and to the attention of the Board of Governors of the NHS Foundation Trust which oversees the Bradford Teaching Hospitals. I would also be grateful if you would pass on to all personnel mentioned in this letter my most sincere thanks for all their efforts and help shown towards me. Please also continue to uphold the standards I have seen and known in your role as Chief Executive Officer for these hospitals.

Mr B of Keighley

Dear Mr Richardson, CARE AT THE BRI In 2012 I underwent a partial gasterectomy at the Bradford Royal Infirmary and this month I have been discharged from the care of the hospital in the best of health. It now seems appropriate that I place on record my thanks for the excellent care and skill I received from Mr Gokhale and his surgical team, who secured my fit and healthy recovery from this major operation. I would also like to thank the anaesthetic team for the reassurance they provided, as well as ensuring that when I woke up, I felt as if nothing had happened to me in the previous hours. The care provided in the enhanced recovery unit was again very professional and could not be faulted, as was the help and advice from the dieticians. For the last four days at the BRI, I paid to be treated in the York Suite and the care here was every bit as good as that provided by a private hospital. Before closing I must express my thanks to Amanda Proctor Nurse Specialist who provided lots of support and advice during a troubling period on my life.

Mrs H of Bradford

Dear Sir, Regarding the negative press the NHS receives, I would like to say how wonderful the treatment I received in the BRI was. From the Accident and Emergency Unit to LGI and finally to Ward 22 BRI the care was outstanding. A big thank you to all concerned. You are all doing a brilliant job. Grateful thanks also to the Paramedics and ambulance drivers "well done".

Mrs P of Halifax

Dear Bryan Millar, I recently was admitted on to ward 12 at Bradford Royal Infirmary for a small operation. My whole experience was excellent, from my first appointment with Dr Calvert to having the procedure done was very quick. Ward 12 was very clean and the staff were very professional. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Calvert and her team for the care I received on my short stay with them. Kind regards.

Mrs B of Shipley

I wish to bring to your notice some positive comments following my admission to the Bradford Royal Infirmary. I was a patient from the 12th to the 18th June 2013. All the staff involved, medical, nursing and technical, were caring and friendly, but very professional and informative. I had excellent attention from A&E and X Ray, Ward 27, Theatre and the CT scanning department. The staff on Ward 27 cared for me well and made my stay very comfortable. The ward and shower rooms were very clean and the food acceptable (for a very fussy eater!!) As a retired BRI trained nurse I obviously found many changes from the 50's and 60's but I observed everything with great interest and was most impressed. My experience was very different from all the negative and bad publicity in the media.

Mr W of Bradford

Mr Ahmad - Ward 19 Out Patients Theatre: Following my day surgery today with Mr Ahmad and his team, Nurse Bird and Assistant Health Care Jowett; I would like to express my thanks at the excellent treatments received. Most sincerely.

Mrs C of Worcester

Chairman - Bradford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Dear Sir, We would like to place on record our satisfaction with the excellent service provided by Eccleshill Community Hospital. Please can you ensure that when staff annual reviews take place the efforts of all of the staff working there are properly recognised.

Mr M of Bradford

Dear Sir or Madam, My wife passed away on Thursday last in the B.R.I. She was 3 weeks on I.C.U. How wonderful everyone was. I have nothing but admiration for everyone from doctors to porters. They have a lot to do, and do it wonderfully well. A wonderful hospital. Many thanks to all.

Ms C of Todmorden

To: Ms Claire Dunn, Sister, Ward 28. Dear Ms Dunn, I am writing to express my thanks and appreciation to all of your team on Ward 28 for their care and professionalism towards me during my recent admission for a partial knee replacement under the care of Mr Veysi. Without exception they were all efficient, calm, cheerful and caring. This ran through the entire team from the wonderful nurses, the therapists and their assistants, the nursing assistants and the domestic and support staff. While I did not have the opportunity to meet you personally I am sure this team work and positive ethos is reflective of the way that you manage your team. I know that these are not easy times for our NHS but I feel that the way I was cared for reflects the best aspects of the service - and I am very grateful for it. Cc Mr Bryan Millar, Chief Executive, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Mrs D of Bradford

I was admitted to BRI on 19th May 2013 through A and E, via Ward 4, to Ward 1, being finally discharged on 3rd June 2013. I wish to put in writing my gratitude for the treatment I received whilst in hospital. During my whole stay, the staff in Ward 1 were consistently kind, helpful, cheerful and patient, not just with me, but with the whole ward. I saw several patients come and go during the 16 days I was there and in my opinion, some of them were very difficult indeed. The staff treated them all with care and consideration and a huge amount of patience and understanding. I also wish to include the cleaners, tea and meals servers and the porters in my thanks. Again, they were all cheerful and courteous to the patients. I saw several doctors, specialists, physios and other members of staff from different departments. All of them introduced themselves to me, explained what they were looking for and why I was receiving this specific treatment. I was treated as an intelligent human being and felt I was being updated regularly on my progress as things were explained to me. I must make particular mention of Dr Peter Smith who realised extremely quickly I had a complex and apparently quite rare condition and adjusted my medication accordingly. I also wish to mention the hospital food. It was hot and wholesome, and there was a good choice of menu. For a mass catering service, it was more than adequate, although I was slightly alarmed by the number of high salt options and I feel this probably needs addressing. If someone could find the time to discuss with the staff of Ward 1 what they think they do well and then try to disseminate this throughout the hospital as best practice, I feel this would be a very worthwhile exercise. However, in case this doesn't happen, I am sending a copy of this letter to Ward 1 so they will know how much I valued their care and consideration. They need all the support and encouragement they can get. It has ben many years since I was last in hospital, but I was very impressed with my treatment and general care. The public are often very quick to criticise any minor detail of lack of care, but perhaps not so ready to give praise where it is due. I certainly wish to give praise and many thanks to everyone with whom I had contact in BRI.

Mr S of Wilsden

Dear Sir, I feel I need to write to you to express how exceptional the renal team are, from my first diagnosis at my health centre to where I am now. The NHS seems to get a lot of bad press but in my experience I have nothing but praise. I have always found the consultants, surgeons, doctors, nurses, dieticians, etc to be courteous, caring and reassuring. I was originally seeing Robin Jeffries privately who then passed me on to his team within the NHS and I would be grateful if you could pass on my appreciation to: Dr R Jeffrey Dr H Akbani Dr Mumtaz, Essie, Wendy, Allison, Kes, Angela, Tony, Vicki, Michael. Thank you for your support.

Mr H of Shipley

My wife has just had surgery at BRI on Ward 12. The care she was given was superb. The staff though under pressure, always found time to care. NHS too much bad press, not enough praise. The NHS must be Britain's finest achievement.

Mr H of Baildon

Dear Sir, due to kidney failure I have been under the care of Ward 6 at the BRI, Ward F3 at St Luke's Hospital and the Dialysis Units at both hospitals for many months. I would like to thank all of these units for their devoted care and nursing during this time. I have just undergone a procedure (P.D) at the BRI Dialysis Unit in order that I can perform home dialysis. The professionalism, reassurance and care I have received has been without fault. My wife and I have had consultations with the staff on the Dialysis Unit, who have given us much advice and guidance regarding this transition. My personal thanks go to Dr Akbani (who has been supporting me through this difficult time), Sister W Green, Sister E Lampinen and Health Care Assistant K Mikza, also Angela who works in the Dialysis Unit at the BRI. I would be obliged if you could pass on my thanks for their devoted care.

Mrs I of Bradford

Dear Chief Executive, I hope you get an opportunity to personally read my comments of appreciation below. At the beginning of March 2013, I was diagnosed with a 4cm lump on my thyroid gland, pressing against the windpipe. This had been causing distressing symptoms for a number of years, before it was identified. Needless to say the last 10 weeks have been very worrying and upsetting for me indeed. I have been under the care of Mr Ian Smith thryroid consultant and his team. On the 16th May 2013 I had an operation at the BRI to remove half of the thyroid, having only had to wait 4 weeks for the operation, as the biopsy was undeterminate. I would like it to be known and placed on record how pleased I was treated, by the team. Superb! Mr Smith, Registrar (Ezra?) all the operating team, the names I do not know. I could not have asked for better care, compassion and treatment. A special mention for Mr Smith, absolutely superb, in his care, attention, compassion and skill in getting this lump out successfully. I am most grateful indeed, can't thank all the team enough, brilliant! NHS at its best. I will be back at the BRI in about 3 weeks for the result. I would also like to mention the below staff as well. 1) Mr Strachan consultant who I saw on the 23rd February 2013 at the Yorkshire Clinic, who first identified there could be a problem and recommended an ultrasound of the neck, very grateful and thanks for this. 2) Dr Elizabeth Loney consultant radiologist for identifying the lump and dealing with the biopsy - informative, caring and compassionate. Thanks for this. And finally to all the nursing staff on Ward 18 who cared for me in a very dignified manner from pre-op to aftercare operation, especially Kath Whyte, Health Care Assistant (pre-op), Carole Staff nurse (Pre-op), Nick (ECG Cardiology department), Louise Staff nurse who dealt with me in a compassionate manner at the bedside pre-op. Please ensure Ward Manager is made aware of my comments, can't thank them enough! Would you please kindly acknowledge receipt of this letter, it would be most appreciated, so I can be sure all staff are aware. Thank you.

Mrs P of Leeds

Dear Mr Millar, I would just like to say how wonderful I have found the nursing staff and doctors on Ward 9. My son was admitted some three weeks ago with chest complications. He suffers from M.S. and it was thought he was asperating, a condition that causes food and drink to end up in his lungs. My son also has other problems and is completely dependant on the nursing staff for all his needs. The staff have bent over backwards to help him and myself. I asked if I could help with his care as I soon realised the ward was very busy. They were so kind and always made me feel welcome. The atmosphere on the ward is so friendly and caring which helped so much when you are worried about a loved one.

Ms C of Bradford

Dear Mr Millar, I understand that Dr Sokoll, Consultant Rheumatologist is leaving on 22nd May and I would like to make some comments of recognition before she does so. I spent two weeks in the BRI between 20th December and 4th January with a serious Pneumonia which then caused Reactive Arthritis, hence Dr Sokoll's involvement. I would say that she has gone out of her way to try and get me better. In January/February I saw her most Friday mornings for a check up and to discuss my treatment. She has always made time for me on the phone if I had any queries and she has also rung me with the results of xrays/blood tests to avoid an anxious wait in-between appointments. She has been caring and understanding of my personal circumstances and has also suggested holistic remedies to complement the conventional medicines. I cannot praise her highly enough for her dedication to duty which I hope the hospital could recognise in some way before she returns to Germany. I also have positive feedback about Ward 22 (in which I was hospitalised because initially it was suspected that I had viral myocarditis) and Dr Jacob and Dr Ibrahim who I am also now being looked after as I still have Organising Pneumonia. I would be happy to elaborate on my feedback as I think it's only right to say when you've had a positive experience. I still don't know what the eventual outcome of my Organising Pneumonia and Reactive Arthritis is going to be but I have confidence in the clinicians and the treatment I am receiving and therefore hope to make a full recovery, it will just take some time.

Mr & Mrs L of Bradford

Dear Sir or Madam, My wife and I would like to thank all your staff in A&E who helped my wife on Sunday the 5th of May 2013. My wife had a fall in Bradford after leaving my granddaughter's birthday party at about 1630hrs. The Ambulance Service via its response team and Ambulance crew were on the scene very quickly and without delay, plus their knowledge, skill and their personality filled my wife with confidence in her much wearied state, after the fall. Please pass our thanks and appreciation on to the Ambulance Service (many thanks). My wife is 64 and I am 68, we have never had to use A&E before but contrary to the bad publicity and horror stories via the media our experience was fantastic. On arrival to the A&E department the nurse Ruth (from Skipton) sorry, thats all we know about her, was outstanding. What we do know is that the nurse in question, along with all the other medical staff were very well trained and efficient, along with excellent communication and social skills. The experience for my wife and myself in these difficult circumstances was made that much easier by their knowledge and understanding of the situation and the very short time it took to have my wife dealt with and ready for us to return home. Please thank everyone in A&E on our behalf. The reception staff were equally as efficient and helpful as the medical staff, again adding to a surprisingly good A&E experience. Once again, please pass on our thanks to all the A&E staff who provided a wonderful service, even on a bank holiday weekend. We have heard such a lot just recently about how older people are treated in hospitals but our very limited experience shows the Bradford BRI and its staff do NOT fall into that category. Thank you from my wife, myself and family.

Mr & Mrs L of Bradford

Dear Mr Millar, I am writing to say a 'Huge Thank you' for the wonderful care and treatment my husband received on Ward 20 on Monday morning 22.4.2013. All the staff were brilliant! Especially we appreciate Mr Vissamsetti the Urology Registrar who quickly brought relief to my husband, who was suffering from urinary retention and was in absolute agony! We are so thankful for the expertise of your dedicated staff. Thank you, you are there to help us. We really appreciate you all. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

A Patient

Dear Mr Millar, I was recently admitted to BRI as a patient and I felt that I had to write to let you know how impressed I have been by the standard of care I received. I was admitted through A & E, sent on to Ward 4 and then to Ward 22. After that, it was a visit to the Angio Suite where all my problems were remedied. From being assessed by a triage nurse to being finally discharged and allowed home on Friday, the care I received was second to none. Without exception, the nursing staff, doctors and general ward workers were excellent. Above all what will stay in my mind is the kindness, cheerfulness and effeciency of the staff even when they were incredibly busy. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for them and I can't praise them highly enough. Many, many thanks to all your amazing, hardworking staff.

Ms V of Bedford

Dear Mr Millar, I am sorry I am writing this letter so late. My mother was a patient in the BRI 27.1.13 to 5.2.13. She was admitted into A&E, then Ward 3 and finally Ward 30. On behalf of my mother and family, I am writing to say a very big thank you to all the staff who looked after her. I met some fabulous doctors and nurses who cared for her, but am aware that I didn't meet everyone who looked after her and therefore would like you to pass on our thanks to all the staff who did care for her so well. They themselves know who they are. Thank you also, to all the catering, cleaning and portering staff and all the MDT involved in her care. The cleanliness of the hospital was fantastic! The staff were very professional. The whole hospital appeared well run and everyone appeared very dedicated to their work. P.S. I don't mind you putting this letter on your website but would appreciate you not putting our ID on to protect my mum's confidentiality. Thank you. And also - the Bradford Hospital Trust website is excellent!

Mr L of Bradford

Dear Dr Saralaya, May I take this opportunity to thank both you and all your Registrars for all you have done for me regarding my medical situation. They were kindness in itself in every respect by taking time to talk to me and talking me through the treatment I was getting ie the breathing machine which is a bit daunting at first until I had got able to it. Many thanks to you all. I also would like to take this opportunity to thank both Day staff and Night staff for their care, kindness and understanding during the two weeks that I was on the ward. They are the best of the best, tireless in their care and devotion to all of the patients both young and old and I as a patient was very grateful. The staff took time to help my wife with any problems she had regarding the treatment I was getting. I also would like to give my thanks to the best tea lady; she makes the best cup of tea that I have had in any of my stays in hospital - also the ward cleaners polite, friendly and go the extra mile to help the staff and patients. A very grateful patient.

Mr R of Addingham

To whom it may concern. I have recently returned from Bradford Royal Infirmary and an ENVAR operation. I was hospitalised on Ward 26, at the request of Mr Molloy, though the initial assessment, and some of the scans was done at Airedale and I saw the Senior Consultant Anaesthetist at St Lukes. I have to say, at the outset, that throughout my experiences, I have been impressed by the clinical excellence I encountered. Mr Molloy is clearly a talented young man and a very good surgeon. He has an excellent manner with patients and explains himself very clearly. He explains the risks involved in the operation with the aid of diagrams and makes sure that the presentation is factual and not dramatic. He is kindly. He writes very well and, in official letters to me, personalised them by adding pertinent hand-written sections. All the people I met who work with him seemed to have similar attributes and I thought the whole team was very impressive. The Consultant Anaesthetist was also very thorough and understanding. I do not know her name because I am a little hard of hearing and she is tall and Namibian and I found it difficult to catch it. I did, however, understand what she said and what was done in her name at St Lukes and again, was impressed by the thoroughness of the process and the clarity and kindliness of the explanation. The anaesthetist at BRI was a Sikh gentleman from Huddersfield. He also was very clear and I enjoyed his company. The hospitals at Bradford may not be the architectural gems we would all like them to be but there is nothing wrong with any of the clinical work which I experienced. Throughout the standards were high and the care of the patient exemplary. The operation involved the movement of operating theatre machinery into the X-ray area, which was a considerable undertaking and involved teamwork of the highest order. It involved a team of radiographers, as well as anaesthetists and the necessary surgeons. I have myasthenia gravis and to avoid any problems I was moved into a high dependency ward. Fortunately, the precaution was not necessary but it does show a determination to cover any potential difficulty which was very heartening. the welcome and the care in the unit were very good and I felt encouraged to attempt a rapid recovery. Indeed, throughout my stay, I felt encouraged by the staff. I was astonished how many people took the time and trouble to come to renew the acquaintance and pass on their best wishes. This was particularly true of a radiologist who had been at the operation and came, when I had a later CTI scan, and enquired how I felt, but also to the Theatre Nurse who talked to me during the latter part of the operation and later spent more time. The male nurse who had a great deal to do with me when I first arrived was always friendly, informative and kindly. All the nurses and auxiliaries were anxious to be helpful and to do the right thing. I was also grateful for the ability shown by the nursing staff to think on their feet and act appropriately in difficult circumstances. I did have some difficulty with the wound in my left groin during the early part of one night. It bled profusely and the nurse called in the doctors who decided that the bleeding was superficial, at which the nurse, staff nurse Lulu, took charge and with intelligence and patience fashioned a pad with which she could join the two pieces of skin and apply pressure to slow down the bleeding until the blood clotted. Her professional practice and her humanity were exemplary. They were all very good and I have not one complaint against any of those with whom I came into contact. There was a conscientious effort to keep the ward clean and all co-operated to try to achieve a high standard. Particularly impressive was the young white woman who came into the ward on Saturday and Sunday. She made the floor shine and polished with a vigour which I could only envy. I have to say that the food was not brilliant, but that had little effect at the time and I was not particularly anxious to eat much. There was plenty to drink and we were well supplied with water as well as with tea and coffee. I noticed just one slight oddity. Patients were offered bread and jam/marmalade at breakfast time but, if they chose that option, had to wait about a quarter to a half an hour to get a hot drink. I know one patient who found it difficult to deal with the bread without a drink to help him. I was impressed by the staff to the extent that I tried, though not very systematically, to find out about their qualifications and experience. Some had been educated and trained abroad before entering Britain. Others had gained personal and professional benefit from their association with Bradford University. I was unable to establish any formal training link between the University and BRI and do wonder whether there might be common advantage in establishing one. There was certainly a desire to gain experience and knowledge and I had to explain "myasthenia gravis" on several occasions and to a variety of professionals. It has become usual to assess the outcomes of organisations like the NHS by crude and often speciously precise target fulfillment. There is no measure of the quality of the human beings in an institution, but it is what counts to those who experience the delivery. The humanity I was shown at BRI makes it, in my view, a first class institution.

Mr S of Thornton

Dear Mr Millar, A few days ago I received a patient survey which I have completed and returned to the sender, Quality Health Care in Chesterfield. I enclose herewith a copy for your perusal in case you might not otherwise get to see it. In addition, I would respectfully offer you the following additional observations. The printed media have covered, to the point of overdose ad nauseam, not only the exposure of the Liverpool Death Pathway but also the horror stories of barbaric treatment meted out to patients resulting in an excessively high patient death rate at the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust. It is now reported that another 14 other NHS trusts are under scrutiny regarding their records of excess death rates and are expected to be subjected to the same level of investigation as that carried out at Stafford Hospital. By way of extreme contrast, it has been my experience that the standards of patient care at Bradford's two hospitals are an interstellar distance away from those which are reported to have prevailed at Stafford and all the other hospitals on the current list of suspects. Briefly, my disorder presented as haematuria, investigation of which led to the discovery of a transitional cell carcinoma bladder which was dealt with very swiftly in accordance with the dates set out on the back of the patient survey, to which I need to add that in May 2011, with commendable foresight on the part of Mr Addla and his team, a further, precautionery resection was carried out around the periphery of the original tumour site. The most recent cystoscopy last month showed no recurrence of tumour and I am now starting my next course of BCG instillations. Given that Bradford NHSFT has, I believe, another 80+ bladder cancer patients on its books, it is particularly commendable that Mr Addla found the time to afford me two further consultations post-surgery, one of which included quality care co-ordinator Zoe Storton, whose easily communicative style is matched by her exemplary dedication to the care of so large a number of patients, spread over two hospitals - a formidably demanding task calling for personal resources of the highest order. All of the nursing staff working on BRI Wards 5 & !4 work pleasantly and cheerfully to the highest standards, are always unfailingly helpful and very knowledgeable in all matters urological. A speciall commendation is due to Senior Nurse Resti (Ward 5) who, in spite of seeming sometimes to be faced with a mountain of paperwork, always faultlessly carries out his task of setting dates for all of the bladder cancer outpatient appointments and makes sure, by 'phone call and confirmatory leter, that patients know when they are due to attend. He is conscientiousness personified. It is an indictment of our so-called civilisation that whereas people who run and jump for a few days in mediocre imitation of the same activities performed with far greater elegance and alacrity by the European brown hare (Lepus europaeus) are awarded gold, silver and bronze medals, H.M. Government does not see fit to award any medals at all for those who work tirelessly, capably and successfully to save thousands of lives throughout the year. On the contrary, successive governments have subjected the NHS to an interminable succession of seriously detrimental "reforms", the latest of which is a concerted assault on A&E units. You can take pride in the fact that in spite of the unremitting worst effects of the Witehall/Westminster all -party committee of NHS saboteurs, you maintain an NHS Foundation Trust which is an example for all others to follow.

Mr M of Eccleshill

Dear Sir, with reference to my recent stay in hospital, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all concerned. I am under Mr Addla and had an operation for a bladder reconstruction because of my cancer; it was done by the new robot. I would like to thank Mr Addla and his team plus the professor for his assistance with the operation and all their concerns about my leg because I developed compartment syndrome. Thank you to Grace White, Orthopaedic Surgeon for her quick action with my leg. Also, thank you to Intensive Care and High Dependency Unit for all their care. A special thank you to Mr Addla and all his team for all the care they have given me during my stay in hospital and afterwards. I would also like a special thank you to Ward 14 for their care and professional approach to their duties and dedication. My wife had also been very well looked after; she is insulin dependant diabetic, sometimes having to wait a long time for me, so in step the nurses to provide food and drink when necessary. Above all the sisters and all the staff seem to work together and provided a very pleasant stay for myself. We would both like to thank them all very much. Yours sincerely, P.S. Could you please pass our comments and thanks to all.

Mr L of Ilkley

Dear Sir, I had to attend the BRI on Tuesday 12 Feb for an examination. After the usual car parking problem I presented my letter to the nurse at reception in the Gastro Dept and was told to take a seat. It was pretty depressing and after 1 and a half hours I asked a nurse what was happening. She was extremely helpful and found my papers were missing. However, after a short time I was taken into a clinic and it was magical. The nurses were superb. The doctor explained the procedure and could not have been kinder or more helpful. It was the most wonderful transformation and the treatment and help I received were superb and unbeatable. You have some wonderful staff. Yours sincerely,

Mr Q of Baildon

Dear Sir, Re: Gastroenterology Appointment Many people, myself included take the time to write and complain when they are not satisfied with the standard of service - however, not all of those people take the time to write in and praise a job well done! I would like to tell you that the treatment I received from Bradford Hospitals Teaching Hospitals on this occasion has been exemplary. I am sure that even if I took the private patient option, the service and attention given could not have been better! I received a letter from the Gastro Unit, informing me that I was required to attend for pre-assessment to have a Colonoscopy. (The letter arrived in the afternoon of the evening that I was due to be seen - which was somewhat very late notice - but, that's a minor issue). I attended the unit for the evening assessment appointment and was greeted by a wonderful nurse called "Sue". She was so pleasant, reassuring and professional - putting me at ease immediately, explaining fully what was happening and what would be happening during the procedure. She explained fully what I would need to do in preparation for the Colonoscopy and provided me with written details of this. She also gave me an opportunity to ask any questions. Sue made me feel very comfortable about everything and went out of her way to make sure that I was ok and I left feeling fully informed and sure of what I needed to do and what to expect when I attended the unit for my colonoscopy. Her attitude to patients was the best I have encountered for a long time and she made me feel important and cared for; and also injected humour into our conversations where appropriate. Today, I attended for my Colonoscopy, as planned, and was a little anxious. The reception desk was a little late in opening, but a nurse came into reception and informed me that the receptionist shouldn't be long, and would get my notes ready. I was soon called by a nurse onto the unit. She introduced herself to me and took me into a private room and clarked me in. Again, she took time to explain everything fully, to answer my questions, and to put me at ease. She was extremely polite, helpful and respectful. From then on, the whole thing was seamless, and each and every member of staff I came into contact with was exceptional. I was taken into the Colonoscopy room by a nurse called "Terri", who I had a laugh with, and was introduced to the other nurse in the room, and also to the registrar who would be carrying out the procedure. All three were wonderful with me - making me feel at ease, answering questions, explaining what would be happening etc. I felt very embarrassed about the whole procedure, but the three staff members in the room soon eased that considerably. They were amazing. Things were explained to me every step of the way and I ws very comfortable throughout. I was then taken to recovery, and then to the waiting area to be picked up. I was offered refreshments and a sandwich and a nurse then came to explain the results to me and what would be happening next, also explaining to me what I needed to be aware of during the next 24 hours etc. Sue, the nurse who clarked me in and the nurse who explained the aftercare to me, kept popping in to see me whilst I was waiting to be picked up, and making sure I was fine and being looked after - which was remarkable. When I was picked up, the three nurses even came go say goodbye! I would be so grateful if you could pass my thanks to all of the staff involved in my care throughout this procedure and the appointment leading up to it. I am so very impressed, with the care they gave me and the way in which they carried out their roles. Everyone on the unit was immaculate in their appearance/uniform, each introduced themselves by name, and each person went out of their way to make sure my experience on the unit was the best it possibly could be - for which I am most grateful. From an outside person looking in, the unit doesn't seem to be large enough for the volume of people coming through and some of the facilities - eg., the reception area, is a little unclear as to what you need to do when you first enter - but the staff did their absolute best with the facilities they were provided with - and I could not have asked for any better treatment. The staff are an asset to The Bradford Teaching Hospitals and they should be rewarded as such. You have a very dedicated team on the unit, and they work exceptionally well as a team. On a related note, I was referred by my GP as a fast track referral and right from that very moment, everything went like clockwork - I received my appointment, was seen by a fabulous Consultant, who again explained things very clearly, and was sent for appropriate tests in a very timely manner. Thank you so much. Yours sincerely.

Mr O of Odsal

Dear Sir, I recently had to go to BRI because I had problems passing water. I find the doctors and nurses and staff are brilliant I can't thank them enough, for me you can't put a price on what you all do. I can't praise you all enough. In 2010 I had the same problem, I had to have a catheter inserted and kept it in for two weeks; it was a silicon plastic catheter which I had no problem with when taken out. Recently I had a latex rubber catheter inserted which I found uncomfortable. The nurse asked me if I had any allergies and I said no, not thinking when I wash up I can't wear rubber gloves because I come out in a rash on my hands - so it must be the same with the latex rubber catheter. I wonder, do all patients get latex rubber catheters or is there a choice? I am better now thanks to you all. Hoping you'll oblige.

Mr K of Haworth

Dear Sir, both my wife and I have been patients in the York Suite of your hospital, myself for only a few days, but my wife for a full 2 weeks. This is not our first visit to the York Suite and I have to say that we have had nothing but the most excellent care and attention, not only from the nursing staff, but also from the Business Manager, the hostesses and the cleaning staff. Hospital is never a nice place to visit, but I have to say on behalf of my wife and myself that the exceptionally high standards maintained by the York Suite staff have helped tremendously in our recovery. The standards are way above those of the Yorkshire Clinic. It would be nice to think that the York Suite could be promoted for more private patients, rather than the constant manipulating for beds that we witnessed whilst in there. You must be very proud of the wonderful standards set and maintained by this private ward.

Mrs C of Thackley

Dear Bryan Millar (Chief Headquarters BRI), I was operated on by Mr Jeffers on 14/11/12 for a very painful thum which had developed over a period of time. The operation was successful in getting rid of my pain and repairing my thumb, I can now sleep at night without waking up. Mr Jeffers is an excellent consultant who has a very good manner and I would like to thank him for the operation. The recovery staff and anaesthetist were excellent as were all the staff in Ward 5. I have been back for plaster removed today and I found all the plaster room staff friendly and very good. If I may I might make one small suggestion; if it is economical could they be provided with new scissors free of charge. I then visited the Physiotherapy dept when I was seen almost immediately. All the staff in the Physiotherapy dept were excellent, especially Sarah Dixon the Physiotherapist. Overall my experience of BRI staff, consultants, nurses, plaster room and Physiotherapists was and is excellent. I also found this in the past when my husband was treated by Mr Steward for bowel cancer. P.S. my only complaint is about smokers at the main entrance and maternity entrance, a bad advert for BRI and non-smokers like ourselves.

Mr H of Burley in Wharfedale

Sir, I recently had the misfortune to contract celulitis in my right ankle and leg upon return from a six-week holiday in Australia and New Zealand. When the first symptoms appeared, I was concerned that they might be caused by deep-vein thrombosis arising from the return long-haul flight. I reported to my nearest hospital, Wharfedale, in Otley, at the Minor Injuries Unit, where, as it was a Sunday, I was referred to an Accident and Emergency Department. As my daughter works at Bradford Royal Infirmary, and has a Parking permit, that hospital was chosen. Since I arrived at the above mentioned A&E department on Sunday 9th December, the standard of care I have received has been excellent. Although the department was extremely busy with emergencies, patients were kept well informed of delays for non-emergencies, while awaiting assessment and treatment, and at no time during initial treatment did I ever have the impression of being ignored and forgotten. Dr Robinson and the nursing staff kept me fully informed, and, although the former was almost one hundred per cent sure that I had contracted cellulitis, he still referred me for an ultrasound to double-check and allay my anxiety about a possible DVT. I had been referred to Ward 4 and arrived the following morning, just after 08.00, having been driven in by my daughter. Although staff were puzzled that anyone should arrive so early, they were very welcoming, listened to my story and very quickly and efficiently traced my paperwork. I was in the ward for about six hours, including a trip to Radiology, and I cannot speak too highly of the care and efficiency with which your staff dealt with my case. I particularly appreciated the caring way Staff Nurse Leanne Frost guided me through the assessment and treatment, and one of the young doctors explained the condition and its implications for me over the next few weeks. I attended the OHPAT clinic in Ward 4 for the following four days, and once more appreciated the high standard of care and efficiency, this time shown to me by the Charge Nurse Phil and his assistant Stephanie. Since then I have attended my local surgery, Grange Park in Burley-in-Wharfedale, where once more, I have received excellent treatment from Dr Jowett and the nurses, with regular appointments to monitor the effectiveness of the antibiotics and the process of healing in the affected limb. At present the recovery, though slow, is progressing well, as yesterday I was able to put my right shoe on again for the first time. I know that the people who work on the front line in hospital departments and wards would say that they were only doing their jobs, but I have been most impressed by the way they reassure patients, put them at their ease, listen and seem genuinely to care. When it comes to treatment it is handled efficiently and with full information given. Being referred to hospital for treatment is not the most uplifting and joyful of experiences, but when you are made to feel that you are in good hands, with professionals who know what they are doing and are reassuring, you at least have reason to feel optimistic and positive about the outcome.

Mr H of Bradford

Dear Sir I am a big believer in highlighting shortcomings or where I feel the service received is not what is expected. I also feel very strongly that when service provided is good then this should be highlighted as well. I am writing to you to bring to your attention the difference in service we have experienced. When my mother was in hospital I felt we were not treated right and a very difficult and emotional situation was made a lot worse. However the staff we came into contact with during my father's stay in hospital was in stark contrast. From the staff on Ward 30 to the staff on the ICU unit, they were all brilliant. The staff on the ICU unit in particular were absolutely brilliant. We were treated with compassion, respect and above all understanding. We went through a very traumatic experience but due to the actions of your staff a very difficult and upsetting situation was made a little easier. I appreciate it is not practical for me to personally thank each of the staff members my family and I came into contact with. However, I hope you will be so kind as to pass on our sincere gratitude to your staff. I feel you should be proud of the staff you employ. Their actions have restored my faith in the NHS and provided some comfort during a very difficult time.

Mr O of Odsal

Dear Sir, I recently had to go to BRI because I had problems passing water. I find the doctors and nurses and staff are brilliant I can't thank them enough, for me you can't put a price on what you all do. I can't praise you all enough. In 2010 I had the same problem, I had to have a catheter inserted and kept it in for two weeks; it was a silicon plastic catheter which I had no problem with when taken out. Recently I had a latex rubber catheter inserted which I found uncomfortable. The nurse asked me if I had any allergies and I said no, not thinking when I wash up I can't wear rubber gloves because I come out in a rash on my hands - so it must be the same with the latex rubber catheter. I wonder, do all patients get latex rubber catheters or is there a choice? I am better now thanks to you all. Hoping you'll oblige.

Mr T of Bradford

Dear Bryan, Unfortunately in the modern world in which we live many people are quick to criticise and complain but rarely offer praise. I am delighted to write to you today to reverse this trend. I would like to share with you the experience I recently had during my fifteen day stay at your hospital. I was admitted to Ward 20 at Bradford Royal as an emergency referral from my GP on the 3 January with acute abdominal pain. I was made comfortable with the nursing staff, examined by two doctors and given pain relief. I was then seen by Mr Halstead a consultant who informed me clearly of what the causes, treatments and outcomes could be, an approach which I liked as it put my mind at rest. The following morning I was x-rayed and on my return to Ward 20 was met by an anaesthetist and Mr Iqbal who I believe is one of Mr Halstead's registrars. They explained to me that I needed an urgent operation and that I was first on the list and what would happen next. Within thirty minutes I was with the anaesthetists outside the operating theatre. They put me at ease and explained to me the two types of pain relief available to me after my operation, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each, we then had a discussion and together came to the same conclusion. The surgeon Mr Rekhraj who again I believe is one of Mr Halstead's registrars and his team did a fantastic job saving my life by removing the part of my bowel which had perforated and giving me a colostomy. I came round in Ward 21 and although on morphine remember the staff being friendly and caring. Mr Rekhraj came to see me and informed me exactly what procedures had taken place and took the time to answer the questions I asked, after three days I was transferred to Ward 8. I was seen on ward rounds by Mr Iqbal and his team who always kept me updated on my progress and put me at ease by fully answering my questions and concerns. Ward 8 is run by Sister Pat, and although she is kept very busy always had a smile and enquired about my wellbeing. She runs a very professional and motivated team of nurses and health care staff, but maintains a relaxed and friendly atmosphere which certainly aided the healing process. The nurses were kind and considerate and took great care when changing dressings and removing wound clips. The health care staff gave me support when encouraging me to first walk to the toilet and gave me two aided showers which gave me the confidence to carry out my personal care unaided. Kim Ruddock the stoma nurse took time to explain the care needed and ensured I had the ability to change, empty etc., my colostomy bag in preparation for my discharge. The domestic staff worked hard to ensure a high standard of cleanliness on the ward. I was discharged on Friday the 18 January and as I approach my 60th birthday I am looking forward to making a full recovery. The staff at Bradford Royal have spent a lot of time diagnosing, repairing and aiding my recovery so I feel it is only right and proper that I should spend the time to inform you of the great care and positive experience I had during my stay in your hospital. Kind regards.

Mr & Mrs C of Thackley

Dear Sir, Once again we are writing to praise and thank the BRI for good treatment, this time at the Gastro Unit, with Mr Steward for a colonoscopy at 7.30am on 31 January 2013. From the first contact with the young man on the reception desk, the young lady who did all the paperwork consent forms etc., who we have seen in previous years always makes us feel at ease and makes us welcome too. It is always a bit of a worry before the treatment, wondering if everything will be ok healthwise, as the great controller the brain takes over, no matter how you try to distract it!! Sue one of the nurses is always very pleasant and lovely, then my husband had the procedure with Mr Steward who as always is so pleasant, open and smiling which is so calming to a patient feeling apprehensive; then into the room for a cup of tea and sandwich with a nurse from Kerelia (India) very pleasant lady, then a nurse from Halifax very calming and professional and friendly. We spoke to the sister to thank her as we could see the non-stop pressure of work for all the staff who remain calm and welcoming. The cleaner never stopped cleaning which was good to see. So once again all praise to all the staff and especially Mr Steward. Yours sincerely, P.S. forgot Rachel a nurse in Procedure room - very good also.

Mr S of Bradford

To all the staff on Ward 7. Just a note to say "Thank You" for everything you did for me - from the Consultant, Registrars and doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants to the cleaners and tea ladies. I could not have received any better care and service if I had stayed in the Savoy Hotel in London. As I had never been in hospital before my treatment, I was very apprehensive. This soon disappeared due to the warmth and friendliness of you all. I had my ups and downs but there was always somebody to help and for this I am truly grateful. I hope you like your little gifts. It is just a way of saying a big "Thank You" to each of you. I am also enclosing a cheque to be spent on the ward in whatever way you think fit. God bless you all.

Mr P of Bradford

Dear Sir, there are so many people that I wish to thank for their professionalism afforded to me during my recent health scare. From the moment that I dialled 999 at 4.15am up to my discharge from hospital on Weds pm. I met with nothing but care and attention. So, I extend my very very warmest thanks to:- The Call Centre lady who talked me through my problem until the ambulance arrived, the Paramedics who took control and treated me on the way to A & E, the triage staff, doctors and nurses throughout my time with them, the porters to and from x-ray and to Ward 3, the very dedicated doctors and nurses on this very demanding ward - from the junior trainee staff to the qualified doctors and nurses, the cleaners who kept the ward looking immaculate. The tea trolley ladies who brewed a very good cup of tea - thank you. To the kitchen staff who prepared some very good palatable meals from a choice of varied selection. I did not have a poor meal. Thank you to the chefs who prepared and the staff who delivered and served it. You are all worthy of high praise. I must say a big thank you to the Pharmacist who talked me through my medication and clearly marked the tablets I brought home with how and when I should take them; a great gesture. I hope that I have not forgotten anyone. If I have please forgive me. A stay in hospital can only be a "pleasant" one if the care, nursing and treatment is carried out by a caring and professional manner. I found these in Ward 3. Again a big thank you.

Mrs K of Bingley

Dear Mr Millar, I feel I must tell you of my recent experiences with Bradford Hospitals and their services. Four years ago I had colon cancer at the age of 44 yrs. My experience was complicated and extensive although in the intervening years I have returned to good health. My screening and follow ups have been regular so I have maintained a close relationship with the Trust. Genetic screening revealed in January '12 I have a gene called HNPCC which predisposes to several other cancers. I will continue with screening but was advised to have a total hysterectomy as a preventative measure. I spoke to my colorectal nurse Sam Barker and saw my surgeon Mr Griffith. They both know me well and my previous history. I contacted Sam regarding long standing worries about my bowel health and worries re impending surgery. Sam referred me to the Psychology service and I had several appointments with Kate Ryder who taught me many methods of how to cope with the hospital stay and other stresses. Professor Sian Jones was my preferred gynaecologist and her care and coordination of my stay could not be faulted. Mr Griffith and Prof Jones carried out a joint procedure on the 23.7.12 - that I am sure difficult enough to organise. I was in Ward 12 until 26.7.12 and my care was faultless. The ward was really clean and the staff on the whole, lovely. The anaesthetist, whose name I forget was also superb. My stay was uneventful this time and I am convalescing at home and feeling well. Apologies for such a lengthy letter, however I'm sure you will be happy to hear of such a positive experience. I do appreciate the difficulties involved in providing good care and it has been excellent. Please pass on my thanks to all involved in my care.

Ms R of Bingley

For Attention of the Chief Executive, I write to say thank you for the efficient, quick & kind professionalism encountered at St Luke's last Friday as a Dermatology out patient. Upon entering the building I was stood reading directions when a member of staff going off duty (coat over uniform) asked if they could help direct me, which they did very kindly. The staff on the reception desk although obviously busy were professional and polite. I saw Professor Wright after much less of a wait than I expected, he was very reassuring, explained well without being patronising, quick and effective. However the nursing staff were in another league altogether, they were truly wonderful, they all went out of their way to be kind and put me at my ease. Nothing was too much trouble. They answered my queries on possible times for procedures and therefore impact on parking ticket time left with perfect sincerity, even though I felt a bit of a twit asking. They were knowledgeable on the whole area of skincare & gave really practical tips on after care. the Nursing staff were equally kind and attentive to all the other patients too, taking time to chat to an obviously nervous male patient, helping arranging transport for a lady in a wheelchair. Superb! I come from a background in business management and like to mentally reorganise work flows or personnel to improve the service at places I visit; however for the first time in a very long time I couldn't think of any improvements to make or fault any area. Thank you.

Reverend H of Cullingworth

Dear Mr Millar, I wanted to write to express my thanks and admiration of the staff of BRI - particularly Ward 20 - where I was treated twice recently following referral and surgery in Leeds following a diagnosis of Malignant Melanoma at St Luke's Hospital. At every stage and by everyone from the cleaners to the consultant I was treated with respect, courtesy and cheerfulness. Dr Julia Massey who saw me on 15th and 17th October was able to diagnose and treat the problem quickly and with great skill and care. But all the staff were marvellous. As a former hospital chaplin in Southampton, Manchester and Leeds (and before that Scandinavia) I sensed a well ordered, efficient and clean hospital. When I trained as a hospital chaplain I remember that late great Dame Cicely Saunders at St Christopher's Hospice, London, saying "never forget what great comfort there is to be found in competence". Not only did I feel in competent hands at a distressing time but in caring and humane one's as well. I know that times are not easy in the NHS with so many various pressures and just wanted to record my thanks and appreciation which I hope you will pass on to the ward and all concerned. With every good wish.

Mrs O of Menston

Dear Mr Millar, I'm writing to share with you how impressed I was with the care provided by one of your hospital's anaesthetists whilst attending for surgery (STARR procedure) on Tuesday 6 November. Unfortunately I did not catch the anaesthetist's name but I'm hoping you will be able to identify him, and pass on my heartfelt thanks, if I explained that the surgery was carried out by Mr Antrum and took place at approximately 4pm last Tuesday. I had been concerned about pain relief during and after surgery as I'm very sensitive to the effects of drugs. However, the anaesthetist came to see me on Ward 5 prior to the operation, listened very carefully to my concerns and offered me a range of options. I felt completely reassured that it was my decision as to the method of anaesthetic and how much morphine I would be given during and after the surgery. Once in the theatre I was given additional reassurance by the anaesthetist and the opportunity of making any further requests. I was fitted with a 'push button control' for morphine which I was particularly grateful for as I knew this would mean I could be in complete control after the operation. Thanks to this, I was able to use a minimal amount of morphine over the first couple of hours after surgery and after that I managed on paracetamol alone. As a consequence I felt lucid, reasonably well and could be discharged the following morning, leaving the hospital feeling clearheaded and relatively well. I'm sorry this has turned into a bit of a long letter but as well as asking you to pass on my thanks to the anaesthetist I wanted you to know what a difference this approach can make to the patient's wellbeing. I had surgery about three years ago, at another hospital, and my experience was completely different. At that time I left the hospital feeling groggy and unwell due to the excessive (for me) amounts of pain relief I had been given. The rest of the team who looked after me in theatre were also fantastic and I wish all patients could have the same positive experience of healthcare that I had at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

Mr L of Wrose

Dear Mr Stewart, I write to you regarding my recent visits to and stays in hospital. (St Lukes and BRI). Initially I came under Mr Griffiths' care where I had a colonoscopy examination which proved all clear but as a result of this procedure I was referred to you for further tests where a kidney stone was discovered. During the consultation period a date was set for the operation but as this was close to a holiday, I had planned to visit my family in Canada, you very kindly rearranged this procedure so that I could travel. This was very much appreciated. The operation could not be fully completed and a stent was fitted. When I returned from holiday the stone was removed. Going into hospital can be a worrying time but on both occasions when I went into surgery I was reassured by the care and attention of the doctors, aneathetists and nursing staff. Everything was checked and explained. Both operations carried out by yourself and your staff were painless. I did not have any reaction to the anaesthetic. I hardly knew that it had happened. Leaving Ward 5 I was looked after in Ward 27. Later I had a nice roast beef lunch and was discharged. The after operation advice sheet was helpful and described actually what happened. I am now fit and healthy with no after effects. Thank you and your staff for looking after and caring for me so well with skill and dedication. The NHS has provided me with excellent care. Thank you all.

Mrs R of Farsley

Dear Mr Millar, following a fractured femur which damaged my previous hip replacement, I spent over four weeks in Ward 27 at BRI. Being an ex-Nurse I am not easily impressed but the BRI did that. I was amazed at the care I received. The surgeon was very expert - very little pain following the operation and was very kind visiting to see my progress. The medical staff, the physio staff and all concerned were excellent. The nurses from sisters down were a credit to BRI and nursing. The ward was so clean, nothing under the beds here as in other hospitals. The beds - clean linen every day and the wards were really cleaned. The food was surprising when one hears of "hospital food". It was so nice we looked forward to our meals. Congratulations to the chefs. The porters took great care when moving me. Please may I ask you to convey my thanks to all.

Mrs T of Keighley

Dear Sir, Recently I had an appointment at St Luke's Hospital, Ward D2. I am writing to tell you what a splendid team of doctors and nurses there is on that ward, from the young student nurse to the doctors (London and Bauer) all were very efficient but more importantly they were very pleasant and friendly. My husband accompanied me and while I was being attended to, he was offered a cup of tea. Unfortunately, there was some delay over the result of my blood test because of the lunch hour, so we were offered a lunch box which was very much appreciated. On my follow-up appointment I was again treated very kindly. This time I was seen by Professor Wright and his colleague who explained what would happen next. Once again the nurses were very kind, especially Andrew Mason who gave me helpful advice.

A Patient

Dear Matron, I can't let it go by without letting you know how very well I was cared for while in Ward 14 on 5th, 7th, 12th and 22nd September. Your young ladies on this ward were kind, caring and very good at their jobs. I wish to thank them all very much.

Mr P of Bradford

Dear Mr Millar, I have been a Chaplaincy Ward visitor for four years now, on the Plastic Surgery Ward 19 and have recently had the benefit of Ward 19 services myself! Mr Sharif kindly alerted me to the seriousness of a lesion I had on my nose and advised me to see my GP immediately and be placed on the fast track. Then subsequently Mr Ahmed performed an excellent job of plastic surgery on my nose. Two wonderful fellows, God bless them! In my letter I forgot to say how wonderful and hardworking the nurses are and I have heard patients say how wonderful the nurses are!

Mr B of Bingley

Dear Sir, I recently had to attend the Dermatology department at D2 St Lukes Hospital and feel I should make the following observation. I duly arrived at the requested time of 11.10 last Friday and was attended from start to finish in the most caring and efficient manner, by everyone concerned; therefore could you pass on to all the staff involved in my care which included the consultation and two minor surgeries.

Mrs K of Heaton

Dear Director, I must praise your hospital and all who work in it very much. I was brought in the early hours of 2 August having got out of bed and found myself in a painful heap on the floor. My husband phoned 999 and an ambulance arrived, the paramedics were wonderful but had to send for reinforcements (we have awkward stairs). They brought me into the hospital on this about 3am - someone was there who x-rayed me. I was made comfortable and around 9am I was operated on for a fractured hip and found myself comfortable and safe in a ward (23) where I was looked after superbly. Everyone was good but I must thank especially the Physios who, so soon, had me out of bed (only 2 steps to the chair) and moving and who came in so often and were so encouraging. Everyone was so good and helpful I was up and walking with sticks sooner than I could have imagined, and left the ward on the 7th. But the care didn't stop there. The Physios came twice a day and helped me negotiate our steps and stairs, a nurse came to check on me and I felt safe and secure - someone had visited before I came home to check beds and access. I am amazed and very grateful for the care I have received and the confidence everyone gave me and the follow up. I think your hospital is truly amazing, so very efficient but somehow very laid back and friendly and easy as well. I met the Anaesthetist who was lovely; very calm and warm and made me totally unafraid, but I so wanted to meet and thank the Surgeon, Mr Shaw. He did a beautiful job and apart from a little fading technicolour, only two little marks to show anything happened - keyhole surgery is truly amazing. So is Bradford Royal Infirmary - I always feel totally unafraid when I have to have anything done there and you have got the mix so right, between serious efficiency and reassuring calm friendliness. Thank you so much.

Mr B of Thornton

Dear Sir/Madam, on the 7th of Sept I had reason to visit Ward 5 for bladder investigations. May I say that the team who carried out these tests were top professionals. Nowhere during the process was I made to feel an underdog. The staff on the ward were top class also. When I think how my youth was wasted on everything of no importance. I stand back in admiration at those like your doctors, consultants, nurses and all your other staff that did something more useful by spending their youth learning an admired profession which in the end proved invaluable to such as myself and other members of the public. This letter may contain spelling mistakes and even grammar ones, but I am sure you will understand my meaning. Thank you all for being there when we need you.

Mr M of Bradford

Dear Sir or Madam,

Relax, I am not writing to complain, but to thank you for the care and attention given to me whilst being treated recently on Ward 29. It appears to me that good training and the giving of good advice to your staff give a stamped authority of a true professional; and this was clearly shown to me by the Housekeeper for this ward, Debra Lewis. I hope this letter has helped lower your blood pressure a little. Thanking you and all the staff on Ward 29.

Mrs P of Cleveland

Dear Sir, I write to you today to express my gratitude for the care given to my daughter and to congratulate you on the efficiency and cleanliness of your hospital. You have managed to achieve combining up to date technology and treatments with "good old fashioned" nursing care and cleanliness. My daughter attended your A & E dept on the 21.08.2012 with a dog bite (she is a dog groomer). The care in A & E and with her subsequent admission and surgery on Ward 19 was excellent. I have been a nurse for 49 + years (still work in NHS) and I have seen many, many changes. I have been appalled and upset by poor care, dirty hospitals and slovenly behaviour. Your hospital is as it should be and it is how I fondly remember hospitals as a student and then as a Sister:- Very clean and well run!! All the nursing staff, doctors and surgeons involved in my daughter's care have been excellent. No matter how busy, they have all been superb, with time to spare and a smile! Would you please thank:- A & E staff (doctors and nurses), Ward 19 staff and the surgical team (Mr Foo) for all their care. A stressful and worrying incident was helped greatly by all the professionalism of the staff. Many, many thanks.

Mr B of Clayton

Dear Sir, Five years ago my wife and I were diagnosed with cancer, mine of the throat and my wife's was renal. My wife was under the care of Mr S Garg of whom she cannot speak too highly and I was referred to Mr C Bem. The treatment we have received over the past five years has been second to none. Had we been private patients we could have had no better care. In the present climate when it is fashionable to criticise the NHS, I would like to take this opportunity to redress the balance. I would be grateful if you would pass the contents of this letter to Mr C Bem, Mr Sood, Dr Balabradrah and the nursing team. I am enclosing a letter for Mr Garg and would be grateful if you would kindly arrange for this to be forwarded to him.

Mrs H of Bingley

Dear Mr Richardson, In these difficult times, when the NHS is under so much scrutiny and pressure from current reforms, performance targets and budget cuts, I write to congratulate you on your excellent service provision. I sustained a minor injury to my left eye on Friday 3rd of August and referred to A/E department by my GP. The care I received was exemplary. The Reception staff, my nurse in attendance, Nurse Jonas, and Dr Alahband, were most courteous, extremely thorough and very professional in their care of me. As an ex-NHS employee I feel a great sense of pride that such care can still be obtained when there is so much adverse publicity, and criticism of the Service. I was seen by my GP, referred to your hospital service, examined, treated and home within two hours. I commend you on such a favourable experience.

Mr C of Menston

Dear Sir, a few weeks ago I was twice taken by ambulance to the BRI suffering from severe chest pain. I passed through A&E twice and received treatment via Wards 3, 20 and 8 from which I was finally discharged having gallstones removed. I wish to express to the Trust my sincere thanks for the manner in which I was treated and the care I received from all members of staff. If this could be made known to those concerned I would be most grateful. Thank you again.

Prof R of Leeds

Dear Mr Richardson, Recently, I chaired the final year exam committee at the University of Leeds School of Medicine. Many complementary remarks were made about the clinical performance assessments (the OSCEs), which were run at BRI. Comments centred on the efficiency and high standard of the organisation and the enthusiasm and professionalism of all the staff engaged in the process. These remarks were not only made by the Leeds School staff but also endorsed by our external examiners from the University of Aberdeen. In these days of criticism and gloom around the public sector I thought I should write to let you know the high regard in which Dr Alex Brown and his team are held by the School and others and to thank you for your Trust's commitment and contribution to ensuring the highest quality of medical student education here in West Yorkshire.

Miss M of Bradford

Dear Mr Millar, I am writing to express my sincere compliments and profound gratitude to the staff of your hospital's Women's and Newborn Unit. On 14th February, I was admitted to the hospital after my waters broke, and early the next morning gave birth, 8 weeks prematurely, to twin boys. From the moment of my admittance, we became utterly dependent upon the care provided by a variety of wards and I am happy to say that I found every one of them to be staffed by incredibly professional and supportive people. During delivery, my husband and I were impressed by the unflappability of the doctors, midwives and anaesthetists who looked after us. We were kept well informed at every stage of the process, even when (and especially when) we were transferred to theatre during a particularly frantic moment. Their encouragement and good humour during the final stages of labour were particularly helpful to me. Our babies were checked and transferred to the Neonatal Unit extremely quickly which, though heartbreaking at the time, was extremely reassuring. For my recovery, I spent 4 days on Ward M3, where the midwives (though always rushed off their feet) always took time to be friendly and supportive. They ensured that I could visit my babies in NICU as soon as possible, even though this meant being wheeled there in my bed! In addition to feeling well looked after from a medical perspective, help and advice were there whenever I needed them, which made being separated from my babies much easier to bear. My greatest thanks, however, go to the team in the Neonatal Unit. Nothing prepares one for seeing one's newborn baby in Intensive Care, but I quickly realised that the boys could not have been in better hands. They spent 5 weeks in total in the Unit, initially in intensive and subsequently in Special Care and, as a result, we got to know the consultants, registrars and nurses quite well. The doctors treated us with great respect and consideration, keeping us informed with updates every time we visited and over the phone. Thanks to their clear explanations, my husband and I became quite conversant in aspects of Neonatal medicine! It was extremely important for us to know what was being done for our sons and why, and the staff of the unit clearly make this a priority. We spent most of our time with the nurses who, without exception, treated our sons with tender care and treated us with good humour or kind support as required. They really helped to keep our spirits up through the long haul. Someone always noticed when I was feeling fragile or was not coping well, and they always knew just what to say or do, whether it was giving us reassurance, giving me a hug, or giving us space to have quiet time or kangaroo care with the boys. They showed us how to look after our sons and helped us to feel confident and relatively comfortable in what is a very alien environment. We very quickly felt able to trust them, which was vital for our peace of mind every time we had to leave our babies behind. Finally, praise is also due to the midwives, nurses, healthcare assistants and domestic staff on the Transitional Care Unit. I moved in there for the last 10 days of the boys' stay in hospital and benefited from the expertise and dedication of everybody who works up there. Support was offered day and night to get the boys feeding and to keep me sane during those first few overwhelming days. Again, the length of my stay meant that everybody got to know me, my husband and our sons and they all helped us to stay positive during the final push towards getting the boys home. Though a stay in hospital is never a picnic, I felt extremely lucky to have the opportunity to stay on TCU; it would have been a much slower process had the hospital not had this facility, and it was most beneficial for me, as a mum of premature babies, to learn how to care for them from professionals. Nothing ever seemed too much trouble for the staff - be they the fantastic nurses who spent hours helping me to tandem breastfeed, the lovely healthcare assistant who made ma a cup of tea and gave me a hug when I was feeling desperate, the cleaner who chatted to me every morning as she cleaned my room and showed real interest in our progress, or the midwives who took the boys off my hands for a few hours when everything became impossible. All of this was in addition to the general health checks and advice that the unit provides to its patients. I am sorry for going on at such length, but I hope it hwa shown how thoroughly impressed I have been by the care I and my sons received at the BRI. One final measure of the quality and perfectionism of your staff is that, whenever I expressed my delight with my experience to any staff members in person, they received the compliments very graciously but also asked if there was anything that could have been done better. To that question I can honestly anser 'no'. I feel extremely lucky to have had my children at your hospital and to live in a country where there is an NHS staffed by such competent and caring professionals. If there is anything further you would like to know, or anything further I could do, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Mr D (by email)

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you not with a complaint but to feedback about very good service. On Thursday the 1st March and Friday the 2nd March I went to St Luke's for a blood test. On both days I had Iain taking my blood, I believe his surname may be Heatherington. I have quite a fear of needles and Iain on the Thursday was very good at putting me at ease and giving me choices to ease my nerves, I almost fainted and so it was decided to postpone the blood test and come back the next day. Iain gave me some tips in terms of drinking a bit more and then when I came on the Friday he recognised me and when I went in, sat me down and took my blood very quickly and told me well done. He really made me feel ok about being worried and like I was a person rather than another blood test. I'd like to send a message to say he did really well and it really helped me, truly made my week.

Miss P of Cullingworth

I write regarding my mother who was for many weeks a patient on Ward F5 at St Luke's Hospital and who died on Thursday last 17 May. People are, quite rightly, quick to complain when problems occur in the NHS but the complete reverse is the case with my mother. The standard of devoted nursing and care given by the staff on F5 has been of an exceptionally high standard. Had circumstances allowed, there was the possibility that my mother would have transferred to a nursing home for end of life care and my sister and I were concerned that it would not have been possible to replicate the standard of nursing care our mother was receiving. Additionally, the staff always extended great kindness to my sister and me which we greatly appreciated. I have written also to Dr Terry who was responsible for my mother at St Luke's and also at Westbourne Green Community Hospital where my mother was a patient in January this year. My sister and I will always be grateful for the level of care my mother received and hope that such care will always be available, especially given the current political climate and wish to place our appreciation on record. As it is, you must be proud of the high quality of care afforded to the people of Bradford.

The R family of Bradford

Dear Mr Millar, I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are as a family, to all the people who cared for my mum in her darkest hours, we believe they brought her back from the brink of death, this last week. My mother was taken on to Ward 22 early hours Monday and we were called in because everyone thought that her time was drawing near, but I'm pleased to say, the direct care she received resulted in us being able to keep our mum. Not only did my mother receive the best care possible, we as a family were also really looked after. I would like you to thank all the staff on Ward 22 for their tolerance, as there was a lot of us coming and going, for a few days. I feel the ward as a whole have got the balance just right, they understood we were suffering too and we will always be grateful. All the staff were brilliant across the board but two nurses in particular stood out I believe with their encouragement and care; they didn't give up on my mum, when everyone was beginning to think all was lost, staff nurse Nicola and student nurse Kerry are truly angels in nurses' uniforms, not taking anything away from any of the other staff who were all fantastic. I just feel they had more direct contact with my mum. Please let them know we will never forget what they did.

Mr E of Baildon

On Friday evening 30 March my friend died in the BRI following a stroke. She had been in good health for someone aged 95 and she died suddenly, but peacefully, in A&E. Following her death there were complications in registering her death (this sad task fell to me as she had no close family). I was very impressed with the assistance I received from your staff in the Bereavement Office who were very helpful, understanding and sympathetic. A further complication arose when we discovered that my friend's jewellery (rings, watch etc) were missing. A member of the Bereavement Staff, Erica Geddes was concerned about this and took it upon herself to come into work early to try and track down the missing items. She eventually located the jewellery which had been placed in a cupboard for safe keeping. I feel in doing this she went "the extra mile" and I would ask you to convey my thanks not only to her, but also to the rest of the Bereavement team for the tremendous help they gave to me over a difficult few days. People are quick to criticise when things go wrong, but slow to praise when praise is deserved and in this instance it is richly deserved.

Mr A of Huddersfield

I realise that working within the modern NHS must be often difficult for all staff due to the increasing complexity and demands of the work in the current climate of cutbacks and bad publicity. It is because of these challenges that I felt compelled to write directly to you, as the Chief Executive, with praise for all of the staff I came into contact with during my stay on Ward 27 from the 3rd of April to the 11th of April 2012. Most people are aware of the reports in the press of the lack of compassion and dignity shown towards patients by a minority of nurses and so I am sure that you will be glad to hear that, in contrast, I felt truly humbled by the wealth of compassion and dignity shown to me throughout my stay by your nursing staff and medical staff. As a patient in a bay I found that I was often in the unavoidable position of observing interactions between other patients and staff. I am sure you will understand this. I want you to know that the same warmth and compassion were given to every one of my fellow patients by the staff, without any exceptions. My family and I were also highly impressed by the cleanliness and safety of your hospital and of the quality facilities you provide. Thank you for the excellent care I have received. Finally, I wonder if it would be possible to let the staff on Ward 27 have a copy of my letter to you? I should like them to know that I have written to you in acknowledgement and appreciation of their good work - if all the wards are of this standard at Bradford Royal Infirmary then you must be very proud of your Trust.

Mrs C of Shipley

Dear Sirs, I am writing to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr Saralaya, Medical Staff and Alliance Medical for the speedy way in which I was dealt with at BRI and St Lukes hospitals, during a recent respiratory problem. The whole procedure from the start (chest x-ray) organised by my GP Dr Richard Dawson of Westcliffe Medical Centre, Shipley through to the finish P.E.T. scan took approximately one month, chest x-ray followed by CT scan, followed by P.E.T. scan and then the icing on the cake, a very courteous phone call 2 days after the P.E.T. scan, from Dr Saralaya. The news was good, but I understand and I quote, "you will be keeping your eye on me"! These days we hear a lot of negative criticism regarding the NHS and Hospital Trusts, but in my particular case, I have nothing but praise for all who were concerned with me. The way in which I was dealt with throughout was second to none, all the staff were kind, courteous, informative and very helpful, which I found very comforting, in a slightly worrying situation. If all patients in all medical situations could be dealt with in this manner (expediency and kind) being the key, I am sure patients would have peace of mind and much more trust in all matters. Once again, many thanks to all concerned.

Mrs W of Baildon

I was admitted as a day patient to the Bradford Royal Infirmary on Thursday 1st March 2012 for a scheduled Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatogram and I am writing to express my sincere thanks to all those concerned for the truly excellent level of care and service I received throughout my brief stay on ward 5. Unfortunately I was not able to note or remember everyone with whom I came into contact, so the names I have included are not to the exclusion of others but I would be most grateful if you pass on my gratitude to the following people: Conrad Beckett and his team, Vicky White, Angela Oldroyd, Hayley Brown, Nurse Practitioner "Simon", Ben Harrington, Di Jones, Student Nurse "Leah", Linda & Charlene, Porter "Michael", Beryl Tyson from the Chaplaincy Volunteer Team, Dr Sarah L Jowett's Secretary "Karen". I was extremely apprehensive of the procedure I was to undergo, but the care and compassion displayed, together with the impressive level of organisation and activity gave me great reassurance that I was in the very best of hands. At a time when the unique institution that is the National Health Service is facing more challenges than ever before I hope this letter goes some small way to redress unjust criticism some quarters are often quick to level at it. Every member of staff was a true credit to both the hospital and their respective professions and they should take pride in a job well done. Yours sincerely,

Mr B of Bradford

Dear Mr Millar, During the past 18 months or so I have had occasion to visit the hospital for various tests. Fortunately all seems in order. I am writing to express my appreciation and gratitude for the help, assistance and general care I experienced. In particular Dr Paul Southern and Dr Sam Ackroyd who could not have been nicer or more pleasant, not to say highly efficient. I much appreciate the way I was treated and looked after by everyone. If you see these two gentlemen on your rounds please express my deeply felt thanks for all their kindness and consideration. It has been much appreciated. These two are real gentlemen in my opinion. Thank everyone for all their efforts. My best wishes to everyone.

Mrs B of Keighley

My father was a patient in BRI from 28th December 2011 until 18th January 2012, when he was transferred to Eccleshill Community hospital where he died on 22nd January. He was admitted to Ward 3 via A & E, and then transferred to Ward 29. I am writing to place on record the thanks of myself and family for the high quality of nursing care received by my father throughout his stay. We all felt that not only was the clinical/medical care excellent, but also the holistic care of actually CARING for him. This holistic care was extended to all members of the family when visiting, both within and outside normal visiting hours and we, too, felt cared about throughout his time in hospital. I am well aware that there are many criticisms about the care of elderly people in hospital at this time, so wish to let you know that the opposite was true regarding my father; we never felt that the standard of his care was in any way inferior. I hope that you will pass on our thanks to the nurses involved.

Mrs R of Bradford

Dear Sir, My dear late husband was in the Royal Informary from November 4 - 13 last year. I wish to express the gratitude of myself and family for the care given to him. The diagnosis of pancreatic cancer was a shock but he lived at home in his own bed, cared for by all he loved, for 14 weeks. He died on February 16th. Please convey our thanks to the doctors and nurses.

Mr G of Leamington Spa

Dr Mr Millar, I am writing to you concerning my mother who on Monday morning last, was brought to the BRI by ambulance after suffering a suspected stroke. She was seen in A&E and then admitted to your medical assessment unit which I believe is Ward 3. I have to say that the quality of care and attention which she received whilst with you was first rate. This includes every department, A&E, CT, the Vascular Ultrasound Unit and of course the ward itself. Living 160 miles away I was very reliant on the communication from the ward who updated me frequently as to her condition and the action being taken. I visited yesterday afternoon, when she was discharged and received a full overview from the doctor as to what had been discovered. Doubtless there is a specific plan in dealing with suspected stroke victims as 7 minutes after my mother's GP was contacted, the ambulance service arrived at my mother's home and the rest is as detailed above - clearly the plan works. My thanks and indeed my mother's to all involved in her care.

Mrs V S of Silsden

Dear Mr Millar, I have recently been an elective surgery patient on Ward 19, in Bradford Royal Infirmary, under the care of Mr Foo. I would like to thank you for the excellent care that I received during my stay in hospital. From my initial consultation, I have been astounded by the high level of professionalism and care that I have experienced from all members of staff, including clerical, nursing and medical. Also, just last week my daughter was referred to see Dr Wright, in Dermatology and we were given an urgent appointment within 24 hours and as soon as he saw my daughter he told us we had nothing to worry about. I feel so pround that I have a hospital so close to me that is so obviously a shining example of what the NHS should be. I am in awe of the wonderful work and commitment shown by all your staff. Please may I take this opportunity to thank you and all the staff at BRI for your hard work and kindness.

Mrs H of Rotherham

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing this letter on behalf of one of my patient's mother, who would like me to thank you for the excellent care given to her son when he was admitted with Orbital cellulitis on 26/08/2011 while he was visiting his grandparents in Bradford. His mum was particularly impressed with the speed with which he was attended to and the kindness shown to his family. This lady's son has now of course fully recovered from Orbital cellulitis and was seen in Rotherham Hospital on 3/11/2011 in the Paediatric Assessment Unit.

Mr K of Wakefield

Today I had an outpatient's appointment in the Gastroenterology Department, Bradford Royal Infirmary. I would like to let you know of the fantastic work carried out by all the people who work in that department. I've had Crohn's disease since I was 18 years old and I'm 51 now, I've been treated at the BRI all that time and I can only say that over the years the Gastro unit has gone from strength to strength. It's a very busy department as I'm sure you're well aware of, but the introduction of the specialist IBD nurses was a touch of genius and long may they continue. Thanks again to all those who work there. Thank you for the time, effort and reassurance you give to people like me.

Mrs W of Bradford

Dear Sirs, I recently underwent a Colonoscopy procedure at the Gastro-enterology unit, BRI, on Jan 9 2012. I would like to convey, to whom it may concern, that the care and attention I received from all of the staff (particlarly Nurse Sue) in this unit during my short stay was absolutely first class! The staff were pleasant, caring and worked in a very professional manner and made me feel very comfortable and reassured. My sincere thanks to all staff at the BRI.

Mrs B of Batley

Dear Sir, I have attended St Lukes a number of years and I am an outpatient of Doctor Akbani. I would just like to say he is a very caring, kind, compassionate man; he always listens and puts you totally at ease and gives you the right advice and diagnosis, nothing is too much trouble. I have Nephritus and other medical conditions. My kidney function has improved with Doctor Akbani's care and medical knowledge. I would just like to say he is an inspiration and a dedicated doctor with a kind heart. Also Nurse Pam who assists with Doctor Akbani is a wonderful caring nurse, always a smile as Doctor Akbani and her attire is always smart. Wish there were more like these two people. Kind regards.

Mr M of Wibsey

On 12 January 2012 I attended Ward 5 at the Bradford Royal Infirmary to have my gall bladder removed under the care of Mr Antrum. I am writing to say that the attention and treatment received was excellent in every respect and all of the staff acted very professionally and at the same time were caring, friendly and sensitive to my needs. I would also add that the treatment I received in A & E and Wards 4 & 6 when my gall bladder problem began last year was also of the highest standard. My grateful thanks are due to you and your Management Board for having such high standards in our city's hospitals.

Mrs A of Holmfirth

I recently spent over 3 weeks in Bradford Royal and would like to congratulate you on a wonderful staff. I found all races professional, kind and friendly. My bed was changed daily - who could ask for more! I left with some happy memories. Thanks to great care I am now doing well. I am most grateful to all at Bradford Royal Infirmary. Please keep up the good work

Mrs H of Hellifield

Dear Sir/Madam, I recently had surgery at BRI, Ward 19 and although I wasn't looking forward to it, I can honestly say the level of care I received on Ward 19 made my stay a lot more pleasant. Everyone, from the surgical team, the nurses, the staff who kept the ward spotlessly clean, to the kitchen staff who provided me with vegan meals, were marvellous...My thanks and respect go out to you all.

Mrs H of East Morton

Dear Mr Millar, I would like to take this time to send my personal thanks to one of your surgeons, who, in my mind, made a traumatic situation bearable. On Sunday 30 October 2011, I had an accident whereby a piece of metal was impaled on my eye. I initially went to Airedale Hospital but was then taken, by ambulance to Bradford Royal Infirmary. I was greeted by Mrs Reynolds and Dr Patel. From the moment I met Mrs Reynolds, at this point unable to see at all, her manner was impeccable. She showed me total understanding, sympathy and dignity, which I valued immensely. I had to have emergency surgery and spent 3 days as an in-patient. I saw Mrs Reynolds every day and her expertise and compassion eased my concerns and obviously fear of the situation I was in. She spent time with me, above and beyond her duty and even rang me at home to ask of my progress. I have had a second operation, conducted by Mrs Reynolds, and have seen her in clinic, she is just wonderful. I cannot think of a superlative that I would not use to praise her. I do need further surgery in a few months but I felt the need to communicate my feelings to you and hope Mrs Reynolds truly understands the admiration I have for her. With kindest regards.

Mrs C of Bingley

The Chief Executive - Dear Sir, I am writing to put on record my profound respect for and gratitude to the Renal Unit and particularly the nurses and doctors involved with the C.A.P.D. Department. My involvement with the Renal Unit began towards the end of 2005 when my late husband's kidney failure reached the point where he had to commence dialysis. My husband opted for A.P.D., and from that point on we experienced the NHS at its best. Over the following six years, until my husband's death on December 16th, nothing was too much trouble for the dedicated nursing and medical staff. Their professionalism, care and friendship sustained us through many challenging times up to, including and after my husband's final illness and death. Though the staff know my feelings, I would appreciate it if you could convey my gratitude to Wendy and her nursing team and Dr Jeffrey and his team of doctors. They really are a credit to the profession. Part of the donations from my husband's funeral are to be donated to the Dialysis Unit and I shall be contacting the Renal Administrator with regard to this.

Mrs V of Bradford

I thought I should write to you and the Trust to tell you how happy I was with my care and treatment when I was on Ward 27 over the Christmas period. Though I wasn't looking forward to spending Christmas in hospital the staff did their utmost to make it still special. They were all so kind and caring, making sure all the patients were able to still celebrate. I am writing to the T&A to tell them how satisfied I have been. Thank you to all concerned and wishing you a good New Year.

Mr W of Clayton

Dear Sir/Madam, I am just writing to pay my compliments to the Gastroenterology Unit at the BRI as the care and service I received was excellent. From the cleaner who helped me find where I was going to the surgeon himself, all were helpful and polite. The staff, before the procedure, explained everything that was going to happen clearly and I didn't feel like I was just being rushed through the processes. All staff checked that my hospital gown was tied correctly before I left each room (this was a minor thing but it made me feel that they respected my dignity). The waiting times were very acceptable and the whole thing went very smoothly from start to finish. I only wanted to put this in writing as I am aware that the NHS regularly comes under criticism but on my visit I had no complaints whatsoever... The only downside was the operation itself (a Sigmoidoscopy) which wasn't the most pleasant of events but that couldn't be helped. The three professionals that dealt with that were all as helpful and reassuring as they could be. Although only an hour and a half visit, I witnessed top quality staff doing a very professional job. This unit is a credit to the BRI and definitely sets a very high standard, in my opinion, for all health care services. Thanks again.

Mrs C of Bradford

Dear Sir, I am a diabetic with an insulin pump - Just a little note to express my appreciation of the excellent care I have received (over a number of years) from Helen Devonport at the ENT Unit and Gill Atherton at the Diabetic clinic. I am also very grateful to all others contributing to the running of these complex departments.

Mrs M of Queensbury

Dear Sir, I have been attending Doctor Akbani's clinic at St Luke's hospital for the last four or five years. In that time Doctor Akbani has always made me feel that he has time for me and that he cares what happens to me. He makes me feel like a person not a number. Not only is he a doctor, he is a gentleman. I am sure that the same level of care will continue as long as I need to attend his clinics.

Mr S of Rawdon

Dear Sir, I am writing to you about my 94 year old aunt who was admitted to the Royal Infirmary on 11 September, having fallen at home and broken a bone in her neck. Sadly, she died in Ward 23 on 5 October. The care she received throughout her time in Ward 23, from nurses, doctors, physio team members and all the other ancillary staff - not forgetting the voluntary student workers - was absolutely wonderful. They treated her not only with great professional skills but with dignity, sensitivity and warmth. They were, without exception, a credit to their profession. I was made to feel an integral part of the team looking after her. Being an inquisitive kind of person, the staff showed patience and kindness to me in the face of what must have seemed like my constant questioning and amateur suggestions. I shall never forget the compassionate (and no doubt very skilful) way in which I was handled on the day she died. Looking back, it seems to me now that the ward staff helped immensely in making her last days as they should be. So, please pass on my gratitude to the staff involved. My aunt was a remarkable person and it is with pleasure that I am able to record that the end of her life in your hospital was fitting in every respect.

Ms F of Surrey

Dear Mr Scott, My son was recently a patient at the Bradford Royal Infirmary for two weeks. He was admitted with a massive pulmonary embolism on the 4 October 2011, via A & E. Initially my son was under the care of Dr Dunbar on CCU and subsequently Dr Saralaya on Ward 1. I cannot express enough thanks to both these Consultants who I firmly believe saved my son's life. It is through their rapid diagnosis and subsequent treatment that reversed his life-threatening episode of ill health. Both again were remarkable in their calm ability to communicate in a reassuring way, what the situation was, what the treatment involved and were so approachable in dealing with the endless questions thereafter. Throughout my son's stay in hospital, I often sat with him for 10/12 hours a day, I would read the Times newspaper which was full of articles stating what is wrong with the NHS. From cleaning problems, infection problems, care assistant controversion, lack of care from nurses, patients not having their meals put in front of them or helped to eat or just not shown enough respect and so forth. Well, I had an excellent seat to watch life on Ward 1 and I thought I must write to you to say how different I found things, as opposed to what was being written about. It was reassuring to notice an infection sign on the ward saying it was well over 1000 days since MRSA was a problem on the ward. The domestic staff worked hard to keep the ward clean and regularly moved beds out to clean behind them. They were kind to me too, offering cups of tea on their ward rounds. The nursing care assistants treated their patients with respect, they placed meals in front of the mainly elderly patients and helped them to eat if that was what was required for certain patients. The nursing staff, although extremely busy were friendly, helpful, supportive and approachable during my endless enquiries. In short, I found the Bradford Royal Infirmary excellent on so many different levels.

Dr J of Leeds

Dear Chief Executive, I am writing to you about my recent experience of the BRI Gastroenterology Department. At both the "Preparation" and "Colonoscopy" appointments on the 20th and 26/27th October respectively, all categories of staff were friendly and helpful and the consultations were practically on time. I was especially impressed by the positive and co-operative attitude of all staff; no matter which the rainbow colour of their uniform, they worked together for the benefit of patients who, inevitably, are under stress. The actual procedure was carried out with assurance by Dr Smith and her colleagues who dealt with me before and after the procedure. I was taken to Ward 8 for the night and again, was encouraged by the friendly reception and felt completely relaxed. It was good to observe how the several categories of staff worked together and saw the jobs to be done rather than being told to do them. To me it was noticeable that jugs of iced water were routinely replaced: an important factor in controlling dehydration. It was also good to see staff helping each other, for example, to change bedding etc. This was only the second time in my life when I have spent a night in hospital and unsure of what to expect. To the staff I met 'Well done' and 'Thank you'.

Mr K

First of all, my apologies for writing this testimonial with a long delay. We are Indian citizens and we have planned for our second baby in Bradford. The professionalism, dedication and care shown by the midwives, doctors, health professionals throughout my wife's pregnancy up until delivery was awesome. 2 days before the baby was delivered, I have been appraising my wife's situation to the midwives who have been operating in shifts and all of them have patiently provided required advice over phone. When we went there on the actual night of delivery, Jo, the midwife has really taken the best care of my wife. She has been calming down my wife during her pain and never swept the smile away from her face. I have not seen such a patient woman to date. After the delivery and during post-operative care, I really wondered how she could discharge her duties with still a smile on her face so late in the night. The experience has been wonderful. On behalf of my entire family, a big Thank you and you have never given us an impression that we are thousands of kilometers away from our home land which was possible only through your dedication towards your work. I urge everyone who read this to post an appreciation in case you are staisfied with the services of NHS as I would and most of us would expect this at least once or twice in an year from our customers or higher ups.


Dear Mr L T De Jagar & Team, due to being away I have not been able to write this letter sooner. I should like to say what a brilliant experience I had in your Out-Patient clinic on 22 September. My original appointment was for 28 October 2011, but I was telephoned and asked if I could attend your clinic on the earlier date. I arrived for the appointment at 2pm and after filling in a questionnaire was shown in to yourself - no waiting. You then offered me an x-ray. This was done promptly in the emergency x-ray department and I returned to your clinic only to see you again promptly and discuss the x-ray and proposed treatment i.e., Physiotherapy. In the current world of complaints etc., it is great to compliment someone within the NHS on their excellent organisation and efficiency - well done from an employee working within the NHS.

Mrs W of Shipley

Not sure who to address this to but just to bring to your attention the outstanding professionalism and dedicated care given by two of your colleagues during my recent visits to BRI. Firstly, Staff Nurse Rook (Andrea possibly) on Ward 12 who has shown me great kindness and excellent care during my day visit to Ward 12. Secondly, Carol Cahill on hysteroscopy clinic who performs Ultrasounds - what a cheery but extremely competent nurse who instills great confidence and calm, delivering a quality service under what are often stressful circumstances - please pass on my thanks. Also, well done to Yvonne R (Senior Midwife) who works on the Mother & Baby Unit who dealt so professionally with my recent complaint.

Mr P of Halifax

Dear Mr Scott, I am writing to express my thanks for the wonderful care I received in the York Suite recently. I was in the York Suite in the care of Mr Tom Tagart and had both my knees replaced exactly a week ago. The care I received was exemplary, all the staff from all the disciplines are a credit to their professions, themselves and to Bradford Teaching Hospitals, as are the catering staff, the Ward Hostesses and all the ancillary staff. I would be grateful if you would pass on my thanks to all concerned and I hope in these days of cut backs it remains possible to keep up this good work. Many thanks, Kind regards.

Ms M of London

Dear Mr Scott, my sister passed away on Monday 5 Sept 2011 in Ward 21 of BRI. I am taking this opportunity to express my thanks and my family's gratitude for the care of my sister and the concern shown to members of my family which made these difficult days more bearable. We are of the unanimous opinion that the staff - both doctors and nurses - demonstrate the highest qualities of the medical profession. Given the current environment of cuts in the NHS I cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining high quality front line staff. I believe, if this is not maintained the NHS will not survive.

Mrs S & Mrs J of Kent

Dear Sirs, I would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude for the way in which all the staff on Ward F5 in the Horton Wing at St Lukes Hospital cared for my father during his final weeks and days. He was looked after by the Consultants and Nursing staff with such a high level of professionalism which extended to concern for both mine and my mother's wellbeing during such a difficult time. We couldn't have had better care.

Mr I of Hove

I am writing to thank you and your entire organisation for the excellent help I received when I had to visit A & E on Friday 2 September and was admitted to Ward 20 and then Ward 8. I am pleased to say that on 6 September I was released and allowed home and am continuing to recover. Firstly I would like to thank the Registrar on duty on the night of 2 September in Ward 20; I think her name might be Karen. Her clear lucid explanation of the risks I was facing allowed me to take the right decision and be admitted rather than attempting to travel the 300 miles home. To my mind this individual represents the very best of the health service and we need more like her. Secondly I would like to thank Mr J R Ausobsky and his team for their assessment of my condition. Mr Ausobsky's raised eyebrow communicated such a wealth of meaning that I have ceased to take the Diclofenac and given up the alcohol that had contributed to my problem. Assuming that my problem has been caught in time then I owe my future to Mr Ausobsky. Thirdly I would like to compliment you on the systems you have in place to ensure that the correct medication or treatment is delivered to each patient which together with clear evidence of a structured approach to cleanliness provided a positive feeling of general confidence in the hospital. Finally may I thank you for the choice and quality of the food provided!

Mrs K of Bingley

Dear Sir, Having complained about the uncaring treatment received on Ward 14, three times in 2000/2001, I was admitted to Ward 9 on August 9th/10th this year. The treatment received from entering to leaving the hospital was exceptionally good. The staff were so kind, helpful and reassuring. Sister Dale Walshawe and Staff Nurse Eric were understanding, money could not buy the TLC and compassion we all received. It would be a wonderful learning curve for all student nurses to spend some time in Ward 9, it would show them how the job should be done. Thank you all for your help and care.

Mr & Mrs L of Bingley

My partner was recently treated for malignant melanoma in Bradford. Despite the shock and stress of the diagnosis, we can honestly say that the experience of being supported by the whole Skin Cancer team could not have been more positive. From referral through to surgery and review (where we are now), everyone we have met has been caring, professional, friendly efficient and most of all supportive. The services provided were above our expectations and we felt we wanted to thank the Skin Cancer team for going 'above and beyond.' It came as a surprise to us to learn from Andrew Mason that we could claim against our Critical Illness policy and it was an even bigger surprise when the policy paid out earlier this year. Without Andrew's advice we would not even have thought to make a claim. Although we'd rather have had a healthy person, the money has removed a huge source of stress and we feel very lucky. The payment was slightly more than our mortgage balance, therefore we hope you will accept the remainder (cheque enclosed) as a donation to the Charitable Trust, by way of thanks and recognition for the support you have given us. My partner is well at the moment and we hope he will stay that way, but perhaps our donation will help to ensure that others in a similar or worse position continue to benefit from your work. We'd be interested to hear what kind of things the Charitable Trust make happen and we hope that we can raise further funds in the future.

Ms K of Shipley

Dear Mr Scott, I write to you to express my most sincere thank you for the kind and caring support I received at BRI in the week commencing 8.08.2011. I am particularly grateful for a prompt and professional approach taken by the Consultant Mr J Robinson who admitted me after an examination. Following my assessment I was admitted to Ward 20 and later to Ward 11 where I remained for 3 days. I received a first class service and a very caring and compassionate attitude from all the medical, nursing and other staff, particularly the Ward Sister Sue C? I happen to be a health professional myself and I often travel in Europe and beyond where I look at implementation of policies and European directives. What I saw at BRI was a first class service with total dedication, ability to rise to challenging patients in a caring and consistent way and a very loving and cooperative atmosphere in my section of the ward where I was a patient. I was amazed how quickly I was diagnosed and this has helped me understand my health issues and has allowed me to look forward to a healthier future. I would like to say thank you to all staff and wish you all the very best in delivering your services.

Mrs G of Shipley

Dear Sirs, I am just writing to say what good treatment I have recently had at your hospitals, both the BRI and St Luke's. I can imagine you get a lot of complaints as people seem to want compensation for all sorts of things nowadays. I have attended Mr Halstead's clinic at St Luke's and have had gastroscopies, sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy and a barium meal x-ray. The nurses, doctors and even porters were all very helpful, cheerful and polite. It is scary having tests etc., but the care I received made me feel better. I wish to thank all the staff in these units who made my experiences more bearable. Thankfully, I have been discharged with no serious complaint. I just have one criticism and that is the entrance at the BRI. Every time I have attended here the entrance is blocked by people smoking. It is supposed to be a non-smoking environment. It can't be good for the patients and attendees who don't smoke who have to put up with it. It nearly made me chock it is that smoky. I hope you can do something about this for the future. I realise it must be hard for the patients who smoke not to be allowed, but it is a non-smoking environment and rules are rules. After all, it is for their own good. Anyway, back to the main reason for this letter. Thanks again to all the staff at the gastro units.

Miss H of Clayton

I am writing to thank everyone in the Breast Care Clinic for the superlative care shown to me by every person from the surgeons, doctors, specialist nurses and duty nurses. In spite of their being "too busy" often they were never rushed, nor unfeeling and this care was transmitted to every patient! Thank you!

Mrs S of Bradford

I came in on 27 June - Ward 12. Dr Shah, my Anaesthetist told me I would be conscious but feel no pain. She gave me so much confidence. I felt completely calm. Knowing she would be taking care of me. She was wonderful. Many thanks also to Steven in the Anaesthetic room (funny man). Thanks to Dr Ramage and Dr Harrison who assisted. The nurses were all very kind and helpful and also the cleaners! I can only say that due to all things that are taking place in the NHS I could not have been in better hands if I had gone private. I enclose a cheque for Ward 12 to buy anything you like. With many, many thanks.

Mr S of Haworth

Dear Mr Scott, I am writing to thank the team at the CT/MRI Scan Unit at the BRI. I had a procedure today and can only praise and thank the staff for being so fantastic. In three years of investigative procedures I have never come across such an amazing team as there. From the girls on reception, the calls to check I was coming, and the care when I had a reaction to the drugs pre-procedure, to the care and attention and support on the day - I have to say I have never come across such a caring, well organised, co-ordinated unit. They are a credit and model to others and obviously proud of the facility and the service they can offer. In this day and age we are all too happy to critise and complain, to object and to be negative... here we have a model of great people, obviously led well, a fantastic service and a feeling that those professionals in who we trust really do care. Please take a few moments of your busy schedule to pass on my comments, praise and pure gratitude for making a very unpleasant procedure certainly much more tolerable. Thank you and thank you to the team - your care really was appreciated.


I am writing to express my sincere personal thanks to Dr Smith, Jane and Deborah for all of the care they have given me over the past two years. I suffer from crohns disease and I'm a regular patient at th IBD Clinic and during this time I have been under their care. The support they have given me has been invaluable and I wouldn't have come this far without them. Since being diagnosed with crohns I have had to make numerous lifetime changes and I have had many worries and concerns. The team has always been there for me and they have guided me through by giving me expert medical assistance and maintaining a high level of professionalism. Throughout this time I have built up a personal friendship with all of them. It's reassuring to know that if I ever need any help the team are there to support me.


Treatment: Excellent explanation and thoughtful consideration of me, the patient. I can now move my arm more freely without the jarring, agonising pain and have been able to swim albeit briefly for the first time in 3 yrs! I still have pain but am very pleased with result of treatment and extremely grateful.


We write concerning the experience of our late father who was a patient on Ward 30 at BRI from 4th April to 30th May 2011 under the reassuring guidance of Professor John Young and his team. We feel it our duty to communicate a big heartfelt "thank-you" to all the staff and nurses on Ward 30 who looked after him during his short illness. We found that the standard of service given was second to none and place great emphasis on the fact that he was cared for with genuine compassion and professionalism for which we were truly grateful. Likewise we as immediate family were treated with warmth and dignity and found that the helpful and caring demeanour of the nursing staff softened the blow greatly for us through what was both a sad loss and an extremely difficult period. Once again may we express our thanks and compliments to all the staff concerned.


I brought my 8 year old son to A&E at the BRI at around 3.30pm on Saturday 25 June 2011. He'd fallen off a friend's trampoline and had a deep laceration to his lower lip. We spent a good 2/3 hours in the Children's area whilst being seen by a number of different doctors, but I must say that there was one particular young lady I would like you to pass on our appreciation. She was a student volunteer and was working in the Children's area between 4pm and 7pm that day. Unfortunately I did not make a note of her name but hopefully if you check your records you will be able to locate her details. She was brilliant with the children; reading stories and playing games with them. My son was quite anxious but she certainly took his mind off things by playing the large Connect Four game. She was a very genuine and caring person and I'm sure she will do well at her time at the BRI. Can you please wish her well with her forthcoming studies and for the future ....thank you. We spent the whole day on Ward 2 yesterday (Sunday 26 June 2011). My son required an operation to fix his lip and we arrived at 8am as requested. This time my husband and our daughter aged 3 attended with us. Again another student volunteer spent the afternoon with the children, playing, reading and painting. My daughter had the opportunity to go home with her grandparents and enjoy the beautiful weather, however she was 'too busy' and enjoying herself and decided she wanted to stay and play. The student volunteer was great and was very patient with the children. I noted she had made a bee line for a young boy who had hurt his arm and she went over to read to him. A male member of his family I'm not sure who father'grandfather had left him on his own, I guess to go home? Quite sad really. The young boy was listening intently to the story and the next time I looked over he was sound asleep. My son was too hungry to play and got quite agitated towards the end of the day. I found out that unfortunately there is only one theatre in operation over the weekend and emergencies took priority which I can of course understand. I was warned that my son may have the operation the following day but fortunately he was the last one of the day which was a relief. The waiting and not knowing was a strain but to be honest I can say that the whole experience was a positive one; the staff were very friendly and supportive and my son enjoyed his meal; he was ravenous! Being able to watch tv for free was a bonus for my son and the free tea, coffee and toast in the parents' room was a pleasant surprise too. I genuinely felt sorry for those parents and children who had also had to wait all day like us but had to return the following day. Ideally an extra theatre over the weekend would help but I suppose this is down to money and resources. My son and daughter both agreed that they would like to donate some of their toys and books to Ward 2. If you can please advise me of the procedure that would be great. Please would you also pass on our thanks to the staff at A&e, Ward 2, in the Theatre and of course not forgetting the 2 students.


As a first time outpatient in the BRI, I am writing to tell you how impressed I was with my experience. In the hospital main entrance, the general housekeeping was excellent, an impression that was reinforced as I walked the length of the building. An old hospital is not the easiest building to present in such a manner. Your receptionist was polite, friendly and solicitous to an old man walking with a stick. On arrival at the eye clinic, the nursing staff were cheerful and helpful, explaining what I was to expect. Finally, the photographer was a delightful young lady which almost made the visit a social occasion. I am telling you this in some detail to counter what I am sure will be adverse criticism that you receive. Please pass on my appreciation to those concerned.


I wish to acknowledge the excellent care that I recently received whilst a patient of Mr Mann and the Orthopaedic team. I had a five day stay on Ward 27 in January and was treated with kindness, consideration and respect at all times. The food was good - apart from one serving of mushy cauliflower! and despite being clearly a very busy ward, the meal times were timely, as were the medication rounds. Patient calls and requests were acknowledged and responded to promptly and cheerfully. The differing grades and disciplines seemed to work as a team and demonstrated professionalism at all times. As a retired nurse who trained at Bradford Royal Infirmary, I felt proud (and somewhat relieved!) that the hospital continues to deliver such high quality care. Everybody from porters to ward sisters, domestics, theatre staff, doctors and consultants are clearly working very hard and effectively with thoroughness, kindness and compassion. Mr Mann and his secretary were particularly reassuring, helpful and efficient. Many thanks to all and keep up the good work!


To the Directors of Bradford Royal Infirmary. It is all too easy these days for people to put pen to paper and complain about the most ridiculous of things. Well, for a change, this letter to you is to praise the staff of Ward 19. all of them. I had an accident a couple of weeks ago at work with a machine I was using and decided that the injury was beyond the help of a Band Aid. I decided to visit the B.R.I. and although my injury was not treated until the next day due to other more serious injuries which obviously required more immediate attention, I was dealt with no better than if I had gone Private. I know that the NHS is struggling with ever decreasing budgets, but I can only praise the staff. From the minute I walked on to Ward 19 (the cheeky faced receptionist is worth a mention here, she made my day by calling me a "Young Man"!!). Sadly, I did not make a note of any names but I am sure they know who they are, "Foxy" is also worth a mention; she is a genuinely nice person. I wish I could name them all. The lady who cleaned and bandaged my finger, who, in her spare time builds walls and decorates her house to make her husband feel guilty!! A really nice lady. I hope this letter makes its way to Ward 19. Don't take this the wrong way, but I hope it is a long time before I see you again!! There again ... who knows?? Kind regards and Best Wishes to you all .... and of course a big THANK YOU. P.S. Hope you all managed to get some of the chocolates I brought in!!!!


Dear Mr Scott, I am writing to you to bring to your attention the excellent service I received when I was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary Accident and Emergency Department on Friday 20th May 2011 at 7.30am that morning. At that time I had been experiencing chest pains for two and a half hours. Paramedics came to the house and took me to the hospital. I was initially seen in the A&E Department and then transferred to Ward 4, the Assessment Ward. Thankfully, I was given a relatively clean bill of health after a series of blood, chest and cardiac tests. Throughout my brief spell under the care of the Trust, I received care of the highest standard delivered by staff in a professional, warm, reassuring way. Each procedure and plan was explained to me clearly and followed exactly. I especially want to thank the staff on Ward 4 for their kindness to me. In these days when it seems the Health Service is under attack from all sides, I wanted you to know the way that your staff deliver this crucial care to the public. I would appreciate it if you would pass on my comments to the respective teams and members involved. Once again, thank you to your staff.


I attended the A & E Dept on Sat the 29th April and would like to congratulate you and your team on the instant, very fast and caring of treatment that I received from your staff in that dept. My wife had to drag me to A & E as I didn't want the usual 3hr wait. On arrival I was seen by a friendly and sympathetic Tri-age nurse who instantly put me at ease and told me I would be seen in about 20 mins. Once in the unit that deals with minor accidents, upon talking to the person treating me he told me it was his idea for this new unit. I think he was the senior nurse. I was treated immediately and put very at ease by the people treating me with a bit of light hearted humour and the person that actually stitched my wound was the Tri-Age nurse who was also training at doing stitches at the time. I would like to thank these 2 people in particular, I think the young lady was called Julie and the Senior Nurse was called Simon. If this was Simon's idea then I also congratulate you on taking advice from your front line staff and having the foresight to put them into practise. Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to all staff in that unit and congratulations on an innovative and efficient system.


Dear Mr Scott, I just wanted to drop you a line after my son was admitted into Ward 17 with Pneumonia on 6th May (discharged 14th May). The nurses were so caring, calm and professional and all the staff I came across were polite, cheerful and friendly e.g. the cleaners, the person bringing the meals round and the doctors explained things fully and answered any questions thoroughly. This was my son's (aged 8) first experience of hospital and I am delighted that although he was very ill on oxygen, drips etc., he will not have bad memories of it. The highlight of his day was choosing his meals and I was impressed with the number of choices and the high quality of the food. Thank you for making our hospital experience so positive.


Dear Mr Scott, My reason for writing is to let you know how grateful I am to Bradford Royal Infirmary, a better surgeon than Mr Raine nor a better Ward Sister than Yvonne Musto on Ward 18, whose Pre Operative Assessment was well received by both of us. I am truly grateful to you all.


Dear Sir/Madam, yesterday (23 March 11) I went to the gastro unit for a gastroscopy - the most unpleasant procedure, very scary and uncomfortable. The whole of my short stay was just as positive as it could be. The Ward Sister (I think) did the consent and explanations along with a delightful student nurse called Samantha who will make an excellent nurse in my opinion. The procedure itself was done with tenderness and consideration by Dr Juby and her team. Dr Juby is one of the few doctors I've known at her level who comes across as a nice, warm human being as well as an excellent doctor. I want you to know how much I - well "enjoyed my stay" isn't quite appropriate - but appreciated the care I got during my time at the hospital. I hope you will record it and let the management know what a good job they're doing on the gastro unit. By chance they're next door to the Breast Care Unit, another excellent bunch that I've had dealings with in the past - if you want to show anybody the hospital, take them to that floor!. Cheers.


Dear Mr Scott, this letter is to say a very big thank you for the kind help and treatment a close relative of mine received at the Bradford Royal Infirmary recently. My family and I were very pleased with the professionalism of Mr Steward and his colleagues, Mr Yeomans and Mr Davies and Jane (sorry, I don't remember her surname). they fully explained the whole necessary procedure and listened to our questions and answered them. These men are truly amazing with their skills, discretion and bedside manner. They are not just good men, they are great men. This includes Mr May who treated me last year and his secretary Lisa who was so helpful. For what they can do in theatre to save lives and still call to see patients on the wards with a cheerful and down to earth manner, shows how wonderful they are. You should feel honoured to have these people on your staff team Mr Scott. Whilst on Ward 21 after surgery, my relative was given first class care from the nursing staff Vincent, Kate, Susannah, Debbie Richard and others who I do not have names for. The two Ward sisters Lily-Beth Delafuente and Andrea Briggs acted on my concerns and eased my worries for my relative's welfare. Also, thank you to Ward Clerk Joanne Karim who came to say hello every day. We give an added thanks to the cleaning staff and tea-ladies including Debbie Bochelle who were polite and friendly. Finally thanking the Chaplaincy staff who kept my relative in her faith which helped her to endure what she had to go through. All this and every single member of the hospital staff helps to make an in-patient feel valued as a person and not just a number. I would also like to give thanks to St Lukes' hospital and St James' hospital in Leeds and the transport staff who were fantastic. What more can I say? If ever there was a reason to keep the NHS going, then this is it. This has renewed our faith in the NHS and long may this excellent service continue. It is one of the few good things left about living in this country. (cc Mr David Cameron PM, Telegraph & Argus).


Dear Mr Scott, I would just like to say many thanks for the care my husband received recently on Ward 23. The staff were all fantastic, clearly working under great pressure, but somehow managing to be caring and professional. How lucky we are to have the BRI, to be there when we needed them.


For Attn of Simi, Kath, Jackie, Gemma, David & Tim - Dear All, I want to thank you all most sincerely for the help and care that you have given me during the last 8 weeks. I have thorougly enjoyed being with you (most of the time!!!). When I said thank you to Simi on Monday she said "We are just doing our job." I totally disagree. You are all doing far more than "your job." You have created a caring team which gives confidence to so many who have lost that confidence through a heart "event." We can exercise knowing that we are being constantly watched and encouraged by people who would know exactly what to do if the worst should happen. You have always been willing to listen and advise when appropriate and for all these things I send you my thanks. You are all a credit to both the BRI and the NHS and I would request that you show this letter to your various management teams.


I am writing yet again to thank you for the excellent service that I received on my follow up appointment for cancer. The care in the Day Centre was first class (just one comment, it would help on arrival and after check in to be told what time approximately you will be going to theatre, especially as I am a Diabetic). My pre-operation checkup at St Lukes was also very caring as was my appointment yesterday for my Ultrasound check, and so nice not just being treated as a number. With many thanks.


On Monday 21st March 2011 my 98 year old mother Elsie Mabel Guest was admitted to Ward 20 at BRI, suffering from severe sickness and sadly passed away this morning in a side room on Ward 8. During her stay in your hospital she and all our family received the very best care and compassion that we could have hoped for. I would like you to pass on our family's thanks to all the staff in those two wards especially a nurse we only knew as Brenda in Ward 20, the Registrar on that ward and all the doctors involved. All the staff on Ward 8 were particularly helpful from the tea lady, student nurse to the senior nurses. They made a heartbreaking period in our lives as bearable as possible.


I am writing to commend one of your Consultants (Mrs Anita Reynolds) and to highlight to you the superb work she has done recently in assisting me. About three weeks ago I had an operation on my sinus which went wrong. During recovery in the operating theatre I experienced a bleed into my right eye socket, and I was completely blinded in that eye. It was my good fortune that Mrs Anita Reynolds was the Consultant Ophthalmologist on call that evening, and she rushed to the theatre where she performed emergency surgery on my eye, ultimately restoring my sight completely. However, it is not just the outcome that I am grateful for. Mrs Reynolds' entire demeanour, her professional yet personable approach to the entire emergency was a massive reassurance and support. I am certain this marriage of personal and professional skills contributed in no small part to the successful physical and psychological outcome for me. Over the following weeks, Mrs Reynolds took care of me and ultimately operated a second time to repair the temorary would created to relieve the pressure in my eye. This has now healed and I am on my way to a complete recovery. I cannot praise Anita's obvious dedication and professional skill highly enough. Never letting me feel like "a patient"; always letting me know what was happening and why; explaining the more complex aspects of my condition in a way that was both accessible and yet not too trivial; being exceptionally modest about her skills. It was truly humbling. Thank you.."


It was with some trepidation that I left my dad in the care of the staff of Ward 8 at Bradford Royal Infirmary just over two weeks ago. At 88, confused and incontinent he seemed to fall into the category so often referred to by the media as "at risk" of poor care within the NHS. How wrong and unfounded I have found this to be! My mum and I have nothing but praise and admiration for the way the staff (from student nurses to ward sisters) have cared for him. He has at all times been treated with respect and his needs have been met promptly and efficiently. This care has extended to both myself and my mum and any small request we have made has been acted upon. Communication has been excellent which has meant that we have never felt unhappy or concerned for his welfare when leaving him. I wish to record my thanks to all on Ward 8 and hope that this letter will help to encourage them to keep on doing their vital work knowing that it is indeed appreciated. Negative views of the NHS always seem to attract the most attention and I hope that this letter helps in some small way to balance out the situation, at least in respect of the care of the elderly at Bradford Royal Infirmary. Should you require any more information or support please do not hesitate to contact me. Again my sincere thanks.


I felt the need to write this letter to you in praise of the OHPAT service run by Dr James Dunbar and Staff Nurse Philip Batch. I have been admitted to BRI three times during December 2010 and January 2011 for treatment for an infection ahd have been taking up valuable bed space and doctor and nurses' time. Being able to come into OPHAT daily for intravenous treatment as I am unable to have oral antibiotics has been a much better experience than being hospitalised. I am sure that this service must be a far better and more cost effective way of treatment for many patients like myself. I understand that this service is new and on trial as funding has not as yet been granted. I would like to urge you to seriously consider keeping this excellent service.


Dear Sir, Following a recent bowel screening, I attended the Gastro-Enterology Unit for a colonoscopy. I would like to express my thanks for the way that I was treated. I did not have to wait for the appointment. The instructions I was given were excellent. Everyone I came into contact with at the Unit was highly efficient but also extremely friendly. I commented to the Nurse at the time, that I could not have asked for any better treatment. I hope that you will pass on my comments to Dr Beckett and his staff


Dear Sir, Recently my husband attended the Eye Day Case Unit for a Trabeculectomy. We would both like to thank all the staff for their care and consideration. All were very kind and helpful. There was a lot of waiting about but that was understandable on a very busy ward and we weren't going anywhere! We have been attending the eye clinic for the past 5 years. Mrs Anita Reynolds has shown such care and dedication in all her dealings and her secretary, Anne, is always very pleasant and helpful when we need to contact her. Please pass on our grateful thanks to all your staff.


I would like to put on record the wonderful treatment I had on the Cancer ward at Bradford Royal Infirmary. The entire staff gave 100 per cent on each of my stays last year and the follow-up treatment was also exemplorary. It is not an easy time. Thank you.


Dear Sister, I am writing this letter to thank you and all your nurses and the tea ladies and gentlemen and other valuable staff who have helped my wife during her stay at the BRI in Wards 1 and 4. My wife's treatment was first class. My wife was mainly in Ward 1, and I cannot speak highly enough of the care and attention she has received and my observation of the care the other patients received.


I am writing to thank Mr Worrall and his team at the Maxillo Facial Unit at St Lukes Hospital, I felt it should be brought to your attention for the brilliant manner in which I was dealt with under the NHS. On 10 January 2011 I was referred by my GP to the unit with a white patch and lump on my tongue which I have had for some time, although I had the white patch I wasn't aware it had formed into a lump. I saw Mr Worrall on the 20 January 2011 and had a painful mouth biopsy on the 21 January. This caused me quite a lot of pain and distress, but I took comfort from Mr Worral from the outset that it wasn't cancerous. Today this has been confirmed on the 14 February 2011. I felt it was important thanks should be given when NHS hospitals are under pressure, how impressed I was with the speed, diagnosis and professionalism of Mr Worrall and his team. Thanks very much. Could you please ensure the unit are made aware.


I had excellent service and treatment for an eye problem over the Christmas period whilst A & E was busy. I was seen and treated in about one hour.


Dear Sir, I was admitted to Ward 1 on the 1st November and came home on the 4th November. While there I was treated with great kindness and excellently looked after by all the staff, people on the ward, doctors, sisters, nurses, domestic staff and porters and other departments. All had the attitude that nothing was too much trouble. The medical treatment was excellent and I was very impressed by the care I received. Thank you again.


Dear Sir/Madam, Recently my wife had been under the care of the Breast Care Service at St Lukes hospital and also at the Breast Care Unit, Ward 25, Bradford Royal Infirmary. I would like to tell you what excellent care you all provided. The staff were very professional, caring and considerate. The hospital facilities were modern and efficient. My wife's minor operation was carried out successfully with the minimum of discomfort. Appointments were quickly offered and the procedure fully explained. What a good service you all provided. If you have an opportunity could you please thank all on our behalf, at St Lukes hospital and Bradford Royal Infirmary who took part in my wife's treatment.


Re: Mr Linforth, his team and the treatment and care I have had as a cancer patient. I am writing to express my gratitude for the excellent treatment I have had from Mr Linforth and his team and the Chemotherapy ward and Breast Cancer ward. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2008. From diagnosis my treatment was always caring, supportive and very informative. It was a very difficult time, a time where I definitely felt I was treated as an individual and given the care, attention and support I needed. My reconstruction is fantastic! I cannot really express in words how grateful I am - please pass my thanks to Mr Linforth and the other teams.


Re: 4 superb staff - Henry Lawrence, Sister Anne O'Connor, Felicidad Bernal and one other. Dear Miles, Today I had to come in for an appointment with the Ear, Nose and Throat Department for 1345 hours. From start to finish I was impressed by how the staff treated me and especially by four staff. First, the health professional who administered my hearing test. She was kind and explained everything. I did not make a note of her name, but she is slim with dark hair and was smartly dressed. Mr Henry Lawrence explained the results to me and the way forward. He answered all my questions and when I was slightly nervous he immediately put me at ease with his manner and explanation. Sister Anne O'[Connor had met me when I arrived at the corridor and explained the procedure that I would be put through. She was very pleasant and asked if I had time to give some blood samples today, if that would be convenient for me. Finally, Felicidad Bernal was superb. She took my blood samples and the second I felt dizzy she immediately gave me air and helped me to lie down. I was so impressed at her speed and reactions and being 'on the ball.' She explained how it was not unusual to feel faint or dizzy. When I began to feel worse she immediately got Anne in and they both ensured I was wafted with fresh air, had some lovely hot water and they even got me a nice chocolate cookie biscuit. (I had come from work and had missed lunch). I was so surprised at how dizzy I had felt; Felicidad and Anne were amazing. When they were both certain I was okay they left me for a few seconds to gather my wits. (I was a bit embarrassed). When I left I had a quick chat with them and explained I was so impressed with their kindness and professionalism that I would hand-write a letter to someone senior to 'sort of' commend them. Since my children were born I decided that whenever I encounter exceptional staff I would write to commend them. Oh, and one more thing. My lift home was late and as Felicidad was leaving she checked with me to ensure I was definitely okay. (Some time after 1510 hours). All in all these four health professionals were (and are!) kind, intelligent and VERY professional. I was very impressed (AND relieved!). as I had been quite worried before the appointment.


Dear Sir/Madam, my mother was recently a patient in your hospital for thirteen days between the 9th and 21st of September. On behalf of my family I would say how impressed we were with the care our mother received. From the admissions ward Mum went on to Ward 11 for most of the time, being transferred to Ward 1 for discharge. Dr Jacobs and his team supported by the nurses on the wards were excellent. the staff were thorough, caring and informative. My mother is much improved and her whole quality of life has been turned around.


Dear Mr Scott, I have just been discharged from the Bradford Royal Infirmary Eye Clinic and would like to put on record my thanks and appreciation to Dr F D Ghanchi and his team for the exceptional treatment and care I received over the past 10 months. Our NHS is by far the best in the world, but sadly, a service we tend to take for granted. Public recognition for the hard work and dedication in such a pressurised environment is rare; all too often we hear and read the bad stories about our NHS; never the good; hence my reason for writing to you. While I do not wish to return to the BRI (for obvious reasons!), I was impressed and reassured by the professionalism of the service provided to me. My thanks to all for an excellent service"!


I wish to express my admiration, applause and deep appreciation for the care your staff gave my sister who was admitted in grievously acute pain on Saturday evening 31 July as a palliative care patient. She was transferred to Manorlands Hospice on Tuesday 3 August. More than six hours of calling for the weekend care team had brought no help, though a doctor did turn up at her home at 5.30pm just as we were leaving for Ward 15. My sister was welcomed and cared for in a way that epitomises what we think NHS should be at its best. Care, genuine concern and the attitude that "nothing is too much trouble" were evident throughout. "Thank you" sounds inadequate, but is what I am writing to say on behalf of my brother, two sisters and myself. Please tell your staff that when tomorrow they don their uniform to go to work, they should do so with pride and in the knowledge that their work will help someone quite unable to help themselves. It is a high calling. You have a right to be very proud of your staff.


On Monday 12 July my step-mother was brought into the resuscitation room in the A & E Department at your hospital after suffering, what sadly turned out to be a fatal brain bleed. However, despite the outcome I felt that you should know how wonderful all of the staff in the department were. At all times they were professional, polite, compassionate and caring. We were kept informed at every stage of the different tests and assessments being performed and the family was included in care decisions and consulted on every level. In these times of negative press within the medical and nursing professions it was amazing to see how it really should be done, and indeed, can be done. Everyone was lovely but two people deserve special mention, these are Dr Sara Marsh and Staff Nurse Rachel Naylor. Despite both of them being very young women their professionalism and compassion belied their ages. As a nurse myself they made me very proud of our profession. Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to them all.


Dear Sir, It would be very remiss of me if I did not put pen to paper to thank you and your staff for your expert care and attention I have experienced at St Lukes Hospital, in particular the Physiotherapy Dept., weekly for the last six weeks. I must single out for specific praise Mrs Catherine May. In Catherine you have a professional, knowledgeable, caring and understanding person. She has in six weeks transformed me at 67 from extreme pain to pain free. She is a credit to the hospital and the N.H.S. You must take credit not only for Mrs May but also for a very efficient, clean and friendly hospital. Well done to all.


On Saturday 27th February 2010 I fell ill and called for advice. The NHS Direct doctor attended to me about 3 to 5 hours after my initial telephone call. It turned out I had a low heart rate due to a build up of high Potassium after heavy vomiting. By this time I was already unconscious. The doctor quickly called for the Paramedics whom I was later told by my family were also very good. On Saturday 27th February 2010 I was admitted to hospital BRI Ward 22 CCU. I was treated by a registrar (temporary pacemaker) and a team of nurses. I was well looked after by the staff. Their efforts were greatly appreciated by my family, as I was unconscious initially. I was then moved to Room 4 on about Tuesday and then Room 1 and nursed there. I was regularly seen by the doctors and daily either by the registrars or the cardiologists. I was also seen by my cardiologist Dr P Sainsbury daily on week days and was discharged on Monday 8 March 2010. I felt that the majority of the staff were doing about 4 to 5 jobs at a time and the lesser priority patients' requests got delayed attention. Nevertheless, I felt my overall experience of healthcare was very good. Could you please forward my thanks to your staff. I am hopeful that your services will continue at least to the current level. Also my total experience of NHS has been very good except the recent 3 to 5 hours total response by NHS Direct.


I feel I must say thank you to all staff looking after me. I cannot speak highly enough of your love and dedication to nursing. I am not sure who is in overall charge, my Consultant Mr Shah seems to be co-ordinating my nursing and I thank him for that. Since coming on to the York Suite I have been impressed by the professionalism of all staff and the quality of care and standard that is maintained 24 hours a day is incredible and shows the high standards the York Suite achieves. It shows what a good team you have - if you can put up with me and my sense of humour. Whenever there is a shift change the hand over seems to go impeccably - at least to we the patients. the duty of care follows through without interruption. The standard/variety of food is first class and my cup of tea always awaits me! What else is there to say except THANK YOU and if I have a choice the York Suite will be my first point of call in the future. Since sincere and loving thanks, in Jesus name.

North Yorkshire

In May of this year, I had occasion to be admitted to the Dept of Plastic and Maxillo-Facial Surgery (Ward 19) for a both lengthy and complex operation for oral cancer, under the care of Mr James McCaul. As a patient/relative, admission to hospital is an extremely anxious time and it is especially important to know that you are in a capable and caring environment. I spent a total of 3 weeks in hospital on ICU, HDU (Ward 21) and latterly Ward 19. In each area it was impossible to fault any aspect of care or competence. For the first 2 weeks I was unable to speak - a very vulnerable and frightening experience. Clearly it is not possible to single out individual members of staff but the teamwork, (including first rate theatre staff, anaesthetic team, physiotherapists, etc) and efficiency were impressive. Despite being extremely busy and over-burdened with paperwork, I never experienced any member of staff behave without the utmost courtesy professionalism. Staff shortages on Ward 10 did not prevent each procedure being clearly explained and carried out with both skill and competence, in a genuinely caring manner. You are to be congratulated on such an excellent set-up in the current beleagured NHS system. However, please be aware that whilst technological advances and equipment are vital, good staff fundamentally are your greatest resource. As such, they need to be listened to and their opinions valued. I had a further admission to Ward 19 this week and was surprised to see two empty bays - evidently due to lack of staff! We are all aware of the need for belt-tightening. For decades, governments have thrown money at the NHS and the results have been targets and a tick box culture. There is still a great deal of waste in many areas, just as obvious as the plus points! Budgets are a fact of life and we all need to live within them, by making the right choices about spending restrictions. Human error can never be totally eliminated, so why do we need areas such as 'risk management' within a hospital setting? Competence to fulfill the role should be assessed at recruitment and be ongoing but an ethos of openness, honesty and commonsense eliminates any need for such "quangos". Patients too should be made aware of their share of responsibility for the health service. Our daughter lives in France and when she attends hospital, is expected to speak the language or provide her own translator. She understands that she cannot blame the hospital if she is unable to comprehend what is happening. From this patient's perspective, Bradford Teaching Hospitals seem to be getting much right. From the most senior medical staff to the ward domestic staff - an ethos of caring and compassion is obvious and one can forgive the endless dingy corridors, the abysmal car parking (a sign indicating the overflow location would help), indifferent hospital food, and the completely crazy ward number "system". For me, admission to hospital can hardly be described as a "good" experience or one I wish to repeat for obvious reasons. However, I certainly felt "cared" for, by competent staff in a clean environment - so well done BRI! and a huge "thank you" to all involved.


I become very annoyed, upset and complain vehemently when hospital appointments are not kept to time and I am made to wait sometimes for more than an hour. This has happened many times in the past. But on June 22nd, my appointment was for 0.30am to see Mr Gokhale at St Luke's Hospital. As usual I arrived some fifteen minutes early and had hardly time to sit down before I was called to the consulting room. I had only a few moments' wait before Mr Gokhale came in to see me. The consultation was only a short one, and in fact, I was back home drinking a mid-morning coffee by 10 o'clock. This excellent service enabled me to use the Tuesday morning to the full. It also made me realise that the Hospital Authorities should be made aware that I really appreciated this happy experience. I hope you will pass my compliments to all the staff concerned.


Dear Sir/Madam, I have recently undergone minor surgery to remove a polyp from my womb on Ward 12 and would like to take this opportunity to tell you what an excellent ward this is. The treatment I received from Miss Jones and Dr Gupta and team was of a very high standard. Indeed all the staff were reassuring, kind, courteous and nothing was too much trouble. One of the things I noticed was the standard of cleanliness, it was unbelievable, better than some of the private hospitals I have been in! Well done BRI. I will definitely praise your hospital, in the future whenever I can.

West Yorkshire

Dear Dr Johnson, In mid April my GP referred me to St Luke's for a biopsy. Within two weeks I had met a selection of your staff in the Dermatology Dept., the Haematology Unit and the Warfarin Clinic and other personnel in finding my way around. Without exception, everyone was helpful and kind. The Dermatology reception was friendly and courteous in booking me in the first time and providing initial information. In the waiting room, I was approached several times to check that I had not been overlooked and to reassure that I would be seen shortly. I did not mind when addressed as 'luvvie' to be led to the next waiting area where I was seen by Dr Patterson who took details and explained the procedures well and sympathetically. Unfortunately, my surgery had to be postponed to establish my INR and I was asked to attend the Haematology Dept one week later. Seven days later, I explained at the Haematology Unit that I was due for a minor op later that morning and the doctor had asked for results to be 'phoned through as soon as possible. The staff explained that their procedures would take more blood and more time to analyse than could be achieved for morning surgery and recommeded that I attend the Warfarin clinic instead. Early in the morning, the junior staff getting the Warfarin clinic ready could only tell me that there was no walk-in facility as there was now an appointments system in force. However, by the time the manager of the clinic arrived she had been briefed as to my predicament and booked me as a priority patient. The Haematology Reception was again very friendly and let Dr Patterson know that I was there early. Shortly afterwards, I met Mr Hussein for the surgery. It was noticeable that Dr Hussein's team were happy and friendly towards each other and caring towards me as the patient. I was very much at ease in this environment and happy with the treatment I received. I left with the impression that I would be booked into the system for August to get the results but would probably get an earlier appointment within the next two weeks. Mid-May, I phoned about the results and after several calls I learned that the results could only be communicated via the Consultant and that no information would be given to me or my GP before this time. I could/did understand the reason for this delay and took it up with your PALS office personnel. I think they could sense my frustration but they remained completely professional and courteous in explaining the hospital's procedures. Two of the ladies were Audrey (?) and Mr Janet Officer. Also very helpful and understanding was Lianne, secretary to Dr Bower. Lianne explained the background to your procedures, she made enquiries of her boss and reached agreement on how the information I was anxious to have would be sent to my GP as soon as a letter to my GP could be typed, signed and faxed. This was achieved on the same day. I apologise for the discursive nature of this letter but I think it is important that senior management should be aware of how well the Trust is represented by your less senior colleagues. St Lukes is not the most attractive of hospitals but a warm spirit flows through your corridors.

A Patient

Recently my wife complained of tightness in the chest during the night. I rang NHS Direct for advice and shortly afterwards help arrived. Some tests were made and as a precaution my wife was taken to the BRI into casualty and then to Ward 4 where a lot more tests were taken. The same day she was discharged. Nothing untoward was found and she is now much reassured. What excellent service we had from all departments. So thank you very much for looking after my wife. Your care and attention is very much appreciated


The NHS seems to get many broadsides fired at it these days, but to redress the balance I would like to praise everyone involved in my care during a short, but necessary stay on Ward 22, Tuesday March 23/24, 2010. Periodically I have to come into hospital (usually fairly urgently) as my heart goes dramatically far too fast. The only thing that brings it back to order is cardioversion. Around 11.30pm on 23rd March, having been admitted earlier on to Ward 22, my heart went totally out of synch, up to 167! The team of doctors, nurses and other members of staff who looked after me were brilliant. The doctors who attended me on the ward listened to what I had to say and took seriously what I advised usually happened on these occasions (cardioversion). I was taken up to a theatre and the appropriate procedure took place, everything being carefully explained to me as we went along. Had I been royalty I could not have received better treatment. On my visits to the BRI, hopefully diminishing after further treatment, I have usually been transferred to Ward 22, and I know that there, I am in safe hands and I will receive first class treatment. This certainty takes away a good deal of the anxiety that one naturally feels when coming into hospital. The staff on Ward 22 are brilliant and I would specifically like to mention Hayley (Senior nurse Grice)? she is superb, caring and totally professional, one has 100% confidence in her and this also applies to the whole Ward 22 team. Thank you, everyone. I just wanted someone to know that this standard of care is not taken for granted.


I wish to express my appreciation of the treatment my husband received on his recent visit to the BRI. Everyone he came into contact with deserves to be congratulated on the excellent service he received. The ambulance staff, Accident & Emergency people and all at Ward 3 were everything one could wish for on such a visit. I hope all the staff will be informed as I don't think they get enough praise these days.


I am writing to thank you for the treatment I have received from NHS in regards to the Kidney failure I have had for the last 3-4 years. The team of medical staff at Airedale Hospital and St Luke's Hospital in Bradford have done a great job and the care they have given me is beyond words. I like to thank; Dr Robert Dr Habib Akhani, Dr Mumtaz, Dr Jafery, Staff Nurses Naz Ali, Angela and other CPD staff in St Luke's Hospital. Staff Nurse Mr Michael Spight. Everyone does a great job but these select few have been really helpful and gave us a lot of support. Their role in my illness is a mercy from God and I hope other patients are blessed to be under their care. Thank you very much.


On Tuesday 2nd Feb I suffered a ruptured aorta and subsequently progressed through Intensive Care, High Dependency and Ward 26 before being discharged a week later. The purpose of my letter is to pay thanks for the incredibly efficient treatment I received. The staff I found brilliant, nothing too much trouble, caring and friendly attitudes without exception. The facilities - wards, beds, chairs, wheelchairs and electronics and infinitum have come on by leaps and bounds. Lastly the food, which has rarely been the NHS strongest suit, was magnificent - fine food and excellent choices. BRI undoubtedly saved my life, as I am advised that my particular operation has a mere 20% success rate. No one can put a price on life, nor should one try, but I wanted at least to make some small gesture of appreciation of my treatment. I am therefore enclosing a modest cheque, made out to the Friends of BRI who I know do sterling unpaid work at the Hospital. No acknowledgement is necesssary.


We all think it will never happen to us. However, the reality is that one in three of us will be affected by some form of cancer during our lives. The result can be devastating, as I discovered when my number came up in December of last year. I would just like to thank all the doctors, sisters, nurses, caterers and cleaners who made my 12-night stay on Ward 14 as comfortable as possible. a wonderful team showed its professionalism and dedication in taking care of everyone on the ward in very difficult circumstances. This team set me on course to recovery. This is an extremely busy ward that well showed the need for extra funding within the NHS. Most of us will require hospital care of the highest quality at some time in our lives. My recent experience at the BRI has shown me what is possible.


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April last year, following my first routine mammogram in March. Since then, I have been under the care of Mr Linforth and the Specialist breast care teams at St Lukes/BRI and St James, Leeds. I just wanted to say thank you and to say how much I appreciate the excellent care I've had from everybody involved in looking after me. All the doctors and their individual temas have treated me with the utmost kindness and nothing has been too much trouble for them. Its terrifying when something like this happens to you, but knowing you've got such a good medical team of people looking after you, doing their best for you, but who are all so lovely as well makes all the difference! Everybody has been great and I would just like to say a special thank you to my Breast Care Nurse Kath Hodgson.


On Friday 15th January 2010 I attended your Casualty Dept., with a cut finger on my left hand. I was wearing my Wedding ring, Engagement ring and Eternity ring at the time. I had to have these 3 rings cut off. I was at hospital approximately 3 hours in the evening. I would just like to point out that during this time I was treated with the utmost care and respect anyone could ask for. I was in a great deal of pain and was given pain relief straightaway and was not left alone. Each member of staff was kind, considerate, gentle, they were the best. I've put this in writing mainly for you to pass on my thanks but also I'm sick of hearing people complain about the BRI and NHS as I'm sure you are.


I am writing to show my profound appreciation for the treatment I recently received. On Wednesday 26th November 2009 I woke up with a sore lump, went to see my GP who sent me straight to Ward 24. I was diagnosed with an epigastric hernia (at least that is what I think the condition was - I am no medic). I was admitted, received prompt surgery and sent home the next day. The staff were fantastic. I felt well looked after and cared for. I have reason to believe that the doctors, anaesthetist and theatre staff had to work beyond their shift to sort out the problem. To them the procedure was routine - but they did not treat me like another number - I felt genuine warmth, care and concern. I had a staff nurse assigned to look after me. She was very patient, kind and caring. I felt privileged to have such attention. The continuity of the oversight of my care was special. Being a nosey sort of person, and with nothing else to do, I did quite a bit of people watching. I observed a range of people working on the wards doing many different tasks - all to a thoroughly high standard. One big concern about going into hospital is contracting a nasty infection. I am not qualified to comment technically, but as far as I could tell cleanliness and disinfection were taken very seriously - and no corners cut. It was very reassuring. You have a wonderful team on that ward - I hope you appreciate them as much as this patient does. Please pass on my grateful thanks to the whole team.


On the 7th January 2010 I attended the Bradford Royal Infirmary for an operation on my legs - varicose vein stripping. I would like to pass on my gratitude to all the staff that were involved in my stay - albeit just one day. On that particular day, the weather was atrocious. All the staff had got to work and on time, unlike a lot of the patients. I was "looked after" by Staff Nurse Lisa Dean (Ward 5) for most of the day. She was fantastic, nothing was too much trouble for her and her professionalism shone through. Everywhere I went, in particular Ward 5, was immaculately clean and ready for business. I have visited many hospitals in Leeds/West Yorkshire and can honestly say that I was overwhelmingly surprised by the cleanliness of the BRI, the dedication shown by all the nursing staff and the general "caring feel" throughout the hospital. Would you please pass on my thanks to Lisa and Ward 5.


With all the negative publicity the NHS TRUSTS and hospitals are receiving in the media recently, I felt it was right to inform you of the experience we had since the 8th July when my wife was admitted to the B.R.I. We found the nursing staff to be kind and considerate in A&E, Ward 4 and Ward 6 and all 3 areas were clean and well run. Approximately after 10 days my wife became a patient of Dr Busby who moved her on to the Yorke Suite, where Dr Busby and all the nursing staff took excellent care of her. They always had a cheery word for my wife, myself and family. Nothing was too much trouble for them even when at times things became a bit hectic on the ward. As a family we feel very fortunate to have had my wife in the care of Dr Busby and Dr Lansbury and all the team on the Yorke Suite. Unfortunately after 16 weeks my wife died but she was with her friends the nurses. She had never been in hospital and was always telling us how lovely all the staff were. I must also mention that wherever my wife was in the hospital everywhere was very clean, the rooms, bedding, etc., were spotless which in a place the size of B.R.I. is no mean feat.


As a recent patient at Bradford Royal Infirmary, I am writing to put on record the whole experience. The staff were friendly and helpful from the senior down to the tea lady. The food was first class with a good selection to suit all tastes. As to cleanliness I cannot praise that enough! The wards were spotless and cleaned every day from the curtain rails down to the skirting boards and floor. Although a stay in hospital can never be described as enjoyable, I wish to thank every member of staff for making my visit as pleasant as possible.


I was recently an in-patient from 22.03.09-24.03.09 & 30.03.09-10.04.09. Wrote to commend nursing staff for their care & kindness on wards 12, 21 and the York Suite


I have been a patient at your hospital for 3 years; on 12.9.06 I underwent surgery for Rectal cancer. May I take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt appreciation and thanks to everyone involved in my recovery to health, especially Mr Stewart; not only for his skill, but also his unfailing concern and care during this time. Just wanted to thank you all for being so very kind.


I came to BRI on Saturday 6th June for bone density scan with some apprehension having just two weeks ago broken my ankle - I need not have worried. The service, care, attention I received was 1st class from main entrance reception to Medical Physics. reception, through form filling and actual procedure. Those of us old enough to remember the BRI of 50 years ago can appreciate the changes, all of them for the better, at least from a patient's point of view. I remember long corridors, large waiting areas and often somewhat intimidating staff. The shiny bright blue corridor of Medical Physics with its informative displays and small spotless waiting room were as reassuring as the staff themselves. One does not really expect a hospital visit to be a pleasant experience, but this one was. No doubt you receive a few grouses & grumbles, some of which may even be justified. So I hope my appreciation and thanks are a consolation to all who are doing their best in respect of the financial constraints.

A Patient

I was a patient in Ward 19 overnight on Monday 29 June 2009. I observed Nurse S at work as a very cheerful, very professional, competent and caring nurse. I believe that it was her first day back at work after 6 months' sick leave. I was so impressed that I decided to share my thoughts with you. Nurse S took time to explain to patients what she was about to do. She coped well when asked to go and help elsewhere. She told them that she would be with them in 5 minutes and returned to the task in hand. a student nurse was observing her injecting water then antibiotics into a patient. The patient was anxious so Nurse S began chatting to the patient to take her attention away from the procedure. The patient stopped grimacing and relaxed. Nurse S then took the time to explain to the student nurse the importance of putting patients at their ease. I was fortunate that Nurse S accompanied me down to theatre. She was so thoughtful and reassuring. She chatted to me. We laughed together. When we arrived outside the theatre we had to wait for a while and she held my hand. I felt I had her full attention. This contrasts with when I came round after the operation to find a nurse standing by me engaged in conversation with other staff. I felt quite distressed, disorientated and sore. I felt no-one was aware of my anxiety. The nurse continued chatting. On the ward I asked one student nurse if he was enjoying being a nurse, to which he answered in a dismissive way and with a shrug, "it's ok I suppose - better than a lot of other jobs." Later we found one of the forms he had completed with information about me on another patient's bed! I hope Nurse S return to work is a success. She obviously loves her job and gives of her best.

A Patient

I am writing to inform you about the care and attention I was given when I had a stroke in March and was on Ward F6, the Rehabilitation Unit at St Lukes Hospital. All the staff, the nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and the consultant Dr Patterson. They lift one's spirits and always make you believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We called Ward F6 the happy ward because that is how the staff made the patients feel. Even though I had a stroke I had the most wonderful experience on Ward F6 and staff made me believe that yes, I did have something to look forward to. I am about to write a book about my experience on Ward F6. It is not around the medical issues, but about how through certain experiences, very positive experiences then through happiness one can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The people I met, the friendships which were made, for me, made my experience on F6 were very positive. I send my heartfelt thanks to all staff on Ward F6.

A Patient

I am deaf. On Monday I went to BRI for my 4 monthly evacuation by suction of the wax from my ears. The appointment was for 0930. I got there at 0910. At 0915 I was seen; at 0920 the wax was evacuated. At 0928, I was finished - before the actual time of my appointment. I then had time to go to your excellent drop-in ENT section where they adjust my ear-moulds, etc. At 0935 I left, after a very helpful volunteer pleasantly showed me where to put my next appointment request without waiting. On five out of my last 6 appointments in Out-Patients West, ENT, etc., at the BRI, I have been seen early. It is a far cry from 1988 when I was kept waiting and fuming from 0900 to 1200 in the dentistry section of Bradford Hospitals (St Lukes I think) while Beckfoot Comprehensive School, where I was Head, had to work on without me.

A Patient

I'm sure you will appreciate that my injuries to my hand have had an impact on how quickly I can do things. I appreciate you letting the staff in Ward 19 know about my comments. I have also during my previous visit to the hand clinic left them a greeting card thanking them because I wanted them to know just how grateful I am. The comments I left on the form when I was discharged were very brief but you may of course use them anywhere you feel is appropriate. I have signed the slip and enclosed it. I'd be happy to make further comments which would include the aftercare/physio at the hand clinic. Six weeks on from my stay in Ward 19 my most enduring memories are not, as one might think, my own severe injuries and pain, or even the amazing repair done by the surgeons, but the care and kindness shown by the nurses to me and others. I found it very moving, particularly when remembering that this is just their job that they do day in and day out.

A Patient

I was going to write this letter after seeing Mr Mark Steward on 21st May at Bradford Royal Infirmary for a repeat sigmoidoscopy examination, but my wife and I were given the opportunity of taking an immediate, long delayed holiday. We are now back, much refreshed, and I am able to write as then intended. I wanted you to know how greatly appreciative I am, in particular of the attention and treatments I have received at Bradford Royal under Mr Steward's excellent care including a week as an in-patient on Ward 8 last october/November and in general, of what the NHS has provided on my behalf, not least of which have been most helpful transport arrangements by the Ambulance Service. During the last 12 months, consultations and treatments, initially for an enlarged prostrate and then early rectal cancer, have taken me to four other hospitals -Pontefract General Infirmary, Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield, Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology on the Wiral and St James's University Hospital in Leeds (Bexley Wing). I am depply indebted to them all, but for the part which Bradford Royal Infirmary has played, caring so well and successfully for me, I am extremely grateful; that appreciation I warmly extend to Clatterbridge Hospital and Dr Sun Myint where and to whom Mr Steward referred me for further treatments. I can well see why the Bradford Teaching Hospitals enjoy and deserve NHS Foundation Trust status.

A Patient

Early last week I spent three days, quite unexpectedly, in Bradford Royal Infirmary, firstly in Accident & Emergency, then for a short time in Ward 4 and finally in Ward 6. I was admitted with what turned out to be a trial fibrillation of the heart paroxysmal. Now that I'm back home and feeling well, I thought I should record in writing that throughout my stay I felt that I was in safe hands and was looked after well. Your colleagues in A & E are amazing. I was astonished by the rapidity with which I was seen and monitored, but there was no sense of rush or panic. In Wards 4 and 6 the staff again worked purposefully and knew what they were doing which is not always the case in large institutions. Not only was there what seemed to me to be a high standard of clinical care, but also a direct, helpful and courteous attitude from the staff.